To prepare for the upcoming 10th season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show’s executive producer Shonda Rhimes sat down with Ellen Pompeo to talk about her life after the end of the long-running ABC medical drama.

Ellen Pompeo recently appeared on a podcast with her Grey’s Anatomy co-stars, Darcy Farell and Chandra Wilson. During the interview, the actress revealed that she’s made it her mission to focus on the positive after wrapping the show. Pompeo’s post-Grey’s career has been anything but positive, but she’s been hard at work, launching her own clothing line, working on projects with Oprah Winfrey, and starring in her own ABC comedy, The Good Doctor.

The star of Grey’s Anatomy and its spinoff Private Practice is due to appear in the upcoming biopic about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. In an interview from this week’s People Magazine, Pompeo talks about her new life after Grey’s Anatomy and how she’ll be playing the role of Hubbard.. Read more about what is ellen pompeo’s net worth and let us know what you think.

Ellen PompeoEllen Pompeo does not see herself in many acting jobs in the near future, particularly once she finishes shooting Grey’s Anatomy. The 51-year-old actress said that acting is no longer attractive to her and that she is excited to use her skills and intellect in a new manner. Here’s what one of the highest-paid actresses in the world has to say about the drawbacks of a successful performing career.

After Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo says she has “no desire” to continue acting.

The actress, who plays Meredith Grey on the popular ABC medical program Grey’s Anatomy, is already making plans for her life when the show ends. Pompeo shot to prominence in 2005 when she was cast as the eponymous and main character on Grey’s Anatomy.

While the actress has said that she has no desire to continue acting, she has assured fans that this is not a permanent choice, and that she may return to her old ways of capturing our hearts one character at a time. For the time being, the Daredevil actress wants to broaden her horizons and discover what new adventures life has in store for her.

“This isn’t to say I’ll never act again. On the July 27th edition of the Ladies First with Laura Brown podcast, Ellen stated, “I very well may, but I’m not particularly enthusiastic about continuing my acting career.” “At this point, I’m more entrepreneurial. I’m enthusiastic about establishing a company and investing in companies. I’m enthusiastic about that area of development since it allows me to use my intellect in a new way.”

Pompeo went on to explain the less glamorous aspects of having a great performing career, as well as why she believes her acting career should come to an end.

“I have no want to go sit in trailers at 11 p.m. and wait to film sequences and have ADs come on my door and tell me when I can eat lunch,” she said, “I have no desire to go sit in trailers at 11 p.m. and wait to shoot scenes and have ADs knock on my door and tell me when I can eat lunch.” It’s aimed for those who are still youthful at heart. It’s for the children!”

Ellen Pompeo Explains Why She Didn’t Take On Multiple Jobs When She Was Younger

Ellen Pompeo also discussed why her acting opportunities were restricted and why she stuck to a single role for so long.

“When I was in my 30s, I viewed myself as being trapped in a box. That’s why I remained on the program after saying, ‘Holy s–t.’ I’ll be nearly 40 years old by the time I can renegotiate my contract and get out of this. In my position, I’m very much a typecast. “I’m 40 years old and will never work again,” she said. “Even 15 years ago, the idea of turning 40 meant you were done as an actress.”

The Cast of “The Game” Has Changed.

August 3, 2021 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

Present-day Ellen Pompeo has no such apprehensions, and she’s no longer holding back. The actress is now looking forward to the future with bated breath, hoping for more chances to present themselves. She said, “Now that I’m 50, I don’t view myself that way at all.” “To be honest, I think…that I can accomplish anything I want or nothing at all.”

In fact, she’s in the midst of starting an exciting new project: Tell Me, her very own podcast.

“Let me go out there and do something I’ve never done before and attempt something totally new for no other purpose than to do something different since I haven’t done anything different in such a long time,” the Station 19 actress said. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but at least I’m trying something new.”

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When Ellen Pompeo joined Grey’s Anatomy in its ninth season, she brought with her a refreshing new energy. She talked openly about being a single mother in New York City, her journey to becoming the Golden Globe-winning star she is today, and her desire to still have time to travel and see the world.. Read more about ellen pompeo friends and let us know what you think.

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