Another member of the Justice Alliance appears in the latest trailer for Jupiter’s Legacy, and it’s a favorite: Skyfox. When we meet Matt Lanter at the beginning of the story, he is known as the world’s greatest supervillain, but later in the comics, and especially in Jupiter Circle, we learn that he was friends with Utopia and may not actually be a supervillain, not in the canonical sense. In fact, he may be the only one with a point in this whole story. We don’t know anything about his role in the series yet, as he’s only described as Utopia’s closest ally, but watch out for potential spoilers below.

George Hutchens, born in New York in the 1910s, is the heir to a very wealthy family and has a number of flaws that will determine his fate: His father, though successful and talented, was a pathological alcoholic, while his mother developed a debilitating mental illness. Knowing that he will end up like one or both of his parents, George believes that he should enjoy life as much as possible, which he does especially with his best friend, Sheldon Sampson, whom he has known since childhood. When, in 1932, Sheldon tries to persuade some of his closest friends to accompany him on an adventure at sea in search of the island he has obsessively dreamed of , George is the only one who has no doubt that he will follow him, and he even finances the expedition. Sheldon’s brother Walter (who has always been a favourite target of George’s jokes) and his college friends Fitz Fleuron, Richard Conrad and Grace Kennedy also turned up. The six sailed for several days, and suddenly they found an island that did not appear on any map. When they explored it, they found a portal that led them to benign aliens who chose them as masters of a newly reborn humanity and endowed them with incredible power. The six friends spent a year and a half mastering their new gifts before returning to the United States, where they formed the world’s first superhero team, the Justice Alliance. Following in the footsteps of Sheldon, George has become a Skyfox, a genius, a billionaire, a playboy…. and an obnoxious joker, at least according to Walter.

Skyfox is known both for his heroics and for his many actions within the team, both outwardly and for his difficult character. He once got into a fight with a Blue Bolt teammate for preferring Ernest Hemingway to James Joyce, but he was mostly annoyed with Walter: He challenged him to a game of hurdling and made him run naked through Central Park at night when he lost, then some of his comrades ripped his house off the ground and carried him off to Africa at night. He also started drinking, and was apparently doing his best to fulfill his self-proclaimed destiny of being a parent….. until he met Sunny, the beautiful model who brought order to his life. The relationship between the two saved George from the brink of ruin, and he eventually asked her to marry him, but she refused, saying that he was a fragile boy who refused to grow up, and that she needed someone more mature in her life. It was pretty depressing, but a month later Sunny started a relationship with Walter: George snarled, attacking his teammate and accusing him of using telepathy to take Sunny from him. Utopia and the others stop him and defend Brainwave, encouraging George to leave the team and disappear for good. He left his company, his money and his name behind and went into hiding in Kentucky, where he discovered beatnik culture in 1965 and began to rethink his entire life: He realized that being a superhero only maintained the status quo and protected the rich from the legitimate demands of the lower class, which he systematically, albeit reluctantly, pursued. With this new perspective, Skyfox is back in the public eye, but this time he’ll truly be the hero of the people the good people.

George Hutchens has the IQ of a genius, but he is also terribly fragile and insecure, and often tends to drown his doubts and fears in a bottle. As Skyfox, he is a mighty hero who possesses flight skills, superhuman strength, speed, stamina and endurance, enhanced senses, delayed aging and a natural affinity for technopathy, which allows him to create machines, weapons and incredible gadgets from scratch, including a super-villain’s super-max prison, telepathy ears, his Hutch’s power stick that can replicate super powers, all Union machines and much more. As long as he served the rich and privileged, Skyfox was revered as a hero, but now that he fights for the weak, the poor and the disenfranchised, he is feared as the greatest supervillain of all time: Fear of the powerful is a badge of honor for Skyfox, who is now willing to go against even his best friends to make them see the truth in what they have done for decades and in their naivety fueled an unjust system.


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