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So you may take a break from the Travelers tag, here are links to every Metawitches recap and post linked to Netflix’s Travelers, in sequence. Enjoy!

Season 1

Travelers: Netflix’s New Science Fiction Series: Pilot Recap/Review– Agents from the future utilize technology to transmit their consciousnesses into the thoughts of individuals who are about to die in the current day in the hopes of stopping their own horrible future from happening. Starring Eric McCormack and directed by Brad Wright of Stargate fame (Will and Grace).

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 2: Protocol 6 MacLaren transforms into a wanderer and encounters the team in their new forms. As the passengers adjust to their new lifestyles, they must deal with the effects of the changes on their former relationships with one another, as well as how the people around them respond to their new personalities. A deadly antimatter cargo is being contained by the squad.

Recap of Aleksander from Travelers Season 1 Episode 3– The crew tries to integrate with their host bodies’ difficult existence. Philip assigns them to the task of rescuing a kidnapped youngster. Jeff enquires about the visitors.

MacLaren gets a notification that another travelling team needs aid in Season 1 Episode 4: Hall. The rescue quickly devolves into a battle of wills between the two squads. Marcy and David are threatened by Jeff.

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 5: Room 101 – Philip, Marcy, Trevor, and Carly are abducted and interrogated after meeting a new group of travelers. David, MacLaren, and Boyd are on the lookout for them.

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 6: Helios 685 The passengers must carry out a complicated conspiracy involving a Canadian death cult, a gigantic roof top laser, a stoned chief engineer, and a stupid antimatter scientist to prevent the Helios asteroid from reaching Earth in 18 months and causing an Armageddon. What could possibly go wrong?

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 7: Protocol 5 The injections that everyone in Helios 685 received to protect them against poisonous vapors are causing hallucinations, which has led to some bizarre experiences and intriguing insights. However, after completing many thrilling missions in a row, average 21st-century existence becomes mundane. 

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 8: Donner – When a new traveler fails to complete his task and flees, it’s up to MacLaren to apprehend him. Carly is taken to court by Jeff, while David is in difficulty at work.

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 9: Bishop – A single mission aboard an aircraft is assigned to MacLaren. Carly’s job hunt is hampered by Jeff, who informs Kat about Mac’s affair.

Recap of Travelers Season 1 Episode 10: Kathryn – A futuristic medical team fights to rescue MacLaren. The remainder of the squad makes certain Kat has no recollection of the preceding 24 hours.

Marcy Recap from Travelers Season 1 Episode 11– Trevor attempts to save a buddy from death. Marcy’s medical ruses fail, and her health suffers as a result. Marcy has a solution thanks to two new travelers who are on the run from their adversaries in the future.

Grace Recap from Travelers Season 1 Episode 12– The squad is terrorized by a rogue traveling assassin. When the Director goes down, chaos ensues, and a renegade movement struggles for control of the future.

Season 1 of Travelers Analysis and Speculation– An effort to make sense of what just transpired.


Season 2

Netflix Has Renewed Travelers for a Second Season– An announcement post.

Recap of Travelers Season 2 Episode 1: Ave Machina The FBI interrogates the rest of the crew while Trevor and Grace are in surgery. To a therapist, Traveler 001 narrates his tale.

Recap of Travelers Season 2 Episode 2: PROTOCOL 4 Hundreds of hotel guests are subjected to the worst timeshare pitch ever. After the pain of the previous episodes, the passengers take a moment to cope with their personal lives.

Jacob Recap from Travelers Season 2 Episode 3– More tourists who have been tormented while drugged and confined to wheelchairs are found in a reference to S1Ep5. The crew recognizes they’re dealing with a major issue. 

11:27 in Travelers Season 2 Episode 4 Recap– To prevent the emergence of a genetically modified super plant that has the ability to suffocate all other plant life within decades, the team participates in business sabotage and political assassination.

Jenny Recap from Travelers Season 2 Episode 5– The Faction initiates a worldwide epidemic, enlisting the help of unwary travelers. The passengers discover they’ve been duped by the Faction for months.

Recap of Travelers Season 2 Episode 6: U235 – The squad fights to end the epidemic in the current day and stop the Faction now and in the future with the assistance of Grace and Derek.

Travelers Season 2 Episodes 1-6: Review and Analysis of the First Half of the Season– A review and analysis of the narrative, themes, cinematography, and characters from the first half of the season.

Season 2 Episode 7 of Travelers is 17 minutes long. Recap– The squad goes on a road trip in order to retrieve an artefact that is vital to the future. The Director tries to warn them about approaching peril on many occasions.

Episode 8 of Travelers Season 2: Traveler 0027 Recap– A fortress of a party is raided by the travelers. Grace is accused of conspiring against the Director and is placed on trial. Marcy and David rescue the life of his ex-girlfriend.

Update Recap for Travelers Season 2 Episode 9– Phillip is given a brief history lesson. Trevor and MacLaren are both dealing with personal hardships. Marcy and Carly assist Phillip in reinvesting the team’s funds.

