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Ernest P. Warrell is back, and this time he has to save Christmas. Ernest works as a taxi driver in Orlando when he picks up a man who claims to be Santa Claus. Santa tells Ernest that he has to find a local celebrity to leave Santa’s coat before 7pm. If Santa fails, the magic and legacy of Santa will disappear and Christmas will come to an end. But if the person who decided to become Santa Claus refuses to take responsibility, what will Ernest and old Santa Claus have to do to save Christmas?

The film Ernest saves the Christmas overview

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Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) Ernest P. Warrell (Jim Varney) works on Christmas Eve as a taxi driver in Orlando, Florida. He picks up a man who claims to be Santa Claus (Douglas Sil). Santa Claus tells Ernest that he is in town to announce to a man named Joe Carruthers (Oliver Clarke) that he has been chosen as the new Santa Claus. Joe is a local celebrity who has a long children’s program that emphasizes good manners and integrity. Ernest is a fan of the show and lovingly remembers him.

On the way to Joe’s house, a teenage girl, Harmony Starr (Noelle Parker), jumps into a taxi with Santa Claus and Ernest. When they arrive at their destination, Santa Claus has no money to pay the fare. In the spirit of Christmas, Ernest Chris Kringle is accompanied free of charge. Unfortunately Ernest was fired for his generosity. Before leaving work, Ernest discovers that Santa Claus left his bag in the taxi. Without work, Ernest decides to find Santa Claus and give him back his bag.

Meanwhile, Santa meets Joe at the Orlando Children’s Museum. But when he tries to talk to the celebrity, Officer Joe interrupts Marty Brock (Robert Lesser) and prevents Santa Claus from talking to Joe. Santa Claus is disappointed, but he is really shocked when he realizes that his magic bag is missing. Santa tries to explain to Joe that he’s been Santa for 100 years, and his memory starts to let him down. Joe’s skeptical about the guy, and Marty’s arresting Santa Claus.

Ernest arrives and with the help of Harmony, who claims to be the governor’s niece, he claims to be an associate of the governor. They’re working together to get Santa Claus out of jail. As soon as Santa Claus was fired, he told Ernest and Harmony that he got the job as Santa Claus in 1889 and that he enjoyed his time. However, Santa Claus explains that the magic wears off as the person gets older. The only way to restore the magic is to pass it on to someone else.

Santa explains he has to find Joe and give him the job by 7:00. Ernest decides to help Santa Claus and changes at a snake farm so he can sneak into the workshop. In the studio Marty tries to convince his client to give up child’s play in order to get a role in the upcoming horror movie Christmas Slayer. In the film, a stranger terrorizes children on Christmas Eve, a concept that insults the current Santa Claus, who beats the director.

Meanwhile, two dockworkers named Bobby and Chuck (Billy Birge and Gaylard Sarten) are given several large crates that are marked to be released by assistant elves. The boxes contain Santa’s kites that were accidentally released. Dock workers ask for help in dealing with the animals to support them in their fight against deer. When animal protection arrives, they realize that they cannot help because the deer are walking on the ceiling of the camp.

At the same time, Santa finally found Joe in his house. Santa Claus explains that it is absolutely necessary to transfer Santa’s position to him, otherwise the magic will eventually die. Santa also explains that Orlando Joe has to leave before 7 p.m. to deliver the gifts to the world on time. Joe says no to Santa’s offer to be the new Santa. Later, however, he is overwhelmed by guilt when a horror director asks him to use dirty language, which Joe rejects in front of the children on set.

Meanwhile Ernest and Harmony discover that Santa’s bag is magic, and Harmony (real name Pamela) starts to abuse the magic. She steals a bag from Ernest and tries to escape again. However, her consciousness improves, because it is Christmas Eve and she brings the bag back to Ernest and Santa Claus. Ernest meets Santa Claus, the pyramid and the elves at the airport (Buddy Douglas and Patty Maloney). Three of them are pulling deer from Santa’s dock and sled.

Because they don’t have much time, Ernest decides to fly his sled to the children’s museum because of the objections of the elves. Ernest barely steers the sled and eventually he flies all over the sky. Joe sees Ernest on his sled and suddenly believes everything Santa told him. Joe gives up a role in a horror movie and goes looking for Santa Claus.

Finally, Joe finds Santa Claus at 18.57 in the Children’s Museum and tells him he wants the job. Santa makes Joe the new Santa. Joe uses his new magic to make snow in Orlando. Ernest and the elves come with the sled and give it to the new Santa Claus. Harmony calls her mother and tells her that she has decided to come home. Joe decides to take Harmony with him as his special assistant on a trip around the world and promises to bring her home when they are ready. Joe also lets Ernest be a night sled driver and they start their world tour at 19.00 hours. Old Santa’s wife regains her old identity as Seth Applegate. Seth spends Christmas Eve with a high-ranking museum employee, Mary Morrissey (Billie Bird).

The film ends with Bobby and Chuck receiving a large box of shipping documents marked E. Rabbit. Two men argue about the spelling of the name, when suddenly two big rabbit ears burst through the lid of the box.

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