Future DC reveals comic status

The new version of the future state is only the 5G Lite.


The legendary publishing house DC Comics is no stranger to multidisciplinary events that lead to unfortunate consequences for its characters. Last year we learned that the publisher had relaunched his animated film project after skipping a few years into the future. As a result, the restart was 5G or 5. Generation, and there were roles of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash, as well as others that were captured by new characters, some new and some that we have known in other roles. This restart was a huge success with the vast majority of fans who wanted their main characters to stay the same. The people who were enthusiastic about these changes were the usual suspects you see running on Twitter, Tumblr, etc.. Why were they upset, can you ask? Now, for those who do not know, the 5G tremor will be many flags for the diversity quotas highlighted in these roles. This of course led the Blue Check Brigade (people who wouldn’t really buy these things to begin with) to develop a new vision of these characters together with us.

After Dan Didio’s former editor-in-chief was fired, it turned out that 5G (who was his brainchild) had been with him for at least a while. Now we know that’s not true. Come on in: Future state and mini-event of the CDC, to be held for two months from January 2021. It will take place after the current Dark Knight event: Lethal Metal, a continuation of Scott Snyder’s massive success at the Dark Metal Knights since 2017. The future state will consist of different effects in a possible series of years to decades in the future. We will get a new Batman, although Bruce Wayne will exist without his iconic cape and hood, new speedsters (with prosthetic legs), Green Lantern, Jonathan Kent will take the place of his father as Superman, and much more. DC postpones all of its regular monthly publications by two months while producing these limited editions before resuming its normal activities. But that begs the question: How limited will they really be?

I don’t want to believe that development cooperation wants to let these new and diverse options just be the straw fire. As I Boy Zack notes in the YouTube video commenting on this news, the number of 1’s is usually sold twice as often as the average for the rest of the current series. Can they look up a game in the system and say that this new Brazilian Wonder Woman is twice the size of our traditional game, and convince the owners of Warner Media’s AT&T to keep it longer? I am more inclined to believe that they show common business practices when considering a new long-term product by testing your market. This feeling is reinforced by the words of DC editor Marie Javins, who states: The DC universe has always been a breeding ground for new and refreshing heroes, and the future DC will certainly contribute to this legacy.

In response to Javins’ announcement of a change of character with these new recordings, said Eric Yul (YoungRippa59)

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me set the record straight. You’re usually a loser. In the past, decades ago, the same character would do new things – and that’s what good writers usually do – they put existing characters you know well into new environments and new atmospheres, where the core of the character remains the same, but where there are changes, either around him or in the environment, that can make him adapt. This is what great writers are capable of. The hackers, the bad writers, do nothing but take the already recognizable character – the trademark – so that they can of course catch the crowd that already knows this character and then turn it around. So it’s just a character by name or appearance or something. This is usually the case with writers. And of course, because they have to do something important to go in that direction, you know that’s what happens when they say new, new roles.

This is not the first time that D.C. has decided to call a racial or gender symbol a bold new way of looking at things. We saw it in their reboot New 52 with Wally West, and we saw it with characters like Val Zod or Calvin Ellis on Earth 2 and Earth 23, respectively. When characters like Superman, Batman, Flash and others were created, there was nothing but interesting things for them. They didn’t have a predetermined brand to hold on to, or rather a leech to accelerate success. This is reflected in almost all the symbolic signs that have been created in recent years – they are superficial, empty and boring, heartless and without the spirit from which they have been torn. Today, comic book authors (and those who adapt characters for the big and small screen) have lost their creative potential. They think this boils down to creating something fresh and inventive by adding different colours to the name of an existing figure. What happens instead is that if you switch those numbers, you mark them and tell the minorities: Look what we’ve done for you, so the color of their skin is now just an option for a crook. Congratulations, after more than 80 years of comics you finally have your own sloppy seconds with an established character.

What do you think, girls? Are you expecting a bold new vision of DC-Comics, no matter how short or long it is? I prefer new stories that challenge the characters and force them to ingeniously overcome obstacles while maintaining their identity. Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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