In the final episode of Batman, we finally meet Enigma. Enigma, one of Safia’s most trusted underlings, was the one who wiped Alice and Oceanus’ memories to make them forget their affair, and now it seems she’s been hired by Black Mask to do the same to Kate Kane. Another amnesia story coming up, yay. As you may have guessed from her name, green clothes and cane, Enigma has close ties to another famous comic book villain, and it’s no coincidence that she’s also known as the Horseman’s Daughter. Let’s see.

The true origin of Enigma is rather mysterious: She appeared shortly after Infinite Crisis and may be a refugee from another reality ….. or just a crazy woman who thought she was the villain’s daughter. Anyway, she joined the Teen Titans when they needed her and contributed to the team with her remarkable athletic ability and penchant for riddles and bad jokes that really reminded me of Riddler. She soon befriends the Joker’s self-appointed daughter, who calls her a sister and refers to her father. It turns out that Duela Dent is actually from another reality, the one where the heroic villain adopted her, and in her delusion she has (accidentally?) transposed reality and believed that Enigma is from there as well. Anyway, Enigma quickly left the Teen Titans after getting a better offer from Deathstroke: The mercenary had created his own team of East Titans and was ready to use them against the original. Enigma and Duela were a team, and it was the perfect excuse for them to impress their father. When the eastern Titans attack their western counterpart, Enigma and the Joker’s daughter rush to Belle Rive and disable the security system, allowing their teammates to capture Cyborg and Miss Martian. While the others did their part, they were instructed to torment Raven in the Hall of Mirrors. Everything was perfect… Until Duela changed her mind and beat her sister, which left her cold until she joined the Teen Titans.

While Enigma recovers, two teams of Titans fight while the prisoners are freed by Duela and unexpected reinforcements. Enigma tries to join them, but is quickly defeated by the Joker’s Daughter and Beast Boy. Her plan worked perfectly though, as Rider noticed her and officially recognized her as his real daughter. They became a criminal couple and together fought Batman (the new one) and his sidekick Catgirl, but were both defeated and imprisoned. Nothing can discourage father and daughter, and soon they leave, ready for new and incredible adventures. This time Rider took Enigma to a Falcone family mansion to steal compromising documents the bandits were hiding from him to blackmail and control him. The theft was largely successful, the documents were found and destroyed….. And then the rider offered his daughter (but was she really?) a new riddle to solve: What is purple, green and heavy blood loss? Before the girl could even try to answer, he shouted that he was going to fill the mansion. Rider reverted to his bad self after playing the good guy for too long, and his so-called daughter was the first to pay the price. So much for their long-awaited happy family reunion.

Enigma is a seriously disturbed young woman, a violent psychopath who is obsessed with the Horseman and has converted to crime to impress him. She is the (supposed) daughter of the Horseman and a remarkable gymnast and athlete, with some skill in hand-to-hand combat, who has to compete against a question mark in the shape of a walking stick. Enigma does everything Rider says and follows him everywhere without question, so his delusion is a real thing. The mystery lies in who she really is and where she came from.


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Who is the singer Enigma?

Louise Stanley.

Who broke the Enigma code?

By 1943, Turing’s machines were deciphering a total of 84,000 coded messages per month, or two messages per minute. Turing personally deciphered the form of the Enigma used by submarines to track merchant convoys in the North Atlantic. It was a crucial contribution.

Was there a woman in the Enigma team?

wiki ‘ Joan_Clarke

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