In a recent episode of the popular anime series “One Punch Man,” the protagonist Saitama and his rival, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, battle to see who is the strongest. The question is: Who would win?

Goku and Saitama are two of the most powerful beings in the world. However, if we were to compare their fighting styles, it is clear that Saitama would be able to defeat Goku.


“Can he, however, defeat Goku?” When someone publishes an overpowering character on social media or in forums, this is one of the things that a lot of Dragonball fans keep asking. Fans have carefully studied well-known strong anime characters such as Uchiha Madara, Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger, Gildarts, and Escanor, yet none have been able to defeat Goku. However, Saitama, also known as One-Punch Man, has been a long-time competitor in the never-ending fight of anime character strength measurement to eventually defeat everyone’s favorite Saiyan.

Saitama’s strength allows him to defeat Goku. Knowing how powerful Goku can be, some fans believe Saitama will be unable to beat him with his trademark single, instant-killing blow. Goku’s most powerful form, on the other hand, may not even touch Saitama.

This is a wild fight that every fan would want to see if the writers of Dragonball and One-Punch Man could turn it into a one-shot. But, because there aren’t any at the time, let’s simply look at these two very strong creatures and see who would win, or whether it’ll be a stalemate instead. That way, we can let our imaginations run wild once again, as we usually do when powering up some of anime’s most powerful characters.

Goku and His Abilities


Because he is a Saiyan, a species superior to humans in terms of power, Goku is said to have superhuman strength. Goku is also a dedicated warrior who works hard every day to guarantee that he can defeat every opponent he encounters. His training sessions are often rigorous, to the point that he has acquired strength comparable to or almost equal to that of the gods.

His extraordinary strength is matched by his superhuman speed, allowing him to respond swiftly even against Beerus, a deity who moves at the speed of light. He also developed superhuman resilience, making him strong enough to resist even the Universe’s energy.

But keep in mind that Goku may still be hurt. We’ve seen Goku get wounded and even bleed during all of his fights. He is prone to finishing fights badly beaten up since he often faces opponents who are stronger than him. He can also be hit by firearms, but only if he is caught off guard. However, catching Goku off surprise now seems to be impossible due to his mastery of Ultra Instinct.

In comparison to humans, Goku’s DNA as a Saiyan gave him enhanced senses. He can sense things fast as a result of his, which is ideal for his job as a warrior for his home planet, Earth. Goku is also renowned for his incredible willpower, which can be seen throughout his big fights before he triumphs.

Goku is also renowned for being a brilliant fighter, and his followers regard him as such. He is capable of rapidly studying his opponents and adjusting in combat, even if the adversary is initially stronger. As the fight progressed, this was one of the main elements that helped him get stronger versus his opponent.

In addition to his physical and mental strength, Goku has recently acquired a higher degree of Ki known as Godly Ki. This gave him access to the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan God Blue, two immensely strong forms. He also acquired Ultra Instinct, which sharpens his reflexes even further and transforms him into a godlike form that is no longer called “Super Saiyan.”

Goku’s other abilities include the ability to detect and transmit Ki, spirit control for Instant Transmission, and energy nullification.

Saitama’s Abilities


Saitama isn’t like other anime heroes, who have unique abilities like as chakra, magic, or Goku’s Godly Ki. Saitama is the epitome of sheer, unadulterated strength. He didn’t get his trademark punch (despite the fact that it’s just a regular punch) via special training or by obtaining some object or creature that went inside his body. The manner he got it is as amusing as it seems. Also, keep in mind that Saitama is just a regular person who lives a basic life.

Saitama gained his strength only via training. His will to train began when he came face to face with a monster that often attacks the cities surrounding Saitama’s home. According to him, he attained his superhuman abilities by doing 100 push-ups, squats, and sit-ups each day, as well as 10 kilometers of jogging, every day for a year and six months! Though there have been rumors that Saitama’s strange strength came from somewhere else.