Recap of Travelers Season 2 Episode 10: 21C – Marcy takes great measures to reclaim the memories she lost after the reset, and the program alters her genesis narrative dramatically. The remainder of the crew is defending a future US president, who is presently a preteen girl under Faction assault.

Recap of Travelers Season 2 Episode 11: Simon – The passengers seek for Vincent with Simon’s aid, and MacLaren enlists Dr. Perrow in the plot to apprehend him. In the team’s personal life, things come to a head.

Vincent kidnaps the team’s friends and loved ones in Travelers Season 2 Episode 12: 001.

Season 2 of Travelers: Review, Analysis, and Conjecture– Season 2 review, analysis of characters, narrative, and themes, and Season 3 speculation.


Season 3

Netflix Has Exclusively Renewed Travelers for Season 3 [Updated 3/15/18] – Announcement and links for the first renewal.

Travelers Has Been Renewed for Season 3 by Netflix Exclusively- The Showcase Has Been Released– The official renewal announcement has been released.

Travelers: Netflix Announces Season 3 Release Date– As the title suggests.

New Trailer and First Look Photos for Travelers Season 3 [Updated] — Eric McCormack’s performances on Build and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert: trailer, photographs, commentary, and video

Spoiler-Free Review of Episodes 1-3 of Travelers Season 3 (Ilsa, Yates, and Protocol 3)– It seems to be self-explanatory.

The travelers strive to clean up the mess left by Vincent’s abduction plan and the ransom films in Season 3 Episode 1: Ilsa.

Recap of Travelers Season 3 Episode 2: Yates – Mac and his new FBI colleague are tasked with defending a TV commentator who distributes false information about passengers, resulting in a catastrophe.

The travelers follow up with Aleksander Andrieko, the youngster spared from serial murderers by Phillip’s rogue operation in Season 3 Episode 3: Protocol 3.

Recap of Perrow from Travelers Season 3 Episode 4– The Faction kidnaps 001, who is still in Dr. Perrow’s body. Carly is threatened by Jeff.

Season 3 of Travelers: Did Carly Provoke the Director to Intervene with Jeff?– A deeper look at Carly and Jeff’s relationship throughout the course of the series. S3Ep10 contains spoilers.

Naomi Recap from Travelers Season 3 Episode 5– Grace and the crew are summoned to assist a young girl who hasn’t recovered after being forced to conduct a key assignment by the Director. The team’s morals and relationships continue to degrade.

Philip Recap from Travelers Season 3 Episode 6– A party of travelling historians is kidnapped by the Faction. The crew seeks to keep a critically wounded Hall alive long enough for him to assist in the search for the missing passengers.

Trevor Recap from Travelers Season 3 Episode 7– Grace and the Director argue over how to deal with Trevor’s brain ailment, which is peculiar to time travelers. David is arranging for his mentor and father figure’s burial.

Recap of Travelers Season 3 Episode 8: Archive– To achieve his objective, a newly arrived traveler whose host body is almost instantly jailed as a serial murderer requires Mac and the team’s assistance. Jeff and David save an archivist from the Faction and 001.

Marcy hunts for David as the crew realizes that Faction explosives are threatening traveler archives throughout the globe in Season 3 Episode 9: David.

The Director enacts Protocol Omega in Travelers Season 3 Episode 10: Protocol Omega Recap.

Season 3 of Travelers: Why Is It So Difficult for the Travelers to Face Being Alone?– Despite the Director’s cavalier attitude about mortality, even the strongest travelers, from Phillip to Boyd to Hall, despise the prospect of finding up alone in the twenty-first century without their own crew of future travelers.

Could David and Marcy’s Fate Have Been Predicted? – Travelers Season 3: Could David and Marcy’s Fate Have Been Predicted? A look at the foreshadowing for what occurred to everyone’s favorite duo throughout the series. What does it imply, for example, if David fell in love with the original Marcy in a different timeline? Is this a reflection of his feelings for Traveler Marcy?

Season 3 of Travelers: Grace’s Role in the Director’s Plan– I’ve been curious about Traveler Grace’s relationship with the Director since she arrived in the twenty-first century under suspicious circumstances.

Netflix has canceled Travelers, with no plans for a fourth season — For the time being, we’re on Protocol 5. Eric McCormack’s video announcement is included.

Comparison of Time Travel TV Shows: Dark vs. 12 Monkeys vs. Travelers– A comparison and contrast assessment of three popular dystopian time travel series.

Without the protocols, it’s not a Travelers post. Perhaps the Director will reveal us a new chronology eventually. ‘ ‘

Protocols for Travelers:

Protocol 1: Prioritize the mission.

Protocol 2: Return to the past and leave the future in the past. Don’t put your cover in jeopardy.

Protocol 2H: No one should know about the historian’s updates. Ever.

Protocol 3: Don’t take another person’s life. Don’t go out of your way to save someone’s life. Unless specified differently.

Protocol 4 states that you should not replicate.

Protocol 5: If you don’t get any instructions, go back to your host’s life.

Protocol 6: Unless otherwise directed, traveler teams should remain separate.

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