Another unusual villain in Happy! takes the form of a baby. In St. John’s Nick, we are also introduced to Blue’s family, consisting of his wife Gala, the original character, and his son Jerry, played by Dante Pereira-Olson. This seemingly innocent boy turns out to be a psychopath who uses his imaginary friend Malina, a Cerberus-like dog, to lure other lost imaginary friends to his home where he tortures and kills them, with Lucky narrowly escaping. He got blown up playing with the detonator at the end of season 1, and he saw the charred ghost again in season 2. In the comics, he’s not Blue’s son, he’s his nephew, and he’s significantly older. Besides, he doesn’t have any three-headed dogs. Let’s look at it together.

Jerry Fratelli was born in New York, one of the heirs to the glorious Fratelli family, one of the most powerful mafia families in the country. He grew up with his three brothers, Tony, Paulie and Mickey, and when they were old enough, they joined the family business as hitmen: to them, it was the funniest, stupidest part of the whole operation. But only Gerry and his two older brothers went to work: The youngest, Mickey, is soon sent to Sicily, Italy, in to keep the aging Don Fratelli, the head of the family, company. During Mickey’s absence, the Fratelli brothers made a name for themselves, but not always a good one: As hitmen, they mostly worked for their families, following orders that somehow always came from their uncle Francisco, the infamous Mr. Blue, the man who secretly controlled all criminal activity in the city. Of course they had competition, and Jerry developed a bit of a rivalry with another hitman, Nick Sachs in particular. Sachs was an ex-police officer, but he was very good at his job. He stripped Jerry and his brothers of most of their good contracts, leaving only breadcrumbs for them. Then it was great when an anonymous entrepreneur hired the three to beat Sachs himself: The contract specified where and when Sachs had to be present, so the job was pretty easy. That same day Mickey finally returned from Italy, so Jerry agreed to pick him up at the airport and meet Paulie and Tony later while they scouted the area and prepared an ambush for their target.

It was almost Christmas, and there was a nice present waiting for him at the airport: Mickey also wanted to be part of the gang and asked Jerry if he could accompany him to the coup. On the way to that building, Jerry told him what an asshole Nick Sachs was and what treatment he would get from him; he also got to threaten a bum dressed as Santa Claus who disrespected him by burping in his face. Once there, an unpleasant surprise awaited the now reunited brothers: Tony and Paulie were dead, tied up with Christmas lights. There was a phone next to the body, and when it rang, Jerry picked up the receiver. It was Nick Sachs himself who explained to Jerry how he had been hired to kill the Fratelli brothers; because he was lazy and didn’t want to chase them around town one by one, he posed as an anonymous client and hired them all to come after him. Jerry was shocked and could barely speak, which made Sax taunt him even more. Sachs ordered him to look out the window in front of him, which Jerry did: From one of the windows across the street, a prostitute waved a sign that said something vaguely reminiscent of Rear. Jerry couldn’t even turn around because Nick Sachs was already behind him, pulling the trigger and popping his brains out. What should have been the best Christmas ever turned out to be the worst for Jerry Fratelli, just like the last one.

Jerry Fratelli is a loser with dreams of greatness, a hitman who only joined the mafia because of his impressive last name. Although he’s remarkably smarter than his brothers Tony and Paulie, Jerry is still pretty dumb, and as an assassin he relies more on firepower than strategy. Despite his last name, Jerry is destined to learn that there are bigger fish in the ocean that even his powerful family cannot protect him from.


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