The movie is a thriller about the lives of four people from different professions. It was directed by Hisham Zaman and stars Ashraf Barhom as Hassan, Rawan Fathy as Ranya, Mona Golabek as Yousra, Kareem El Zein as Salah.

You might be heading to the theater this summer for a new movie called “Four Good Days.” This movie is an intense and thrilling drama about four friends who go on a trip together in search of some good days before one of them dies. Here’s everything we know so far!The “four good days” is a movie that has been announced and set to release soon. The movie will be released on Netflix. Read more in detail here: four good days movie release date netflix.


For a regular individual, a “good day” would include a day filled with laughing and enjoyment, as well as food and entertainment, but such is not the case here. Yes, we’re talking about the film Four Good Days, in which each ‘good day’ was crucial to a drug addict’s rehabilitation; the broken promises and shattering disappointments that needed to be made right. 

1637322084_749_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatFour Good Days is a film that tells a narrative like this. The narrative of a substance-abusing daughter who wants to go to treatment and detox, and her mother, who is dealing with her own issues while also assisting her daughter. Hope is what keeps them going throughout the film. 

1637322085_165_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatThe film has recently been in the news, and we know you’re wondering why. Don’t worry; we’ll put a stop to these inquiries. We’ve covered all the key data about the film Four Good Days in this post, which you won’t want to miss. We will not let you down if you read all the way to the end. 

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Four Good Days is a film about four good days.

Four Good Days is a drama film from the United States that was released in the year 2020. Rodrigo Garcia directed and produced the film, which tells the narrative of a mother and daughter combo that support one other through four important days of recovery from drug usage. 

1637322086_892_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatThe video is based on Eli Saslow’s essay “How’s Amanda?” from the Washington Post. The book “A Story of Truth, Lies, and an American Addiction” was released in 2016. Glenn Close and Mila Kunis star in the picture, which was unveiled in May of this year.  

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A Few Words About The Film- Four Good Days


Rodrigo Garcia is the director.

Rodrigo Garcia, Eli Saslow, and Amanda Wendler wrote the screenplay.

Igoe Jadue- Lillo (cinematography)

Edward Shearmur is the composer.

Rodrigo Garcia, Jon Avnet, Jake Avnet, and Jai Khanna produced the film. 

Indegenous Media, Oakhurst Entertainment, and Productivity Media are among the production companies. 

Santa Clarita, California, USA was used as a filming location.

Vertical Entertainment is in charge of distribution.

100-minute running time

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The Movie’s Trailer- Four Good Days

Let’s have a look at the trailer for the film Four Good Days before we continue with this post. To see the trailer, click the play button below. 


What do you think of the trailer, which is packed with strong strikes and tells such a touching and dramatic story? Isn’t it incredible? 

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What was the release date of the film Four Good Days? 

1637322088_521_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatOn the 25th of January, 2020, the film Four Good Days made its global debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Later, on April 30th, 2021, the picture was released in a limited capacity by the distributor Vertical Entertainment. The film was then released via video-on-demand on May 21, 2021. 

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Who Was On The Sets Of The Film Four Good Days? 

The film Four Good Days stars a well-known and, at the same time, excellent cast. We’ve compiled a list of the cast and characters for you. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Margaret ‘Molly’ Wheeler is played by Mila Kunis.
  • Deb is played by Glenn Close.
  • Dale is played by Sam Hennings.
  • Chris is played by Stephen Root.
  • Sean is played by Joshua Leonard. 
  • Lisa is played by Michael Hyatt. 
  • Corey is played by Nicholas Oteri. 
  • Ashley is played by Carla Gallo. 
  • Chloe is played by Audrey Lynn. 
  • Dr. Ortiz is played by Carlos Lacamara. 
  • Coach Miller is played by Rebecca Field. 
  • Eric is played by Chad Lindberg.
  • Nina Millin plays an ER nurse in the film.
  • An ER doctor is played by Brian Shortall. 
  • Gloria Garayua plays a Detox Receptionist in the film.
  • Gabriela Flores plays a student in the film.

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How about four good days? What Does the Movie’s Plot Line Indicate? 

The film Four Good Days portrays the narrative of Margaret ‘Molly’ Wheeler, a teenage heroin addict who must abstain from all forms of substance usage for four days in order to get potential treatment. For Emily and her mother, Deb, the term ‘good’ implies refraining from drugs. 

1637322090_691_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatMolly arrives at her mother’s home one lovely day, desperate, but Deb is hesitant to allow her in. “Come back when you’re clean,” Deb says as she closes the door behind her. Deb had done this previously and ended up stealing from her mother, so she didn’t give a damn about Molly. To prevent a repeat of the occurrence, Deb rearranges all of her locks and installs a security system in her home. 

1637322091_406_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatMolly wanders to the sidewalk and spends the night there, until Deb notices her shivering the following morning and chooses to speak with her daughter. Molly claims she wanted to get well and go to a treatment center. Deb is agressive and insists on taking her to a detox center. They sit in a Doctor’s chamber after a few days of detox treatment, when he advises giving Molly an opioid antagonist, but only after a four-day delay. And it’s at this point that the narrative reaches its pinnacle. 

1637322093_981_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatDeb takes Molly home since she truly wanted to assist this time and couldn’t stand her daughter’s situation any longer. The mother and daughter had a challenging four days, but what they accomplished was incredible. Do you believe Molly’s detox journey was a success? No, we won’t give anything away if you haven’t seen the movie yet! 

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Is the film Four Good Days based on a true story? 

The film Four Good Days is based on a real tale that was first told in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post piece “How’s Amanda?” by Eli Saslow. “Truth, Lies, and an American Addiction” is a story about truth, lies, and an American addiction. Alexander’s encounter with Amanda Wendler was depicted in the article.

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Where Can You See The Film Four Good Days? 

1637322094_356_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatHulu has a streaming version of Four Good Days accessible. Based on actual events, the film stars Mila Kunis as a heroin addict and Glenn Close as her long-suffering mother, who finally come together to help her daughter overcome her addiction. 

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What Are The Film Reviews And Ratings For Four Good Days?

Four Good Days scored a 6.6 out of ten IMDb rating and a 5.7 out of ten Rotten Tomatoes rating. That was in regards to the film’s ratings. Let’s have a look at what the crowd has to say about this picture. Isn’t there anything better than reading a film’s audience reactions? 


The Film’s Audience Reactions—Four Good Days

Following a brief peek of the trailer, a substantial portion of the crowd looked eager to see the film. They admired the portrayal of a heroin addict’s life and her suffering mother, both of whom are attempting to return to normalcy. They also couldn’t stop admiring Mila Kunis and Glenn Close’s performances, despite their difficult positions on screen. 

1637322096_111_%E2%80%98Four-Good-Days-Everything-We-Know-About-The-Movie-ThatThe audience was grateful for the film’s depiction of hardship, and they were able to empathize with the characters on an emotional level. They also claim that everyone who has experienced or dealt with a drug misuse scenario would be able to connect to various scenes in the film. Finally, the audience believes that the picture was genuine and authentic, with no emotional parts that were overdone. 

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To Sum It Up

If you like drama films, the film Four Good Days is well worth your time. With all of that in mind, we’ve gotten to the conclusion of this essay and have exhausted our options. We hope you found it useful. If you’ve seen the movie, or if you’ve read this post, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below. We’d be delighted to read them. Until then, have fun reading!

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