Hospital SpoilerGeneral Hospital and GH Comings & Goings show Roger Howarth taking a break after the death of Franco Baldwin. Although the actor’s identity remains a mystery, we now have information about his return. Haworth is expected to return to the set in April, which means his time off won’t be that long after all. Read on for more details.

General Hospital Spoiler – Death of Franco Baldwin

GH spoilers reveal that Franco’s death has been hinted at for weeks by soap insiders. It ends with Franco taking Peter August (Wes Ramsey) hostage. At some point, Peter got out of hand. The two men struggled and the gun went off. Franco died of a gunshot wound while Peter slipped.

SpoilerGH in and out – Stay Roger Howarth

Although Franco was dead, Howarth quickly announced that he would remain on board. He couldn’t give details, but he was sure the writers had a good story planned. One of the questions from fans is whether Howarth will return as Franco or as someone else. In his breaks, Howarth raises money for charity: Feeding America. He then spoke to Soap Opera Digest and confirmed that he was still part of the multi-year ABC soap opera.

I was just trying to help. You can go to and donate directly if you want, but if you want something in return as an incentive, I say: I wish them a happy birthday or send them motivational messages or make inspirational montages or whatever they ask me to do. The only rule is that you cannot denigrate or disrespect me or anyone else. ….. And if it works out well, I want to keep doing it when I get back to work, if I’m with other artists who want to join in.

General Hospital spoilers – Roger Howarth returns for installation in April 2021

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the length of the Howarth hiatus was unknown at the time of our initial report. Now we have a better idea. SOD said the actor will return to the set in April 2021. That means we should see him in new episodes soon. However, we don’t know yet who will play Howarth.

GH Spoiler – Possible Scenarios

Although Franco died on screen, this means nothing to the proponents of silk politics. They keep bringing people back from the dead with an explanation. Maybe Franco is still alive. It’s also possible that Howarth is playing a new actor who looks like Franco. It could be tough for Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and Cameron Webber (Michael Lipton).

General Hospital Spoiler: Nina upset, leaves PC – Valentin furious, accuses Jax #GeneralHospital

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) March 17, 2021

Speaking of Cam: He already sees a dead Zander Smith (Chad Brannon). Can he mentally wander off and start seeing a dead Franco? Or maybe Franco will pursue Peter until he can’t take it anymore and confess. There are so many ways Howarth could have gone back to General Hospital. We’ll have to wait and see what the writers have in mind.

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frequently asked questions

Which actors leave the general hospital?

General Hospital Gallery – all…

Does Jason leave the hospital?

General Hospital: Steve Burton is leaving. Jason Morgan, ethical mob boss. Steve Burton’s announcement to leave General Hospital after 21 years is an opportunity to discuss the love-hate relationship with organized crime in the fictional town of Port Charles.

Who goes back to the general hospital?

Another major contract is in the works for Port Charles. EW can exclusively report that Chad Brannon, who played Alexander Zander Smith from 2000 to 2004, will return to General Hospital in March. He starts filming in February.

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