Aside from his devastating punch, which can immediately kill nearly anybody, he is also very durable. Almost no one has ever hurt or scratched Saitama in the whole One-Punch Man series. Except for the people he has struck thus far and Boros, virtually no one has been able to withstand a punch from him. Take notice that Boros kicked him towards the direction of the moon, yet he was unharmed. His physique is so tough that it can withstand even the vacuum of space.

He possesses superhuman strength as well as incredibly strong leg strength, which allows him to leap to incredible heights and distances. His leg strength compensates for his lack of capacity to fly, something several of his hero buddies possess. He also possesses godlike reflexes and speed, which can outrun Sonic’s superhuman speed and Genos’ sophisticated tracking system. His speed may also create afterimages, which can be used to mislead his opponents.

His other noteworthy talents include his ability to paralyze his opponents with sheer fear, his strong willpower, which was aided by his rigorous training, his acute awareness, which allows him to discern others’ intentions, and his capacity to communicate with non-tangible creatures. As a result, some admirers believe Saitama is God in human form.

Saitama held back his power in the bout against Boros merely because he wanted to taste the excitement of fighting after feeling that all of his battles were dull due to his enormous strength. Saitama’s aim was to find someone who could put up a good fight for him, to the point where he himself had to be beaten, since his tremendous strength made combat too dull for him. However, with Goku battling him, Saitama has a chance to achieve his objective.

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Who Would Win in a Battle Between Goku and Saitama?


You probably already know that Goku’s base would never hold up against Saitama. Saitama already has the upper hand when it comes to assuming forms since he doesn’t need a power increase. Also, because they are the kind that does not want to murder people, we will presume that they will fight with their morality set aside at this point. If Goku utilizes all of his alternate forms, the fight will be evaluated.

The Ultra Instinct form is required since the normal Super Saiyan Forms 1 to 3 would never be effective against Saitama. Saitama’s superhuman reflexes, which even a cyborg with extremely sophisticated supercomputer monitoring characteristics can’t match, would simply deflect all of Goku’s strikes, no matter how quick those forms are. It’s worth noting that even utilizing a Senzu Bean at this stage would not impress Saitama. Worse, Saitama may be able to kill Goku in any of the aforementioned forms with only one punch.

Goku will have a hard time defeating the One-Punch Man even if he utilizes his Godly Ki to become the Super Saiyan God Blue. Keep in mind that Saitama is almost indestructible and can still block part of Goku’s godlike speed when he uses the Godly Ki. Even if Goku manages to punch him into the moon as Boros did, Saitama would just perform the same thing he did to the latter when they battled. In this version of Goku, it may take two or three successful blows to destroy the Saiyan, in my view.

Saitama may not be harmed, but he will have a difficult time defeating Goku once he activates his Mastered Ultra Instinct Form. This time, Saitama is clearly enthralled with the battle’s present condition. This is where Goku may be shocked, since despite Goku’s godlike strength and speed, Saitama can keep up. If anything will be destroyed when Goku unleashes the Kamehameha in this form, it will undoubtedly be Saitama’s trademark outfit! After all, his outfit is simply a normal homemade garment that makes him seem like a superhero and has no unique characteristics.

Finally, the Spirit Bomb will never work on Saitama since he, too, has a pure heart. As a result, the battle’s conclusion is obvious, and Saitama will be able to score several blows on Goku before defeating him. To be honest, all Saitama needs to beat Goku in his Mastered Ultra Instinct Form is to land his consecutive blows method. This just proves that Saitama has lived up to his title, since he is the only one capable of defeating Goku!

The goku vs saitama death battle is a popular webcomic that has been running since 2013. It pits Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball Z against Saitama from One-Punch Man.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would Saitama beat Goku in a fight?

Saitama is the strongest man in the world. He would win without question.

Can one punch beat Goku?

Yes, one punch can beat Goku.

Who can beat Saitama?

Anyone who can beat this question.

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