I can’t believe it’s already October, and it’s time to start sharing my thoughts on the movies I’ve watched over the summer. I’ve seen a bunch of really great movies this summer, and it’s time to start sharing that with you. I’ve watched a number of movies this year that I’ve enjoyed, but for this list, I’m going to spotlight some of my favorite movies of the year. They may not be the best movies of the year, but they are movies that I enjoyed, and I wanted to share them with you.

So you’ve finally decided to watch the second season of ‘Falling Skies’ and the first season of ‘The Killing’, but you’ve lost track of time and have to get both episodes finished before the end of the day. Here’s a list of the entire seasons, episodes and times that they’re airing, so you can watch both from the comfort of your couch. Continue reading for both seasons’ episodes.

Inspired by the recent Marvel TV show, I’ve decided to put together a top-to-bottom list of all Marvel movies in order to watch.. Read more about torment movie fallen and let us know what you think.

The Fallen film series is an American action thriller film series that includes three films. It is one of the most popular shows, and it stars Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, two of the finest performers in the business. There are plans to create additional films under the fallen brand, despite the fact that it already has three series.

The plot follows Mike Banning, a US Secret Service agent portrayed by Gerard Butler, as he tries to rescue the US President while simultaneously preserving his reputation. The first series has Banning saving US President Barack Obama from North Korean terrorists attacking the White House. 

The second chapter follows Banning as he attempts to rescue global leaders from a Pakistani terrorist’s assassination attempt. After being falsely accused of attempting to kill the President in the third episode, Banning struggles to clear his reputation. Morgan Freeman portrays Speaker of the House before becoming President in the All Fallen series, which also stars Gerard Butler as Mike Banning.

At A Glance: Order of the Fallen Films

The following is a list of the Fallen films in chronological order:

  • Olympus Has Been Destroyed
  • The City of London Has Fallen
  • Angel Has Succumbed

In No Particular Order (Fallen Films)

If you want to start viewing the fallen series or if you’re a lover of action movies, you should start with the first episode, “Olympus Has Fallen.” In 2013, the film was released. Following the first episode, the second film in the series, titled “London Has Fallen,” was released in 2016. The third installment of the current three-part series was published in 2019, three years after the second.

The most current entry in the series is “Angel Has Fallen.” I’ll walk you through the synopsis of the three Fallen movies from the series, beginning with the pilot, Olympus Has Fallen, in the following subheads.

1. Olympus Has Been Destroyed (2013)


The first film of the series, directed by Antoine Fuqua and distributed by FilmDistrict, was released in 2013. Mike Banning, a former Army ranger who has been assigned as the Chief of the United States Presidential Detail, is the protagonist of the film. President Benjamin Asher, his wife Margaret, and their son Connor are all close friends of his. During a trip to a campaign fundraiser, the President’s vehicle suffers a fault, killing the First Lady, but Banning is able to rescue the President.

Banning was dismissed from the Presidential Detail eighteen months after the event and currently works for the Treasury Department.

Soon after, with the help of rogue members of the South Korean Prime Minister’s detail, including former secret service agent Dave Forbes, a North Korean terrorist group, Koreans for United Freedom (KUF), attacks the White House during a meeting between the President and the South Korean Prime Minister and holds them hostage in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC).

Banning makes his way inside the White House and manages to get his hands on the President’s satellite headphones, which he uses to communicate with Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs and House Speaker Allan Trumbull, who has now taken over as Acting President. Kang Yeonsak, the KUF’s leader, assassinates the South Korean Prime Minister and informs Trumbull that he must remove American troops from the Korean peninsula to prevent a new Korean War. 

Kang also intends to use the Cerberus system to detonate the US nuclear arsenal, but first he must obtain the system’s access codes from President Asher, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Joseph Hoenig, all of whom have different codes and are present in the Emergency Operating Center.

Meanwhile, Banning has been granted permission to proceed, and he rescues Connor and transports him to safety before confronting the terrorists, killing several of them, including Forbes. In another scene, Kang assassinates Vice President Charlie Rodriguez after learning about Trumbull’s attack force. After the terrorist commander faked himself and the President’s deaths, Banning continues his hunt for the terrorists and makes his way to Kang. After getting the final code to the Cerberus system from the President and having previously acquired the other two, Banning murders him.

Banning has the ability to deactivate the system and force the President out of the White House. He is later restored as the President Detail’s Head.

2. The City of London Has Fallen (2016)


The second part of the series, directed by Babak Najafi and distributed by Focus Features, was released in 2016. During his daughter’s wedding, a terrorist, Aamir Barkawi, is targeted by the US air force. Barkawi and his family seem to be killed in the assault.

