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Evil must be contained!

Demon Protocol – an American horror movie from 2018 about ghost exorcism, where one is mistaken that one of the attendees is possessed! But who?

Writer, producer and director Kelly Parks, who made his feature debut in Late in Life, played with Gary Graham, Bethany Regan, Caroline Amige, Matt Bradford, Sarah Agor, Tim Baran, David Herroll, Christina Alexandra Boyd, Scotch Hopkins, Lexie McCowan and Suzana Norberg.


House in the suburbs: After the exorcism of the spirits has gone terribly wrong, a team from a dark religious order must determine which one of them had a demon, otherwise their entire lives will be lost.

Reviews [Click on the links for more information] :

This one-hour film is an entertaining, fast, action-packed film with an easy to watch story, pleasant use of space and quick editing. All participants seem to like their role, which contributes to the appreciation of the film. Don’t expect to see complex SFX when the demon comes to play, but enjoy the low-budget genius that comes your way. HorrorScreams VideoVault

The film does not reflect the expectations that the starting point implies (in fact, the desire to be the thing with the demons). The merit of the Demon Protocol is that it doesn’t have to be boring because of the fast pace and bad behavior, and the 3. The Commission is of the opinion that the Demon Protocol should not be put into practice. The act, though predictable, has its funny moments….. Criticism of the murderous atrocity

Daemon Protocol is a beautifully executed small zero-budget horror film that focuses on a paranoid enemy in its supernatural twist, including a story so well executed in the Stuff and the Water Dog films. Writer and director Kelly Parks, designed with a large opening scene and an unpleasant twist to the climax, works in a demanding world and is part of the process ……. Country concerned

The film is entertaining and he lets us guess, but he’s also ashamed of the low budget. People aren’t limited to one place, but they stay there, I mean… because, uh… Cinematography is the basis. The lighting is general. The special effects are not very good. The actors, on the other hand, are pretty convincing. nightmare story

Since the Demonic Protocol only works for one hour, it maintains a fast pace by spitting orbs and twisting an equal amount before binding in the last minutes […] The effects are simple, but the most important thing is that CGI is effective for Demons. It’s not great, but it’s as good as many TV shows and better than many low-budget movies. Demonic protocol is a beautiful watch. Voice of the balcony

… …it seemed they’d collected too many incidents in the last ten minutes and too few in the first forty-five. Also, to be honest, it’s too much like The Thing […] I liked it, and I think Parks has an interesting future ahead of it, but it’s more of an interesting curiosity than a really great movie. We’re movie crazy.

One thing I absolutely love about this movie is the time it runs by the hour. Instead of trying to drag the plot into a more acceptable story for an hour and a half, they tell their story and publish the credits. In fact, the only thing they’ve done wrong with this concept is the domestic UCI. Without your head.

Fonts and symbols (in alphabetical order) :

Sarah Agor… Silver
Caroline Amiget… Anna Wilson
Tim Baran… David Haber
Christina Alexandra Boyd. Louise
Matt Bradford… John Wilson
David Gerrold… James McCarthy
Gary Graham… Father Prester J… Bedford
Scotch Hopkins… Gregory
Lexi McCowan… Camille
Suzana Norberg… 911 Operator
Bethany Regan… Melanie Santos

Shooting locations:

San Diego, California

Technical details :

60 minutes

Here we go:

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