Gilligan’s Island was discovered on the 26th. The first took place in September 1964 and lasted three seasons until the fourth. September 1967. It all started with our seven cabinets on a three hour boat trip to Hawaii. On a deserted island it was sunk by a storm ship. In 98 episodes, they all got along well, a striking example of how we could all live harmoniously together if we really made an effort.

Some say these seven men were responsible for seven deadly sins. Others say they represent seven continents. Others are of the opinion that these seven people were selected solely for (former) demographic reasons.

A typical episode would consist of… :
1. A chance to get off the island.
2. Gilligan accidentally ruined that opportunity.
3. You forgive Gilligan.
4. There’s a 50/50 chance they’ll stay on the island.

There are several theories about why the castaways stayed on the island for so long. Pop culture madness magazine has thoroughly researched many theories and developed the following possible and most likely scenarios.

Gilligan – Although the storm seems to have caused the boat to change course uncontrollably, some researchers are not sure that Gilligan didn’t just want to stay on the island. He was often seen lying down, often fishing or just listening to rock music on the radio. He had two beautiful girls cooking and cleaning his food, and there really was no responsibility to argue. When living such a luxurious life, isn’t it surprising that he often enjoys every attempt at redemption?

M. Howell III – This millionaire Harvard brought enough money and clothes to change during a visit that lasted over three hours. Some have argued in theory that this devious man is actually with a famous actress, and it is more than a coincidence that movie star Ginger Grant runs off with his gullible and loving wife. Howells and Ginger accidentally brought a lot more than any other passenger. Has he managed to bring together an experienced crew, two beautiful women and one of the most intelligent men in the world, well prepared for a long stay on this isolated island?

Professor (Roy Hinckley) – One of the most educated men in the world, some suggest he may have had a wife and three beautiful daughters at home. Without going into the details of why he has been on this cruise without his family, there are many questions he hasn’t answered. His claim that he was doing research for his upcoming book, Fun With Ferns, doesn’t make sense if he was really expecting a three-hour boat ride.

How could he keep his shirt so white on this island? That doesn’t seem fair.

We think it’s a lucky coincidence he took so many books, but did he really need them? His prestigious educational background includes a BA from the University of Southern California, an MA from the University of Southern California and a PhD from the University of Southern California. Some thought he had a reasonable chance of scoring with Mary Ann of Ginger, but his actions never showed that much interest. Something kept him on the island because he was afraid or could not return to civilization.

Mary Ann Summers – This young woman from Kansas seemed to be the most down-to-earth and cute person on the island. In the survey for the male audience, Mary Ann was chosen over Ginger, with a difference of 4 to 1. With the professor, she was a single tourist. More than one detective suggested she was having an affair with a (married?) professor.

Ginger Grant – Like most actors, Ginger seems to need constant attention. Our research has shown that there are only two unmistakable facts about this movie star: 1. She did research for an upcoming Broadway show like Cleopatra in the Pyramid for Two. 2. She played her role as a sex kitten to get everything she wanted on the island. There are rumors of a long-standing affair with Thurston Howell before the shipwreck.

Lovey Howell – The aristocratic Lovey Wentworth Howell was naive enough to believe there was nothing going on between her husband and Ginger Grant, but she was generally aware of what was going on around her, especially the surprisingly numerous events that took place on an uninhabited island. It has often been the link between the shipwrecked and the aggressors on the islands and has saved seven of them in several cases. Of all of them, she had the least reason to go to the island.

Captain (Captain Jonas Grumby) – Many believe he knew more than he allowed. Like others, I noticed that he often looked straight in our direction, through the fourth wall, just before hitting his friend Gilligan with his hat on his head. You’d think he’d know we were watching him.

Everything indicates that his intentions on the island have never been less noble. He seemed to have a deep sense of guilt because the group had been shipwrecked, although it was clearly the fault of the weather station, which broadcast the forecast of the previous day and demanded a clear, calm sea.

Most of the evidence seems to indicate that Mr Howell is trapped on the island and that Gilligan was holding her there.
What do you think?

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