It’s flashback time in the new episode of WandaVision, where we are introduced to Wanda and Pietro’s parents. In the previous book we were introduced to Oleg Maksimov, represented by Daniyar Aynitdinov, the father of the Maksimov twins, who died in 1999 after his house in Sokovia was bombed. In comics, the question of the true origins of twins is very, very confusing, and the story of their origins has been rewritten, rewritten and told many times, with their real parents constantly changing. Oleg seems to be based on Django Maximoff, one of the men who was thought to be the father of Wanda and Pietro, but who turned out to be their uncle. Let’s look at it together.

Django Maksimov was born in Serbia and lived in Novi Pazar, a village on the border with Transylvania. He was of the gypsy people, and his family traditionally possessed magic, being the heirs of the scarlet witch: He and his sister Natalia both had a natural affinity for this product. He married a woman, Maria, and had two children with her, Ana and Mateo, who unfortunately died during World War II. Shortly after the children died, the High Evolutionary came to see him and Maria with two newborns, Wanda and Pietro (who were thought to be the children of Eric and Magda Lensherr, but turned out to be the nephews of Django, the children of the recently murdered Natalia), and asked the couple to adopt them: The Maximovs accepted the offer and raised the children as their own. Django was a skilled carpenter and puppeteer, and made puppets and marionettes from the wood of Mount Vandagor, imbued with ancient magic : His dolls were harmless and he sold them for a living…. But people’s prejudices against his people made it difficult for him to provide for his family, and eventually he was forced to steal food from the market. Unfortunately, he was spotted by Pietro, who had just developed his mutant abilities: Wanting to make his father proud, the super-fast boy stole a lot more food and followed his example…. and was confused when Django, embarrassed and worried about him, reprimanded him. Pietro ran away from home, and Django and Maria searched desperately for him: The police did not help them because they were gypsies, and it was only when Wanda was attacked by a fanatical and superstitious mob three days later that Pietro returned to protect her. The twins’ display of power made the crowd more aggressive, and eventually they attacked the gypsy camp and burned Maximov’s cart. Maria was killed and Django urged his children to flee: They did, leaving him behind and thinking he was dead. But he survived the experience.

Django Maksimov roamed through Eastern Europe, driven mad by his own grief: In his grief, he lost the memory distinction between Ana and Mateo and Wanda and Pietro and considered them his biological children; moreover, he believed that they had left him as a punishment after the attack on the Roma settlement, for which he felt responsible. He eventually settled in Vladivostok, where he continued to practice his profession and even sold some of his magic dolls to Nathan Dolly, aka Mr Dolly, who he knew would use them for evil purposes: He just didn’t care, that’s all. When news came from America about two new superheroes, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Django recognized his children in them and decided to seek them out: He didn’t know if they would listen to him, so he took the Niwashi stone, an artifact that strengthened and concentrated his power. He took a boat to New York and crafted dolls that resembled the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver during the trip…. and once he arrived at the Avengers’ mansion, he used them to lure the heroes’ souls into the doll trap and bring them back to his hotel room. There he revealed to the captive heroes that he was their father, and began to tell them of their childhood but was almost immediately interrupted by other avengers coming to their aid. Django used the Niwashi Stone to ward off illusions and sent effigies of Night Eagle, Toad and Princess Python flying at the attackers: Everything seemed to be going well, until the Beast realized that the wicked and the hellish landscape she saw were illusions and commanded others to overcome them; then the vision destroyed the stone and freed Wanda and Pietro’s souls from the dolls. However, the two heroes remembered something from their childhood in the stories Django had told them during their captivity, and instead of capturing their captor, they agreed to take him back to Trance to discover their forgotten origins. Finally, Django had the chance to reunite his family…. At least, as the unfortunate wreck of a man reminded us.

Django Maximov is a good man whose sanity is slowly but surely eroded by grief and guilt. He is a skilled mage, able to create illusions real enough to hurt anyone who believes them to be real, bring inanimate objects to life, and most importantly transfer people’s souls into dolls he makes from the wood of Mount Wundagore, especially fragile vessels; he is controlled by his powers using the Stone of Nivasha, an artifact of unknown origin. A man changed by pain and nearly destroyed, Django Maximov desperately tries to recover what is left of his family…. Unfortunately, his memories have also become unreliable, and his real family is lost in time and tears.


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frequently asked questions

Are Peter Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff the same person?

Instead of being called Pietro, Quicksilver is called Evan Peters Peter Maximov and is from the United States, represented in X-Men : Days of Future Spent as a teenage mutant in 1973, wreaking havoc with his super speed.

Son of Quicksilver Magneto?

Quicksilver appears most often in X-Men-related dramas and is portrayed as an antagonist of the superhero team. In later stories, he became a superhero himself. He is the twin brother of the Scarlet Witch, and in most drawings he is the son of Magneto and the half-brother of Polaris.

Is Wanda Magneto’s father?

Wanda’s family ties are always a topic of discussion, but a subtle point of this episode might have to do with the classic Marvel Comics villain mutant Magneto, father of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. … Two scenes were included as a comparison gift and shared with the text as father, as daughter.

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