Oh, man. This episode was nuts. I’m sure some of you thought that last week was intense, because it was. However, this week was even more so. In fact, it seems like it might be a regular thing this season. Last week saw Morgan leading Luciana to safety, but this week he was killed by an infected. Things have been really tense at the farm, and it’s looking like this is going to be a major story …

Tonight’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” continued the story of “The Walking Dead” spin-off from the comics, introducing us to new characters, while exploring events from the past as we learn more about the background of the show’s main characters. The episode was a classic example of how to make a basic television show that offers strong performances and interesting storylines.

A lot of fans of “Fear the Walking Dead” were hoping we’d finally see the introduction of a major new character in the show, but instead the episode focused on the characters left behind, as well as a horde of walkers approaching the prison. It was a reminder that there’s still a lot of story left to tell in the show, and the fact that we’ve got six episodes left to tell it is encouraging.

This week, at the beginning of the session, we were able to take a look at Teddy’s past and find out where his faith began. Alicia is reunited with some old faces from the past, but it was short-lived. When she learned of Teddy’s plans, she also learned of her role in those plans.

Let’s summarize!

Warning: Here’s the spoiler!


From cage to freedom

The episode begins with Teddy telling us where he was when the outbreak started. He was placed on death row, but found his way out when all the cells mysteriously opened up and walkers invaded. The lack of effort to kill a Walker and the patience with which he handles the situation is disturbing. And it’s certainly a remarkable stroke of luck that sets Teddy free in the world.


Alicia is locked in the old classroom listening to Teddy’s mantras. Riley visits them, and this is clearly not the first time Alicia has been invited to join them. It’s almost as awesome as Daryl’s visit to Easy Street in The Walking Dead. After a while, Teddy comes in and tries to talk to her. He tells her that he has found a new place for his people and that she should join him. Riley, on the other hand, wants to get rid of Alicia right away.


A Carpenter

A new group arrives in a school bus to join the cult. A big surprise? Dakota is with them, and Teddy is glad Alicia knows her. He decides that the three of them will take a trip. While no one trusts Dakota, neither do we, we have to wonder if Morgan is using his wily side to get more information about the cult.

The three of them arrive at the cemetery, where Teddy is taking his mother from her grave. He talks about his time on death row. But when they meet a mysterious drifter, Teddy panics and quits. Mommy Dearest flies into the back of the truck, followed by other lazy people.


Old friend

Fortunately, an old friend puts an end to the marchers’ attacks. We’re as surprised as Alicia when we find out it was Cole who showed up at the stadium in Madison’s day – we’re sure she’s still alive.

They catch up with each other and Alicia learns that many other people in the stadium have also survived. Cole then offers to help the three people reach their destination. He shows them that they are trapped on homemade skewers set up by people who are used to killing and robbing people in this way. The unfavorable types, as he calls them.

As Teddy and Dakota get closer, Alicia and Cole talk, Teddy and Dakota share a moment. It was amazing how quickly they became friends, as grandfather and granddaughter.



When Teddy arrives at the old junkyard, he finally admits that Alicia reminds him of his mother. Soon after, a group of masked men surround them all. Cole admits that he is one of those untrustworthy people who cheat and rob others. He and the others in the stadium.

As they set off, Cole explains what brought him and the others to this point. As she listens, she wonders if what her mother sacrificed was worth it. It didn’t help that Teddy came along.

Cole demands to know where the cult’s hideout is, but Teddy won’t say anything and even laughs as he shoots a dead body in the back of the truck. Teddy admits that it wasn’t his mother and that he only went there to make a point.

Though everyone is shocked, Cole again suggests that Alicia walk away from all of this, but her commitment, which has turned into an obsession with finding out what Teddy is up to, proves stronger. Cole feels he has no choice but to kill her with the other two.


Brigade des Fusiliers

Teddy warns Cole that shooting people he knows won’t be easy. They are interrupted by a small herd of walkers and everyone fights them until only Cole is left with Alicia, Teddy and Dakota. He confronts Alicia, who kills him. It was sad to see him die, but also because he had become one of those she and many others had struggled with in the past.

Then Alicia discovers Teddy’s plan. He’s going to launch a nuclear missile from the submarine we saw earlier in the season. Alicia was not convinced to go with us, as we thought, because she is a tough one. But because she is willing to kill Teddy, Dakota is willing to kill her. Put her and Teddy together, and it’s a dangerous combination. Now it seems we are on the brink of a second apocalypse.

Teddy, however, does not want Alicia to die. He takes her to the resort where there is an underground bunker. He brings Alicia in first and leaves Dakota out. Teddy wants Alicia to finish what he started. He locks her in a cell on the ground floor and tells her that she is the one who gives everyone hope and keeps them alive because she never flinches and defends him, the worst of the worst. To him, it’s a magical unicorn. For them, he is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse: Dead.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s discuss it in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us @TheSeriesRegs on Twitter so you don’t miss out on your other favorite shows.We’ve seen how the Governor has waged war against the Scavengers in the past, and how the Saviors have come in to help put the war to an end. In this episode, we watch the Saviors and the Scavengers fight the Governor in a pitched battle, where it’s Carl who makes a heartbreaking choice when he’s faced with the choice of killing a small child.. Read more about fear the walking dead season 6 finale and let us know what you think.

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