As a kid, Emily knew what she wanted to be when she grew up: a physicist. But as she grew older, she realized that the world was built for the average, for people who don’t have special abilities or need special consideration. So she became a teacher, and tried to make the world a better place for other people like her. But as time went on, she became increasingly frustrated. Her students were always on the cusp, never able to fully grasp the concepts she was trying to teach them. And she could sense the weight of the world on their shoulders, as they knew that they, too, would be unable to reach their full potential.

Emily, who towards the end of the movie says she has a theory of everything, is a sixteen year old girl who is very intelligent and easily a genius. She is a very approachable character who is the audience’s entry point into the movie, as the film opens with her narrating to an off-screen person. Emily is a very thoughtful person and one who reflects on her life and the world around her.

The Emily mentioned in the title is Emily Levine, actress, stand-up comedian, television writer and speaker. She was known for her intelligent sense of humor, which she used in her lectures. As you can see, I speak of them in the past tense. That’s because she got lung cancer two years ago. At the time of her death, Emily was still in the process of publishing Emily @ the Edge of Chaos. The headmistress, Wendy Apple, had died two years earlier.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos has an unusual style, to say the least. It’s based on Emily’s show, mixed with 2D animation and the voices of Leonard Nimoy, John Lithgow and Lily Tomlin. The whole event is interspersed with speeches by eminent scientists. The content of the book is also unique: Funny personal anecdotes about his early experiences with his brain tumor are interwoven with hilarious commentary about politics, science, economics, and culture.

In fact, in the 1990s, she experienced a series of strange symptoms, including a blurred head, a sudden loss of interest in her favorite subjects, and growing limbs. Emily Levine was then at the height of her career as a television writer. But what’s worse is that these strange symptoms are starting to undermine that career. During her presentation, Ms. Levine describes the moment she realized that the mental fog was taking away her sanity. It happened live on television during a political debate. It is painful at such times to see her expressionless face, her mouth wide open, but she cannot utter a word and her eyes are full of incomprehension.

Emily’s brain must have undergone a massive paradigm shift. She was about to go from Emily 2.0 to 3.0. After the first symptoms appeared, Emily moved to a smaller town. She started reading again and was fascinated by quantum theory. So she made a big discovery. There has been a paradigm shift in the universe itself. Humanity, especially America, had no time, and needed to catch up. This is due to the connection between physics and metaphysics.

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The America of the founding fathers was based on Newton’s theories. Newton’s universe is rational and predictable, based on law and order. And that’s how democracy and all its institutions were organized. The problem is that during that time the aforementioned paradigm shift in the universe took place. Principles such as relativity, chaos theory and quantum theory have changed our view of the universe. But America’s values and institutions are still stuck in the past.

Levin said U.S. institutions must also make a difference. It must abandon Newtonian thinking, according to which only one of two things can be right (left or right). Instead, it must evolve to the principles of quantum physics, in which two things can be true. Instead of divided states, America could become the United States. A vibrant and dynamic country where people care more about us than me.

Emily Levine felt it was her duty to change people’s minds. The technique she used to achieve her goal was humor. They say it’s easier to explain the big ideas of science this way. That’s how the idea for his stand-up show came about. By turning her show into a movie, she will be able to attract an even larger audience. Too bad Levin’s gone.

But can she really do anything? Is America ready for such a transformation? I think so, especially after the disastrous episode of the president with the orange face. I saw a funny, intelligent and courageous woman on stage. A woman who explains rather complicated scientific principles with ease and lots of jokes. But Levin has something else she may not have realized.

Emily @ the Edge of Chaos is a visual aid. It’s a film you don’t easily forget, because it makes you think. It will also touch your heart because Levin is very honest. It takes a certain amount of courage not only to speak so openly about his struggle in public with the tumor, but also to include this humiliating television footage in the film. More: At the end of the film, when she talks about the tumor one last time, you see the tears in her eyes and hear her voice break. Very funny.

At a time when theatrical performances were in vogue, Emily on the Edge of Chaos stood out. For those who like to stimulate their minds in a fun way, this is the perfect movie.

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