I’ve had this copy for a while now, but we finally get a glimpse of one of the major villains that will plague the new Justice Society in Stargirl season 2. By the end of season 1, Shiv had stolen a black diamond from William Zarick’s suitcase, and a quick look at the diamond confirmed what every comic book reader already knew: It is the heart of darkness, the prison of an almost omnipotent being known as Eclipso. This diabolical villain is played by Nick Tarabai and will apparently team up with The Shade. We still don’t know if he’ll have a human host like in the comics (maybe even Shiv himself), but in the meantime we get a glimpse of the creature itself.

In the beginning of all things was God, and when God created the world and man, Galid was with him: He was the spirit of God’s wrath, also called Lladys, and he took revenge on those who disobeyed his commands and his will. It was Galil who destroyed almost all life on earth with a flood in the days of Noah, when God was angry with mankind for doing everything wrong. But Galid was too extreme, too violent to be controlled. Instead of retaliating with punishment commensurate with the crime, the Galids exterminated beyond recognition and destroyed in revenge: Therefore, after the Flood, God repented of the evil his spirit had done and stripped Galid of his titles and most of his powers, replacing him with a new incarnation of divine wrath, a more balanced and just spirit, Aztar. The corrupted and enraged Galide, who now called herself Eclipso, the dark side of God, tried to fight Aztar, but the new spirit overpowered him, captured his essence and sealed him in a diamond, the Heart of Darkness, which immediately turned black with coal as Eclipso sealed into it. Aztar chose the perfect place to bury the Heart of Darkness, hiding it on the dark side of the moon so it would never be found….. But even though he was weakened, Eclipso’s power was still great, his attraction to the human heart was strong, and his anger even stronger. Influenced by a storm of fleeting meteors, the Heart of Darkness arrived on earth and crashed into the headwaters of Congo, Africa, where it remained buried forever. Finally, at the end of the 19th century, a British treasure hunter found a black diamond and brought it back to London. It was 1891, and Eclipso was about to return to the world.

The explorer heard the whisper of a black diamond he had collected and took it to a jeweler he knew: The jewel seemed indestructible, but he knew that a little pressure in certain places could break it. He knew this because the stone itself had told him. The jeweler followed instructions and cut the heart of darkness into 1,000 pieces….. This will weaken the binding spell and allow the Eclipso creature to roam free on Earth again….. under certain conditions. Eclipso’s physical body was still trapped in the diamond, only his essence was now free to leave his prison, but only if he found a soul open enough to anger, fear and darkness to welcome him, that is, to possess human bodies, and in a very special time when darkness ruled, times like an eclipse. Each shard contained the essence of Eclipso, and it could exert its influence on anyone who touched it: Through the Treasure Seeker, Eclipso spread the Heart of Darkness fragments around the world, taking advantage of the fact that the British Empire had colonies on every continent and that every corner of the world was easily accessible. Some of these shards have also reached unexplored areas, and one in particular was found by a tribe on the remote Pacific island of Diablo. Here the local priests understood very well what this shard was and who lived in it, and they sought to win the favor of the creature by worshipping it as a god. The warrior priests passed the shard on from generation to generation, and with each eclipse they made Eclipso manifest in the physical world….. Unfortunately, she was isolated from the rest of the world, on an island. That changed when, a century later, anthropologist Bruce Gordon came to the island to photograph the tribe’s rituals as they approached a solar eclipse: The current priest, Mopyr, tried to kill him, but was killed, and Gordon touched the shard as the sun disappeared into the darkness. Finally, Eclipso has a new owner who can afford to leave the island…..

Galid, or Lladis, is an incredibly ancient and deeply evil being, an ancient incarnation of God’s wrath, devoid of all compassion, goodness and kindness, pure evil that roams the earth. As Eclipso, he no longer possesses his former divine power that resided in the Omnipotence of God, but even in his weakened form, when he possesses a physical body, he imbues it with mystical powers that include flight, energy projection, increased strength and durability, and most importantly, the power to increase hatred, fear and anger in all who are touched by his darkness. Lord of the manless land between light and darkness, lord of evil, prince of darkness, lord of the black silence, Eclipso longs to reclaim his lost power and position, spreading his rage like a deadly poison through creation, a cancer that seeks to consume all light, all that is good and pure, a challenge to the God who banished him.

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