Dirty God is the story of Jade, a 20-year-old mother who lives in London and is recovering from a brutal acid attack that left scars forever. We meet Jade at the end of her story – after her crisis and hospitalization – and so we focus on her emotional healing journey.

Wiki Knight shines in her acting debut.

Dirty God has something to unpack, but let’s move on to the lead actress, Vicki Knight. The knight chosen by director Sasha Polak is the first actress who suffered severe scars as a child after surviving a pub fire. She first appeared on British television in the show Too ugly for love, which she accepted under false pretences. In many ways, no one can do more than a knight for the journey of jade.

This reality is reflected in the knight’s vision. Although the reason for her trip is not the same as Jade’s, the consequences are probably very similar. Your jade seems as raw as it gets. She plays the role of a young woman who literally feels robbed of her life because her face has changed after an acid attack, and then she has to face the barbaric world around her and the way she treats herself.

However, Knight’s experience in real life does not diminish her talent as an actress. She’s a great actress who plays Jade as a sweet but extremely imperfect person. Although we have no idea what she was like before the attack, we see a woman who often makes disturbing choices and takes her life away from the normal life she desperately wants. As a member of the audience, while you beg Jade to make the best choice, the chivalrous approach ensures that you treat her character in such a way that another actress could make Jade different from her and difficult to watch.

Pictures of the black star

The role may not have been easy, but it makes it even cooler and more exciting at the same time. When you think of the scenes in which Jade is mocked because of her scars, that another invented actress could shrug her shoulders between shots, the knight lives with this reality and far from the camera. His courage in this role is impressive and should not be overlooked. It wasn’t like that until now, this role has already earned him a victory in a revolutionary BAFTA. I can only hope that this film allows the knight to play roles that are not only marked, the Dirty God reflects what can take him far.

Intimate Direction

The dirty god does not linger during the first acid attack or has a lot of delicate footage; instead, director Polak Jade films in many private situations and with extreme close-ups. There are also bold nude scenes showing Jade’s entire body. This proximity to the jade and the contrast between the victims, who often want to hide in public, are very important. I think it was a difficult task, especially for a knight, but it brought extra layers of depth, because Jade and I were almost hand in hand in this exploratory phase of her life.

The skillful work of the camera in the film transforms Jade’s physical scars into her emotional scars, which are much deeper than any burn. You’d think close-ups of Jade’s face would make you focus more on her scars, but the opposite is true: It would be useful to concentrate on his innermost pain. This never happens in a way that makes you feel overexposed, and it is clear that the behavior and actions of Jade are quite important.

Images of the black star

Her friends and her mother share her support for Jade from afar. Although everyone except Jade supports them in their struggle, they add a lot of depth to the story. Jade’s ability to open up to a new friend she didn’t know before the attack reveals more than any monologue what Jade is going through right now.

London is no longer just a nice picture

The Dirty God is perfect for burnt offerings, especially for victims of acid attacks. The issue of acid attacks is unfortunately often heard in London. While some fantastic British activists are aware of these issues, Dirty God is as important as the platform in fiction.

That’s why London plays a major role in representing the world around jade. Pole uses it as his own essence and reflects the realistic perspectives of low-income families, broken homes and social housing, rather than the exciting, picturesque and almost romantic London we are used to in many British films. This is strongly expressed when Jade travels to the touristic south coast and then to Morocco; the image is immediately warmer and more attractive than the grey and dark images in the rest of the film. If you live near London, the Dirty God can feel very close to you.

It was so close to home when I saw my dental practice in the background! However, this is not a coincidence: The film is shot in real places where people are supposed to gather. Dirty God has a constant sense of realism.

Images of the black star

No fireworks in the truest sense of the word.

In the third act, the film draws another realistic conclusion. No fireworks, but a lot of optimism. Even though Jade’s going through an incredibly tragic event, she’s not a tragic person. The film lets us know that at this level there is no beginning, middle or end to an injury; it is a slow process that becomes a thread in your life, and there is more in some parts of your life than in others. We see only one chapter in Jade’s book, but it is the chapter that has completely consumed me and the chapter that will remain with me for a long time to come.

Don’t expect flashy or crazy pictures. Dirty God is an honest character and a reflection on how to navigate life after a life-changing event.

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