Hospital Spoilershows Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) trying to start over and rebuild his entire life. It all begins when Curtis learns that his wife, Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Brianna Nicole Henry), is withholding information that Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) staged his death. Taggert’s daughter, Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla), accuses Curtis of letting Taggert die, and he watches as Trina mourns for her father. Curtis divorced Jordan over Christmas, and it doesn’t look like they’re ready to get back together. In fact, it seems Curtis will file for divorce sooner or later.

General Hospital spoilers – Curtis Ashford is also making a career switch!

Curtis is tired of making money off the secrets that ruined his own marriage. He decides to sell his shares in a private detective firm to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), even if it means giving up his license. Curtis took the money he got from Sam and bought the nightclub. Although it hasn’t opened yet, it promises to be a hot spot in Port Charles. And that’s exactly what could bring Cyrus Reno (Jeff Kober) back into Curtis’ orbit.

SpoilerGH – New nightclub may attract drug dealer Cyrus Renault!

As viewers know, Cyrus Reno (Jeff Kober) uses Port Charles for work. His highly addictive illegal drugs flooded Port Charles. Curtis’ girlfriend, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattson), became addicted to Cyrus’ product when he showed a particular interest in her. But in reality, Cyrus was just testing a new formula on Sasha, and she quickly overdosed and almost died. Curtis is a former junkie himself, and although he’s been clean for a while, he certainly wouldn’t want anything to do with Cyrus or what he’s selling. But a brand new club seems like the perfect place for Cyrus to push the product, and Cyrus plays very badly to get what he wants. If he wanted Curtis to keep an eye on his business, he would undoubtedly threaten anyone who cared about Curtis. Wanting a fresh start, Curtis can’t say no to Cyrus, even if it means allowing drugs into his club!

Hospital spoilers – Curtis Ashford has some very important people!

But Curtis does know a thing or two about dealing with Cyrus. Cyrus spends most of his time in Port Charles trying to get closer to Mayor Laura Collins (Jeannie Francis), who he knows is his half-sister. If Cyrus really wanted Laura to look less like a dangerous criminal, she could just demand that Cyrus stay away from Curtis and his new club. Cyrus won’t like it, but he really wants to bond with Laura. And even though Laura keeps Cyrus at arm’s length, she will use their relationship to help her friend. But that only means Cyrus will be dropping his drugs somewhere else in Port Charles until he is finally brought to justice!

General Hospital Spoiler: Jason’s bet, trading Florence for freedom, risks trusting Cyrus?

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SpoilerGH – What do you think?

Will Curtis’ enthusiasm for his new venture persist after the club opens? Or will Cyrus decide to convince Curtis to allow his drugs into the club? Can Laura Collins intervene and free Cyrus from Curtis so he can enjoy his new life? It helps to have friends in high places in Port Charles, so stay on top of General Hospital by following the days of the week on ABC!

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