Last week John Dory of FearTWWD discovered that some rules need to be broken, and sometimes that’s not enough. He lost a friend, Janice, but he found June. This week we’re gonna catch up with Dwight, Sherry and Morgan. Meeting with Dwight and Sherry, Morgan meets a new group, but they don’t trust him like Dwight. Can he help them?


Dwight and Sherry have finally reconciled, but it could be compromised. Sherry wasn’t subject to the same restrictions as Dwight, and although he said they had to come forward, she refused. It’s just not the right time, she said. She left the call quickly. The two got into a big mess when their loneliness was interrupted by serious monsters wearing scary masks like hell who kidnapped them both.

It soon became clear they were Sherry’s people. These are the ones Jeannie didn’t think were good enough to live under her rule and be useful to her cause. They actually saved Sherry, but they didn’t really like Dwight. It’s Rollie, the man who saved Dwight last season in Tank Town, as he was known, coming to protect him. This masked group wanted to bring Jeannie down, and they had many reasons for doing so, but it seemed that their trust issues could keep them from doing so. 'Fear of the Walking Dead' -6×05-Recap-Dear.jpg Christine the Evangelist as Sherry – Fear of the Walking Dead _ Season 6 Episode 5 – Loan of photographs : Ryan Green/AMS

Return of the child

Althea came up with a plan to get something back and help this group. By hiding their faces, they had the advantage. It’s time to bring in the SWAT team. But that was easier said than done. Although on horseback, Jeannie’s girlfriend at the wheel made it difficult for them to shoot and try to move. Nevertheless, Dwight managed to penetrate and stop the SWAT team. Jeannie’s driver is leaving, though. Or at least he almost did.

Morgan is trotting on a horse with a man in a pig and drags him along. Everyone’s surprised to see him, and Sherry’s embarrassed look shows she didn’t save Morgan from death. But we stuck to Morgan’s words for Dwight,

You know I’m not dying, Dwight.

Morgan tried to sell the lake to the group, but Sherry was determined to end Jeannie’s existence. Morgan doesn’t want another war, and he can’t tell Dwight that he doesn’t. That puts Dwight in a difficult position because Morgan helped Dwight. As long as he liked Morgan’s idea, Sherry refused to leave before Jeannie died. We were wondering who killed Jeannie, that Sherry refused to go with Dwight, her husband. She doesn’t seem as determined to hold him as he is to her.

The war on the horizon

When Rollie and Dwight interviewed Jeannie’s husband, we had no choice but to pick up the terrible memories of the TWD Rescuer War, Season 8. Fortunately, Morgan intervened before it became too dangerous and Dwight got lost. However, it was a terrible situation in which there was no victory.

Two donkeys on what to do. All Morgan did was beg Dwight, but he was blinded by Sherry’s anger and his determination to protect her. Morgan has no choice but to leave. But what does Althea think?

Dwight contacted one of Jeannie’s people and lied to him to find people who might lure Jeannie. Althea wasn’t quite on board, and Morgan was willing to go with her, but Dwight didn’t have her. Until all was said and done, they were either detained or, as Dwight said, suspended. While Dwight looked like he was looking for a fight, Morgan wasn’t. Not with him. When Sherry took Dwight out of security, she locked him up, too. She didn’t want him to be her savior again. On the other hand, it was a good opportunity for Dwight and Morgan to put things right.‘Fear-The-Walking-Dead’-6×05-Recap-“Honey”.jpg AMC

Dwight worked fast for his release. He didn’t want Sherry to go through this alone. He arrived at the rendezvous point just in time. Jeannie’s team arrived, but not with her.  Dwight talked to Sherry about what they were expecting. Morgan was trying to get everyone together, and Dwight wanted her and everyone else to participate. Plus, he didn’t want her to become someone she’d hate forever. And he did, but not without a fight.

But it wasn’t enough. Sherry confessed she needed it after everything they’d been through for Negan. She must have killed Jeannie. On that note, she told him to leave. It’s true that they’ve both changed. She just wasn’t ready to move on. There were still demons hanging on her back to take care of her. Sometimes you have to do the right thing. I hope Sherry can deal with her PTSD later.

From there Altea and Dwight left with Morgan after catching some seemingly dead walkers. They’ve managed to help Baker’s people at the lake. This is a big step for Morgan! He’s got some of his friends back and more. He’s really in a pair of shoes Rick’s size, I dare say. It’s a good start for him, but not just before the end. Of course, stubbornness will be more difficult. And that episode led to a difficult break for Dwight. Hopefully, when all this is over, Dwight and Sherry can make an effort to find each other again.

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