Frozen is the highest grossing animated movie of all time, with a total revenue of $1.3 billion USD since it’s release in November 2013. The film which has captivated audiences across generations and internationally inspired an ice-themed merchandising juggernaut that continues to rake in millions annually.

The “frozen 3” is a movie that has been released in 2013. It includes every short movie, so it would be the perfect addition to your Netflix account.

Frozen Movies In Order: Including Every Short Movie

Frozen and its sequel are two of the most well-known and adored Disney animated films ever made. Both films are among the top-grossing Disney animated films of all time. The Lion King is the only Disney original film that has made more money than Star Wars or Marvel films (2019).

What’s more, the series generated a slew of fantastic Frozen short films. To make viewing these films as pleasurable as possible, below is a list of all Frozen films in chronological sequence.

We’ll tell you how many Frozen movies there are, including short ones, what the chronological sequence is for viewing them, whether or not you actually need to watch them in order, and whether or not we may anticipate additional Frozen films in the future. So let’s find out what’s going on.

What Is the Total Number of Frozen Films?

There are two feature films and three short films in the Frozen franchise. A TV special, a short series, and a docuseries are also available. Take a look at them below.

Feature films based on the animated film Frozen:

  • Freeze-dried (2013)
  • Frozen 2 is the sequel to the film Frozen (2019)

Short films about Frozen:

  • Frozen Fever is a movie about a girl who has a (2015)
  • A Frozen Tale Myth (2020)
  • Once Upon a Snowman is a story about a snowman that lives in a (2020)

Special edition of Frozen on TV:

  • The Frozen Adventures of Olaf (2017)

Series of short films based on the film Frozen:

  • With Olaf at Home (2020)
  • Olaf Showcases (2021)

Docuseries about Frozen:

  • Making Frozen II: Into the Unknown (2020)

Let’s take a look at the Frozen series in chronological order now that we’ve listed them all.

Order of Frozen Films

Sorting all those distinct Frozen movies and episodes in order won’t be simple. Despite the fact that certain aspects are still unclear, we will do our best. We also won’t include Frozen short series and docuseries in chronological order since sorting them is impossible. You may view them whenever it is convenient for you; nothing will change if you do so. Let’s get started.

Freeze-dried (2013)


Anna sets out on an epic adventure with the rugged climber Kristoff and his loyal companion Sven to locate her sister Elsa, whose ice powers have enslaved the realm of Arendelle in endless winter. Faced with Everest-like circumstances, mythological trolls, and the lovable snowman Olaf, Anna and Kristoff race against nature to preserve the realm.

Once Upon a Snowman is a story about a snowman that lives in a (2020)


Once Upon a Snowman tells the secret narrative of Olaf’s birth and journey to fulfill his destiny.

It takes place in the aftermath of the events of the first Frozen film. Olaf’s genesis story is told in this series.

The Frozen Adventures of Olaf (2017)


It’s the first Christmas since the castle gates reopened, so Anna and Elsa join the rest of Arendelle in celebrating. When the citizens return to their homes to be with their families and celebrate the holidays together, the sisters realize that they are not following the family tradition of celebrating Christmas like the rest of the people, so Olaf and reindeer Sven decide to learn about the kingdom’s customs and the meaning of the holidays.

While Olaf and Sven pull sledges over the cold tundra, ending up in a forest where they are besieged by wolves, Anna and Elsa discover some lost items from the past in the attic.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is the following film in the Frozen series, and it takes place on the first Christmas after the first film (as well as Once Upon a Snowman, which takes place at the same time as the first Frozen).

The first Christmas season since the gates reopened, according to the website for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, was in December 1839. This date is significant in relation to the following film on our list.

Frozen Fever is a movie about a girl who has a (2015)


It’s Anna’s birthday, and Elsa and Kristoff have chosen to throw her the biggest party ever, but Elsa’s ice abilities may put her in danger of more than just the party.

Frozen takes place in July 1839, according to the Arendelle website. Anna was born on the Summer Solstice, according to the legend (so, somewhere around June 20-22). In Frozen Fever, her 19th birthday would be in June 1840, the same year as Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

A Frozen Tale Myth (2020)


Jeff Gipson directed a prequel short to Frozen II titled Myth: A Frozen Tale, which was published on June 11, 2020. Evan Rachel Wood plays an Arendelle mother who tells the myth of the elementals in this short film.

We’ll arrange it shortly before Frozen II since it’s intended to serve as a precursor. It clarifies several aspects of Frozen II and makes it simpler to understand.

Frozen 2 is the sequel to the film Frozen (2019)


Why was Elsa endowed with magical abilities from birth? What secrets of the past will she discover as she travels across the enchanting woods and gloomy oceans beyond Arendelle? The answers to these questions draw her in, but they also put her kingdom in jeopardy. They will go on a perilous yet amazing trip with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. Elsa in “Frozen” believed that her abilities were too great for this planet. She must hope that they are enough in “Frozen II.”

In chronological order, this is the most recent Frozen film. More will undoubtedly follow in the future, and we will add them to the list as they become available.

Frozen and Frozen 2: When Do They Take Place in History? (as well as where)

Is it necessary to see the Frozen films in order?

Frozen and Frozen II should absolutely be seen in sequence. You don’t have to see the other short films, series, or TV specials in sequence, but you should if you want the whole viewing experience.

Are There Any More Frozen Movies in the Works?

There will very definitely be a third feature-length Frozen film, as well as additional Frozen short films. Frozen III will only happen if they come up with a solid narrative, according to Josh Gad.

Watch This Video-

frozen 1” is the first short movie in the “Frozen” series. The movie was released on November 27, 2013 and has been viewed over 3 billion times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the order of the frozen movies?


What movie had the frozen short?

A: It was Anna And Elsas Frozen Adventure.

Does Frozen 2 have a short film?

  • frozen fever
  • frozen short film
  • frozen 2
  • frozen fever full movie
  • how many frozen movies are there
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