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Raleigh: There are things you can’t fight. Force majeure. If you see a hurricane coming, move away from its path. But if you’re in Jaeger, suddenly you can fight a hurricane. You can win.


Robots have always been cool. Although they reached their peak with the advent of science fiction, robots have been the subject of fairy tales for centuries. It is said that the Greek god Hephaistos created the first robot, Talos, to protect Crete. The Hindu pantheon protects its holy elixir Amrita with a robotic saw. Even in ancient times, people knew that giant robots were terrifying.

There are two types of giant robots: Real, super robots. The real robots are rendered in a fairly realistic way. They must obey the laws of physics, be maintained, and often appear in military stories. Superrobots are actually giant mechanical superheroes. They come out of nowhere with weapons, combine with other giant robots, and can usually distort reality with the will and/or the power of love.

What are the first five giant robots? Suit, it’s time to find out.

Criteria : We will only study giant robots that are controlled. Intelligent robots like Transformers or Iron Giant don’t count.

#5 Leopard

Origin series : Spider-Man Pilot
Toei: Spider-Man

Type: Super Robot

Spider-Man: А ! Finally on the battlefield. Captain Universe’s performance is really impressive. They’re outperforming Marveller’s rocket engines. But the time has come. That’s great. Change Leopardon! – The Geddon Spider


What, you didn’t know Spider-Man had his own giant robot? Frankly, that’s not the case with Peter Parker. Leopardon is from Takuya Yamashiro, Spider-Man from Earth-51778.

Yamashiro was an engine pilot who discovered a crashed spaceship. A dying pilot warned him about the Iron Cross Army, a ruthless intergalactic empire that was on its way to Earth. Yamashiro was given a Marveler spaceship and a spider bracelet that allowed him to turn into Spider-Man.

Spider-Man fought against the Iron Cross army, but he soon found out that his monsters can turn into giants after they die. Fortunately, he also learned that Marveller had a robot form called Leopardon that was strong enough to destroy monsters. Leopardon would weaken the monster in close combat and then destroy it with a super-powerful blade, the Sword of Power.

Spider-Man and Leopardon made the jump from television to comics during the history of the Spider-Verse event. They proved to be an asset against the vampire heirs. The popular duo is back in Spider-Man and plans to make an appearance in the sequel to Spider-Man : In the Spider-Verse.

Fun fact: The popularity of Leopardon prompted the makers of Super Sentai to include giant robots in their series. They were a great success and revived the show. Years later, the Super Sentai were brought to the West as the Power Rangers. That’s right, Spider-Man and Leopardon are the inspiration for the Power Rangers Mega Chords.

#4 Laganna

Origin series : Gurren LaganPilot: Simon DiggerType: Super Robot

Simon: Don’t underestimate us. We don’t care about time or space or… or multidimensional outrage! We don’t care. Follow the path YOU have chosen and do it all yourself! That’s how the Dai-Gurren team works!

Gurren Lagan All the lights in the sky are stars…

Big things come in small packages. What starts out as the smallest robot on this list becomes the biggest giant robot in fiction. And no, that’s not an exaggeration.

In the world of Gurren Lagann, humanity has been driven underground by the tyrannical Beast Empire and its robot guns. A young boy named Simon discovered an abandoned shooter named Lagan and accidentally activated it. His brother Kamina convinced Simon to use Lagann to fight the beasts.

The brothers soon found out that Lagan could work with the other archers and use this ability to steal a robot called Gurren. The resulting robot, Gurren Lagan, proved to be the difference needed to defeat the beasts and other threats.

Lagann’s flagship product is Spiral Power, a power source that can distort reality as long as the user has enough willpower. Simon mainly uses it to create giant exercises that will serve as mêlée weapons for Gurren Lagann, and he can also combine it with other robots. And some of these combinations are getting bigger.

Lagann’s penultimate transformation, Tengen Topp Gurren Lagann, is significant enough to turn galaxies into weapons. Its finite form, ten million light years high, can only attack twice without destroying the universe. If there weren’t so many parts to get into better shape, Lagan would be much higher on that list.

#3 Evangelical Troop 01

Origin series : Neon Evangelist GenesisPilot : Shinji Ikari
Type : A real robot.

Shinji: I don’t need to run. I don’t need to run. I don’t need to run. I don’t need to run. I’m not supposed to run!

Genesis Neon Evangelion Angel Attack Season 1 Episode 1)

A mentally unstable teenager piloting a giant robot against the horrors of Lovecraft is humanity’s last hope. This is not going to end well.

Created after a near-apocalypse, Neon Genesis Evangelion follows a secret organization called Nerve, which tries to prevent the end of the world by killing giant monsters called Angels. Their last line of defense are the Evangelions, giant robots that can pierce Angel’s defenses and kill him.

