The only woman in the group photo of Jupiter’s Legacy, representing the first generation, is also the world’s greatest heroine, Lady Liberty. Grace Kennedy Sampson, played by Leslie Bibb, is the wife of Sheldon, Wonder Woman’s kidnapper, who is also the mother of two of the most powerful beings on the planet… who, unfortunately, are not at all interested in following their parents’ example and becoming superheroes. It is not yet known to what extent the series will follow the comic book scenario, but at least the costumes are very similar to the originals, with Lady Liberty being no exception, even if her appearance, especially her haircut, is slightly different. In preparation for the premiere, we take a look at the original character.

Grace Kennedy, born in New York City, has always been a unique young woman, especially in the 1930s. Physically strong and unconcerned with social stereotypes, she was captain of the women’s wrestling team. Upon entering college, she also distinguished herself by being one of the smartest and most sophisticated students in her classes. Not many people wanted to be around her, and she often felt lonely…. Until she met Sheldon Sampson, a bright young man who was good enough and just enough to inspire her. Grace and Sheldon had become good friends, but she had been in love with him from the first moment Unfortunately, the man had already been caught because he was in love with another girl, Jane. By falling in love with a man like Sheldon, Grace couldn’t notice the other men, who had all disappeared in comparison to him: Ironically, Sheldon had never noticed her feelings for him and even thought she had a problem with her best friend, George Hutchens. Yet Grace decides to stay by his side as a friend, even agreeing to accompany him on a mad expedition on the high seas, off Cape Verde, in search of an island Sheldon has seen in his dreams. As incongruous as the motive might be, Sheldon was so good at inspiring and charming others that not only Grace followed him, but also his brother Walter Sampson, his best friend George, and two other classmates, Richie Conrad and Fitz Flaton. Despite their trust in Sheldon, none of them really believed the island existed, but they were wrong when they finally arrived where the island wasn’t supposed to be. Sheldon had them all explore, and they found a door, a passage to another place where aliens were waiting for them: The creatures all gave them incredible powers and spent a year and a half teaching them how to use them. Life would never be the same for any of them.

After their training, Grace and the others returned to the United States, where they formed the world’s first superhero team, the Justice Alliance. As usual, inspired by Sheldon’s patriotic vision of her utopian character, Grace became Lady Liberty and sewed herself a costume that was essentially a colorful version of the utopian costume. Together with her friends and teammates, she used her powers to do good in the world, saving as many innocent people as possible, catching criminals, stopping disasters and becoming an inspiration to thousands. Although her life as Lady Liberty was a triumph, she had a purpose and was admired by millions, just like Grace Kennedy: Although she was the only woman in a prestigious law firm and even made partner, her public life was a mess and she tended to focus on it. Since returning to New York, she had never been out with anyone, and although she went to the tropics every weekend to relax, she spent all her time reading dozens of books and returning the many, many men who had expressed interest in her: She was caught in the paradox of desperately wanting someone close to her, but accepting nothing less than Sheldon Sampson himself. Finally, the table turned: In the ’60s, the Union fell apart, partly because George, Skyfox, left the team and became a super-villain, and partly because Fitz, Flare, became increasingly erratic in his personal life, jeopardizing the moral standards of the team when his life as Lady Liberty temporarily ended, which suddenly improved in Grace Kennedy when Jane divorced Sheldon and was finally able to pursue her dream. Before long they formed a couple and one found in the other the partner he had always been looking for. Two of Earth’s greatest heroes married and Grace had two children with her husband, Chloe and Brandon. At last, the life she had been waiting for had begun…. but it wouldn’t be quite what she had hoped for.

An incredibly intelligent and resourceful woman, Grace Kennedy is as perfect and independent as anyone could wish for, but she can only focus on what she lacks in her life, which is love for the man she has admired for decades, the one thing she believes can make her complete. As Lady Liberty, she is an extremely powerful heroine, with incredible strength, speed and agility, who can fly and see for miles, and who can quickly heal almost any injury, although her age slows her down just like her other teammates. An inspiration to all women of the world: Lady Liberty is finally happy and whole, she has the man she has always loved by her side and the family she has always wanted: However, one can only fall from such a top….


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