Following the unexpected death of British Prime Minister James Wilson, world leaders will have to gather for a funeral. Despite the fact that his wife, Leah, is expecting to give birth shortly, Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs assigns Mike Banning to be the Head of the Security Detail for US President Benjamin Asher.

Terrorists dressed as officers of the Metropolitan Police, the Queen’s Guardsmen, and other first responders launch a series of synchronized assaults as they arrive in the city. Five western leaders are killed in the assault. The US President’s Marine One helicopter is also targeted, and Jacobs is gravely wounded. Before she dies, she begs Banning to find out who is responsible and to keep his unborn child alive.

Kamran, Barkawi’s son, spearheaded the assault. Vice President Allan Trumbull receives a call from Barkawi, who is alive and well in the United States. He tells Trumbull about his plot for vengeance and how he poisoned the British Prime Minister in order to bring world leaders to London, including President Asher. He also threatened to assassinate the President while the event was being streamed live on the internet.

Meanwhile, Banning has taken the President to a safe house, where they are briefed on the situation by Agent Jax. Jax is then told that Banning’s sign, which he had left for the satellite to pick up, has been discovered, and that a team would be sent in to investigate. A squad approaches them not long after, but Banning recognizes them as the enemy. He assassinates them and transports the President to the US Embassy.

They are attacked on their way there, and the President is kidnapped, leading Banning to suspect a government snitch. Meanwhile, in the United States, Trumbull’s team can track out Kamran’s position, and the execution squad assaults the site before the President is murdered. Before the building collapses, one of Kamran’s men throws a grenade, and Banning is able to get the President out safely, but Kamran and his terrorist gang are unable to flee and perish in the process.

They quickly figure out who the mole is, and Jax kills him. A drone strike targets Barkawi shortly after, killing him and other members of his gang.

After saving the president, Banning has time to spend with his wife and kid, Lynne, who is named after Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs, who is killed during the assault. After hearing Trumbull talk about the incidents, Banning chooses not to resign.

3. The Angel Has Fell (2019)


The third film in the series, directed by Ric Roman Waugh and distributed by Lionsgate, was released in 2019. In the film, Banning is nominated by current President Allan Trumbull to succeed David Gentry, who is retiring, as Director of the Secret Service. 

Despite his sleeplessness and severe back problems, he also receives training at a military facility operated by Wade Jennings, a former Army commanding officer who now controls Salient Global, a private military business. When President Trumbull is assaulted while on a private fishing trip, Banning saves him, but he ultimately falls into a coma and is framed with the evidence.

Helen Thompson, an FBI agent, captures him for this, but his transport van is ambushed on the route to the detention center, and he is able to flee before discovering the mercenaries were Jennings men who were also part of the training. He is able to contact his wife after his escape to explain the true circumstances, but Thompson is able to track him down. He manages to elude arrest once again and arrives at his father’s house quickly. 

He and his father, Clay, will be able to fight the Salient mercenaries that have reached the home. Meanwhile, Vice President Martin Kirby has named Banning as the perpetrator of the President’s assassination and said that he was collaborating with the Russian government.

Trumbull comes up from his coma after Clay saves Leah and Lynn from an abduction attempt. Kirby and Jennings are subsequently revealed to be the masterminds of the assassination attempt. Thompson, who has determined that Banning is not to blame, tracks down Jennings and murders her along with another agent. 

Banning surrenders when he arrives at the hospital where Trumbull is being treated, but he is ultimately freed. He gets the President to safety, but mercenaries hired by Jennings demolish the hospital’s critical care section shortly after. The guys then turn their attention to Banning and the President. In a gunfight, the majority of the President’s security detail is killed, and as Jennings and his men prepare to flee with a helicopter on the roof, Banning blows it up, leaving Jennings as the sole survivor. Banning is then given the task of assassinating Jennings while his other men are apprehended. Kirby, on the other hand, is being held on charges of treason and corruption.

Banning is cleared of all charges and resigns, but Trumbull offers him the position of Director of the Secret Service, which he accepts.

In a world where media conglomerates have forced a convergence of the worlds of film and TV, it’s hard to find a movie that’s not a movie to me. After all, I have a movie blog. In honor of this convergence, I’ve decided to put together a list of movies that I’d recommend to people who wanted to watch a series of movies that have been brought together in a single place. This is a list that I think would be a lot of fun to watch, especially if you haven’t seen any of these movies and don’t know where to start.. Read more about london has fallen and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 4th fallen movie?

There is not a 4th fallen movie.

Is Olympus has fallen a sequel to Angel Has Fallen?

Yes, Olympus has fallen is a sequel to Angel Has Fallen.

Is there a sequel to London Has Fallen?

There is no sequel to London Has Fallen.

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