Evangelion Squad 01 is a prototype controlled by middle-aged teenager Shinji Ikari. Shinji is the son of leader Nerva Gendo, who emotionally blackmailed him into piloting the Evangelion because he is one of the few who can activate the robot. Shinji and his friends must hunt down all the angels while dealing with manipulative factions and intrigue.

Evangelists use a large arsenal of weapons, appropriate to their size. Their best tool is the Absolute Horror Field, a nearly indestructible force field. The only thing that can penetrate the AT field is another AT field, making the Evas the perfect counterbalance to the Angels.

Evangelizations are powerful, but they also have drawbacks. The pilot must synchronize with the robot to sense all the damage Eve is taking. Controlling Eve is detrimental to your mental health and can drive you crazy. Robots have rudimentary illusions and are prone to insanity. Ultimately, if Angel infects Evangelion, the result will bring about the apocalypse. No pressure, huh?

#2 Gundam

Origin series : Mobile Suit Gundam
Pilot : Amuro Ray
Type : A real robot.

Noah light: There’s a baby in the Gundam cab!
Amuro Ray: I’m not a child! I’m fifteen years old! And my name is Amuro Ray!
Brilliant: Why are you driving? Where is Lieutenant Kemp?
Amuro: I don’t know about an official driver. but I took this unit and destroyed two Zaku. Did I do something wrong?

Mobile Suit Gundam Rising (Season 1, Episode 1)

Often referred to as Japanese Star Trek, the Gundam mobile suit was the beginning of the true robot genre. There are hundreds of giant robots in this series, but we’ll stick with the original Gundam.

Seventy-nine years after the colonization of space, war broke out between the Federation and a group of colonies, the Principality of Zeon. Zeon’s forces quickly gained the upper hand, dropping asteroids on Earth’s cities and sending legions of giant robots called Mobile Suits.

the Federation has begun building its own mobile suit. Forged from the indestructible Gundam and armed with weapons with bleeding edges, the Gundam will destroy Zeon’s forces. The only problem is that it was developed in a colony near Zeon’s space. Its creator and presumed pilot were killed before it was sent to Earth.

Enter the world of Amuro Ray, son of the creator of Gundam and the evolving Technopath. He ran into Gundam’s cabin during Zeon’s attack and defeated the attackers. A team of Federation recruits convinced him to sign on as a Gundam pilot and he began the journey to Earth, battling the forces of Zeon along the way.

Fans of Ready Player may remember the appearance of Gundam in the final battle. He was chosen to replace Leopardon due to eligibility issues. The scene was so successful that Legendary Entertainment decided to produce an adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam, so keep an eye on this development in the future.

Fun fact: A theme park in Yokohama, Japan, will open the real Gundam in 2020. It is 59 feet high, weighs 25 tons and can move. It’s true, there really is a giant robot in Japan.

#1 Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu)

Origin series : GodzillaPilot: Akane YashiroType : Super Robot

Akane: Let me show you what Kiryu can do!

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

If you’re coming to see the king, you don’t want to miss this. If you’re going to the Monster King, you better have a giant robot by your side. Shouldn’t the mechagodzilla be enough?

Godzilla has resurfaced after decades of silence. Desperate to kill him, Japanese self-defense forces dug up the bones of the original Godzilla and used them as scaffolding for a giant robot called Mechagodzilla. The machine was loaded with weapons and programmed by a DNA-based computer. All he needed was a pilot.

Mechagodzilla’s pilot is Akane Yashiro, a soldier who survived the previous skirmish with Godzilla. She is an emotional wreck after accidentally killing her superior officer in battle, and sees controlling Mechagodzilla as a way to redeem herself. She begins to have sympathy for the war machine and nicknames it Kiryu (dragon machine in Japanese).

Kiryu was equipped with dozens of missiles, rifles, lasers, knives and other weapons. Its main application is the Absolute Zero Cannon, a weapon that freezes a target at absolute zero before smashing it to pieces. Despite its power, it takes a minute to charge the cannon and uses up most of Kiryu’s energy, so it only has one or two shots.

Mecagodzilla has one major drawback. Hearing Godzilla’s roar, the DNA computer accessed Godzilla’s genetic memories. Every computer programmer in the world threw up a little at this suggestion. I made a mistake. Either way, the result is that Kiryu could essentially be possessed by the original spirit of Godzilla. Yes, there is a kaiju spirit in a car the size of a skyscraper.

The mechagodzilla is a staple of the Godzilla series, but it’s not the only place he visits. He appeared in Ready Player One and fought Gundam, Leopardon, and a number of other giant robots. Rumor has it that Godzilla’s main opponent against Kong 2021 is Mechagodzilla.

What is your favorite giant robot? Is there one better than these five? Let us know in the comments.

Gundam in Ready Player One
, courtesy of Amblin’ Entertainment.

Jared Bunakos wrote for 2016.

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