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Emily’s scene in Paris. Photo by Stephanie Brunchu/Neflix/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

In this new series of Netflix Romcom, a young American marketing executive finds it hard to believe her luck when she is transferred from Chicago to a marketing agency in the heart of Paris, France.


Paris, here I am!

Emily (Lilly Collins) is a typical Midwestern American girl and at one point admits that she was not in a European country before she moved to Paris for work.

Of course, she’s very happy to settle in France.

And as soon as she sets foot in the French capital, Emily shares every new experience with her followers through her Instagram account, Emily in Paris.

She immediately falls in love with the city and the French way of life. But her new French colleagues are less impressed when she shows up at the Paris office and can’t say a word in French?

But after a while Emily makes friends, like an American/Chinese woman she met on a lunch break. And of course she also has a love affair with the French, especially with her sexy French neighbor, Gabriel…

To be honest, I’ve postponed the start of the new Netflix series, which will be released in October 2020, for a few days… The images and the trailer alone seemed so banal at first sight. And it’s very cheesy. But strangely enough, I liked it in the end.

Emily and her new friend in Paris. Photo by Carol Bethuel/Neflix/Carol Bethuel/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

I was wondering…

…was a standard Carrie Bradshaw word combination. Carrie was the protagonist in one of my favorite episodes: Sex in the big city (1998-2004).

The New York television series was made by the same maker as Emily in Paris. So there are some similarities, including Emily’s outfits.

Check out the article I wrote about my Sex and the City tour in New York.

But what I was wondering when I saw Emily in Paris was…

But what is she wearing????

I mean, seriously… So it’s either me or it’s fashion these days. The show was a big hit for Emily’s outfits. Well, I think it’s normal now to show up at an elite Parisian marketing agency on your first day with a massive print of the Eiffel Tower on your shirt and a miniskirt with a snake motif.

First day in the new office. Photo by Carol Bethuel/Neflix/Carol Bethuel/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

So, even if I’m not the biggest fan of Emily’s fashion preferences (they don’t get better throughout the season…), the humor used in the show is something that has fascinated me from the first episode. For example, there is this conversation between two new colleagues at Emily’s workplace: Paul and Sylvie. They’re both French:

Paul: Smoking is a pleasure, and without pleasure, who are we?
Sylvie: German?

As a German, I have to admit that’s true. Ha-ha.

Plus, Emily seems to really like the floral prints we have in common. And it kind of reflects his mood… When she’s in a good mood, she wears something with a huge floral print. Whether it’s a soft winter coat or a yellow dress.

So it’s 2019…

Emily’s scene in Paris. Photo by Carol Bethuel/Neflix/Carol Bethuel/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

Here’s another thing I really loved about this show… you can understand right away that it was shot in 2019!

At the same time, it is quite normal for the series or feature film to be recorded a year before its release in cinemas or on a streaming platform. We don’t usually think about it. I certainly didn’t look when I saw something from 2019 that was filmed in 2018. But by 2020, as you all know, everything will have changed. That’s how you can tell the difference.

After all, in 2019 it was normal to walk from your Parisian apartment to your workplace in the office you shared with your colleagues, from there to lunch with a friend, to an Instagram event with 20 other influential people, and finally to dance all night long in a busy club. This will not be the case in 2020…

No social distance with more than 20 other influential people. That was normal in 2019. Photo by Carol Bethuel/Neflix/Carol Bethuel/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

With so many changes this year, 2019 seems odd enough to be more than a year…

It has been suggested that Emily’s next seasons would be more Parisian. I wonder how they’re handling the restraints. But I think Emily can definitely take some of those masks off!

Emily’s scene in Paris. Photo: Netflix

Film location

Paris, I love you!

Emily’s scene in Paris. Photo: Netflix

However, I think it’s time for a new series that allows us to dream of the French capital (always beautiful and romantic). After all, it is almost 20 years ago that the Frenchwoman Amélie (2001), played by Audrey Totou, introduced us to her secret universe between cosy cafés and art monuments.

Almost ten years ago, in the twenties, every night at midnight at the Midnight Romcombe in Paris (2011), we made a journey back in time with an American tourist (Owen Wilson).

Finally, Paris je t’aime (2006) showed us 18 different ways to fall in love with the city. Other Cities of Love followed the successful concept of combining different love shorts in one feature film. Among them, New York, I love you (2008) and Berlin, I love you (2019).

But back to Emily.

Emily’s researching Paris. Photo by Carol Bethuel/Neflix/Carol Bethuel/Neflix – © 2020 Netflix, Inc.

One thing that is great for movie lovers is that most of the filming took place in Paris, and since the locations are known, can we go and get them ourselves?

Her small apartment on the top floor (as we know since the first episode, a former cleaning lady) is quite typical for a young professional expatriate like Emily. The filming location for this apartment is on the Place de l’Estrapade on the 5th floor.

In one scene, Emily goes to the bakery and tastes her first French pastry (heavenly chocolate pain), which she immediately clicks on and shares with her fans. This bakery is located on the rue Fosse Saint-Jacques and is really called Boulangerie Moderne.

When Emily’s boyfriend breaks up with her in America, she stands in front of the Pantheon, which is now a mausoleum built in the style of the ancient Roman temples.

Finally, the office of his Paris marketing company is located in Place Valois.

See details of all film series on Seen-it.com. They made a great guide for all Emilie in Paris.

Emily at an influential event in front of Vendôme Square with the Vendôme column erected by Napoleon I in the middle. Photo: Netflix


Paris, here we are!

Yeah, Emily in Paris is really full of clichés, and the show is still superficial. But I have to admit there were a lot of funny things and sometimes loud laughs.

Emily’s enthusiasm and positive attitude to life is beautifully represented by Lilly Collins, who has shown in the past that she can master both serious roles (Before the Bones, 2017) and mixed funny-serious roles (Love, Rosie, 2014).

Really, Lilly had a great time recording a show in Paris. It was also reported that Lilly had recently got engaged and was apparently planning to return to Paris for her next wedding. I think it’s fair to say she must have enjoyed it very much…

All in all, this carefree comedy series is a great opportunity to escape the dark days of November 2020 and dream about your next trip to Paris after the pandemic?

**** 4 or 5 stars

So… what do you think of Emilie in Paris? Who was inspired to go to Paris? And who is preparing his next journey to the city of love? Please give me the following remarks!

Poster of the film PR for Emily in Paris © Netflix

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