Last week, in the movie Fear of the Walking Dead, we met Morgan who was in a very difficult state, but in the end he worked hard to let Jeannie die and what replaced him was even killer. Let’s hope the rest of the team is there too!

Let’s sum it up!

Look out! Look out! The spoiler’s coming!

Interior artworks

The episode begins in a former cattle factory with a group of recruits, each in a numbered suit, almost like a prisoner. The ranger points out that this is their last chance in the new world order. He says they have to come at the last chance to go through a pile of dead bodies. Not scary or anything like that, especially with the noise of the walkers coming from behind the garage door. It looks like it’s getting stuck, and the protesters, more angry than ever, are dragging more people among them. It’s awful!

It turns out that the walkers get stuck there with a substance like syrup, and when someone comes in, the game is over. It’s a damn sticky flypaper. 'Fear - Go - Death' -6×02-review - 'Welcome to the club'.jpg.


Everybody should contribute

While Strand (Colman Domingo) and Alicia (Alicia Debnem-Carey) are forced to deal with human waste, Daniel (Reuben Blades) becomes a hairdresser again. His cat, Skidmark, is nowhere to be found, but a nasty head wound proves that he didn’t deliberately let go of the playful creature. When Strand and Alicia are alone with him, they try to talk to him, but it seems that his head injury is worse than they thought because he has no idea who they are.

Before the rangers attack, Alicia and Strand will work on a new job. They come to the factory where the others died, and Jeannie has to take the walkers with him. Whatever it is, it’s for the future, of course, and Jeannie needs to be taken care of.

It’s time to get together, because Charlie (Alexa Nissenson) and Janice (Holly Kerran) have appeared and broke some of their own rules.  Cass told them everything about what happened. Beach had no intention of staying here and was willing to kill all the rangers and disappear. Alicia is at Strand, but not when it comes to this plan. If the Rangers have weapons and are part of a shy group, there is no victory.‘Fear-the-Walking-Dead’-6×02-Recap-“Welcome-to-the-Club”.jpg


A stowaway

Dakota (Zoe Margaret Colletti), a newcomer to the exhibition, works to help Alicia and Strand. The biggest drop must be the fact that she’s Jeannie’s sister, although we would have suspected it, because they’re so similar. She refuses to go back to Lawton and wants to be free like them, especially after seeing the video.

It assures them that if they get what’s inside, a weapon to kill their last enemy, then they have the advantage, a lever for their freedom. Strand also has to admit that he made a deal to keep him and Alicia together, so he remembers who he is. We personally believe he didn’t want to lose the only family he had left.

Beach, Alicia and the rest of the team open the doors together and let the walkers out like cattle. Pretty creative! However, the problem arises quickly. The walkers are stranded and their crew member Sanjay runs away when Charlie starts bringing walkers. Luckily, Dakota was the place where you could help.‘Fear-the-Walking-Dead’-6×02-Recap-“Welcome-to-the-Club”.jpg


Slow and steady victory in.

The range is determined to get something out of the walkers. Unfortunately, some pedestrians get a few rangers and surround Alicia and others. Beach walks out with Dakota behind the van and tries to distract herself, but it doesn’t work. When he finds Sanjay, Strand hits him and uses him as bait. We don’t want to feel bad because he abandoned everyone, and we’re glad the distraction worked. Beach lies about Sanjay wanting to be bait, but you do what you have to do.

When the walkers left, they all looked inside, but there was nothing to see. Dakota doesn’t understand that, and since everyone starts blaming her for her lies, Charlie defends her. Because she’s accused and also involved in a gang, we appreciate her defending someone else. This, and the obvious feminine attraction that forms.

Jeannie comes by and is grateful for her sister’s safety. It shows that what’s in the building isn’t what she wants. More like leaders and fighters like Strand, Alicia and Charlie. She talks to him about her soldiers and the army like there’s a war going on. She makes sure everything stays completely blurry. Whatever’s in front of her seems serious and makes us nervous. Maybe she’s talking about Morgan.

Before Strand and the others left, Charlie got a quick haircut. With all that syrup in her hair, she has no choice. She’s trying to jog Daniel’s memory, but it breaks our hearts. Even more important is the part assigned by Alicia for this purpose. In other words, he doesn’t want her near the awful person he is. He wants her to be safe and forget what he is capable of and what he has done, although he can do much worse. So they’re falling apart.‘Fear-the-Walking-Dead’-6×02-Recap-“Welcome-to-the-Club”.jpg


Even Daniel’s already gone, no matter where he lives now or in a new place. However, when he starts going out, he suddenly stops the car because he forgot his good scissors. But as soon as the driver brings them back, Daniel whistles and answers with a whistle. Morgan’s coming out of the darkness and Daniel’s grateful to see him. He’s even joking that he needs a haircut. For the time being, this should be one of our favorite goals. Two mortal men have gathered, ready to kill a crazy woman. That’s why we’re here!

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