Alex Cooper’s story is a true story that happened in March of 2000. This is a story about a young boy named Alex who was trapped in a 13-year old girl’s body. The strange thing is he was born with her, but he didn’t know what she was until the seventh grade, when the doctors found out he was a boy trapped in a girl’s body.

“Trapped” is a film that centers around the life of Alex Cooper, an aspiring artist who lives in the city of Los Angeles. One night he is driving home in his car, when he has a terrible accident and is told he was in a coma for three days. He awakes from his coma, and realizes that he has amnesia.

The story follows a 14-year-old who is trapped in a basement with no way out, until a cop comes to his rescue and ties the plot together. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was directed by Jonathan Dwan.

Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is an upcoming American biographical drama television film. Lifetime produced the film, which was directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt.

It is entirely based on Alex Cooper’s book Saving Alex: When I Was Fifteen, I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That’s When My Nightmare Began, written with Joanna Brooks and set in the United States.

Addison Holley, Nicolette Pierce, Sara Booth, Ian Lake, Kate Drummond, Wilson Cruz, Steven Cumyn, and Elisa Mooncherry appear in Michelle Paradise’s script.

Is the Alex Cooper tale based on fact?

 Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

Yes. The film Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is based on a novel. According to the book, it is based on a real story! 

Is Alex Cooper’s mother and father forgiven?

Yes, both of her parents’ jobs were gone, as was her child’s. As a result, Alex Cooper makes amends with them.


Alex Cooper, a 15-year-old girl from Victorville, California, resides there. She comes out to her Mormon parents, revealing that she is a lesbian and that she loves her buddy Frankie. Her family rejects her identity and sends her to live with her grandparents in Utah, despite her parents’ warnings. 

Other characters, such as Johnny and Tiana, bully her for being homosexual. They slap her, shove her, and stuff large boulders into her backpack before telling her to face the wall. This is done in order to persuade her to become straight. She thought she’d have to submit in front of them to go to school after all the torture and penalties. 

She met a guy who was the president of a gay-straight club after school. He assisted her in finding an attorney and getting out of the home. As an out homosexual adolescent, she lived freely under the protection of the law.

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 Trapped: Alex Cooper Story

  • Carol Lynn is played by Elisa Moolecherry.    
  • Jason is played by Stephen Joffe.
  • Damon is played by Kaleb Horn.
  • Henry is played by Dante Scott.
  • Mary is played by Sofie Michal Maiuri.
  • Emma Victoria Jackson in the role of Emma
  • Spencer is played by Alexander Elliot.
  • Wyatt is played by Leo Orgil.
  • Daniella Lopez is played by Alexandra Chavez.
  • Hannah Lopez is played by Humberly González.
  • Lynne Griffin in the role of Grandma
  • Sister Lopez is played by Michelle Arvizu.
  • Grandpa is played by Roger Dunn.
  • Bishop Carver is played by Laurie Murdock.
  • Colette is played by Natalie Liconti.
  • Mr. Lewis is played by Nile Seguin.
  • Sandra is played by Pip Dwyer.
  • Cleaning Lady Agueda Cardenas
  • Administrator Sharon McFarlane
  • Teacher David Frisch
  • Elder Thompson is played by Drew Haytaoglu.
  • Jamillah Ross in the role of a cop
  • Officer Janney is played by Konima Parkinson-Jones.
  • Elder Sanders is played by Nicolas James Wilson.
  • Church Leader: Art Hindle
  • Bus Driver Jon H. Epstein
  • Sister Young, Marie Dame 
  • Alex Cooper is played by Addison Holley.
  • Frankie Jackson is played by Nicolette Pearse.
  • Jonathan “Johnny” Simms is played by Ian Lake.
  • Tiana Simms is played by Sara Booth.
  • Mrs. Cooper is played by Kate Drummond.
  • Wilson Cruz in the role of Paul C. Burke
  • Mr. Cooper is played by Steven Cumyn.

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Where can we get Trapped: Alex Cooper Story on Netflix?

You may simply stream it online using the provided links, but you must first subscribe to those channels. 

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is available in English dubbing on My Lifetime, Just Watch, and Amazon Prime. You’ll like watching it.

Official Trailer for Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story

We’ve already discussed the official trailer for Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story; have a look at it and share your thoughts with us. Simply watch the trailer below.

Trailer for Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story | Lifetime

Reviews from the audience:

  • This film was very difficult to see at times, according to Imdb. What this little girl has gone through is unimaginable…these religious but cases, as well as her parents, should be held responsible for what they have done.

6.1 out of 10 from the audience.

  • Wow, rotten tomatoes. I couldn’t believe this was a real tale for a minute. It was a fantastic film. It’s heartbreaking. I hope that this film convinces people that conversion therapy is harmful and should be prohibited.

The audience gave it a score of 29% out of 100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alex Cooper story true?

Alex Cooper is a fictional character in the show Riverdale.

How does trapped the Alex Cooper story end?

The story ends with Alex Cooper being released from prison and the two of them living happily ever after.

Is trapped the Alex Cooper story on Netflix?


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