While a subject that has been around since the dawn of time, it’s hard not to feel something when reading about people who believe in reincarnation. What are some reasons why you think there is an afterlife?

“Do You Believe In Reincarnation?” is a question that many people have been asking for years. The answer to the question is “Yes.”

It’s safe to say that the first episode of Money Heist’s last season has placed the chess set aside. The series is now in for a deadly round of Spicy UNO, as shown in the following episode. Sergio Marquina and his gang, the cops, or Alicia Sierra: who will win?

This is by far the most tense episode of the series thus far. You can’t just be ready for anything like this (we weren’t)!

WARNING: There will be major spoilers coming!

So…Sergio does not have a contingency plan.

El Professor seems to be without a plan for the first time in his life. He has, regrettably, gotten himself into a bind.


He and Alicia aren’t seen until 22 minutes into the program. Sergio, at the very least, is still sane, as shown by his effort to divert Alicia’s attention away from the fact that Marseille and Benjamin have arrived at the bunker by accusing one of the officers, Benito Antoanzas, of being a mole. Unfortunately, Sergio’s spur-of-the-moment strategy fails, and Alicia quickly knocks him and Marseille out with a narcotic while keeping Benjamin at gunpoint.

While we are surprised by this situation, considering Sergio’s usual demeanor, he is still a human person, and maybe this event is meant to remind us of that. After all, we’ve all experienced rock bottom at some time in our lives! In actuality, a person can only come up with so many ideas before running out of them.

Apart from Sergio’s passion for Raquel Murillo, we’ve never seen him in a life-threatening situation like this while committing a crime. It will be fascinating to see him and his friends negotiate their way out of a predicament with a lady with whom Sergio is clearly not in love.

Although Alicia has total control of the game for the time being, we do not believe it is too late for Sergio and his companions to retaliate. El Professor may seem perplexed at the moment, but we are certain that Alicia will prove to be no match for him. We still believe he is the show’s most knowledgeable and insightful character (let’s hope being optimistic pays off *nervously laughs*).

Lisbon is a time machine.

Perhaps the sharpest character in Money Heist is Lisbon/Raquel (debatable). Lisbon claims that El Professor is still in charge of the operation, despite the fact that the police do not have Sergio and Alicia is working alone. If she can keep up the theatrical performance long enough until she and the group can save her lover from being brought to the cops (or Sergio and his buddies manage to escape Alicia themselves), they may still have a chance of escaping this robbery alive and well.


In the Bank of Spain, chaos reigns!

Lisbon also promises to release the loathsome Ganda in exchange for some time for her crew. However, since some of her friends inside the bank ignored Lisbon’s decision and started fighting with Ganda, the captives, who are now armed, are able to flee and look for a way out.

Sergio would be enraged if he saw this ongoing contempt towards Lisbon! They wouldn’t have to deal with any unneeded complications if everyone regarded her as an equal.

Fortunately, despite the turmoil, the gang manages to deliver Ganda over to the cops while also knocking him out with gas so that he cannot betray the location of the hostages.

There are no flashbacks.

This episode is preferable than the fifth and final season premiere simply because it has no unnecessary flashbacks. Please and thank you, may the remainder of the concert be as good as this one.

Given that Tokyo is flirting with Rio once again, maybe this means that we won’t have any more flashbacks of Tokyo’s departed boyfriend wasting valuable screen time.

Is it true that Arturo has passed away?

If that’s the case, then FINALLY! It’s past time for the series’ most despised character to go!

Mónica Gaztambide/Stockholm, who, like everyone else in the show and in real life, is fed up with Arturo, shoots him twice, knocking him to the ground at the conclusion of the episode. Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of him! Furthermore, if Arturo is no longer alive, the other captives should be too scared to do anything else.

If the remainder of the season continues at this rate, Money Heist may still have a chance to finish strong and joyful.

How did you feel about this episode? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @TheSeriesRegs!

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A: I dont believe in the concept of reincarnation.

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