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On the island of Erin, an idyllic fishing village off the coast of Ireland, the charming but somewhat shy Ciaran O’Shea is given the task of welcoming Lisa Nolan, a strong-willed young officer who arrives from the mainland. Not that they have anything to do but take on the occasional drunk, usually O’Shea himself. But strange things are happening: The crew of a fishing boat disappears, dead whales appear on the shore and a local lobster fisherman catches a strange tentacle-like creature in his fish trap. Soon O’Shea and Nolan realize that something big is out there, and it’s hungry. It’s time to gather the villagers, arm the troops… and head to the pub. (Courtesy of IFC Films)

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Garda Ciaran O’Shea (Richard Coyle) is an alcohol agent who is assigned a new partner named Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) while his current partner is on holiday. At first, he resents her for being a workaholic who volunteers for a temporary job on a remote Irish island to impress his superiors.

Shortly after their arrival in this peaceful community, several mutilated whale corpses wash up on the shore. The town then discovers that a green ball of light falling from the sky has brought with it several blood-sucking tentacle-like aliens of varying sizes. These shut-ins, as they call them, have established their destructive power against the good people of the city.

But when one of the burglars, Paddy (Lalor Roddy), raids the town, he inexplicably survives. This leads local marine ecologist Dr. Smith (Russell Tovey) to believe that his high alcohol level is toxic to the creatures, as they feed on blood and water.

O’Shea contacts the authorities on the mainland, but an approaching storm prevents them from sending help (and prevents the inhabitants from escaping). To make matters worse, because of the rain, the last known male burglar on the island is on the loose. Nolan and O’Shea decide to throw a party at a local pub and get them drunk. In this way they can both ensure the safety of the islanders and keep them in the dark about the impending danger until help arrives.

Although the town is initially reluctant to participate in the party, residents can’t help themselves when bar owner Brian Maher (David Pearce) declares that all the drinks are on the house! The alcoholic O’Shea voluntarily stays sober and coordinates the defense of the city while the rest get drunk.

After being pretty tipsy, Nolan O’Shea tells us that she actually left the big city to get out of the shadow of her very popular sister. She says she likes O’Shea too, even though he’s turned down her advances. A few minutes later, Dr. Smith emerges from the pub to take a picture of the alien. He thinks his drunken state will protect him, but no! These things are smart.

Grapple grabs him and throws him into the air. It dies when it hits the ground. Nolan and O’Shea arrive at the pub in a feeble attempt to protect the residents. In her inebriated state, Nolan inadvertently reveals the real danger to everyone when she assures them that nothing is trying to kill her.

In a panic, they make their way to the second floor of the pub, while a horde of cubs cling to the first floor. Then Nolan accidentally set fire to the pub while trying to escape. He and O’Shea then attract the attention of the adult main attacker and follow him in a chase to the spot.

Their plan is to anchor the monster on land, where it will die from lack of water. Unfortunately, the thief arrives before they can set their trap, and he attacks O’Shea. Although it hits him hard, he survives. Nolan then uses the site’s heavy construction equipment to push the bucket against the bottom of the construction pit.

Grabber grabs O’Shea with the intention of eating him, but manages to throw a bottle of evil elixir into Paddy’s mouth. He cries out in pain and releases O’Shea. Nolan then uses a rocket to detonate an explosive device nearby. The resulting fireball kills the big thief.

Meanwhile, the storm has passed over the island. O’Shea throws away his flask; he vows to stay sober forever. Back in the town they saved, we see a pile of unidentified scavenger eggs buried on the beach. What happens after they hatch goes unnoticed.

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