Days Of Our Lives: Charlie Dale (Mike C Manning) Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers and rumors say that Charlie Dale (Mike C. Manning) has made many enemies during his short stay in Salem. Even his own mother, Ava Vitale (Tamara Brown), may have been driven to the point of wanting him dead. It seems that Charlie, a seemingly innocent intern at Titan Industries, met Claire Brady (Isabelle Durant) yesterday. Claire had been unlucky in love for so long that it seemed like a miracle when Charlie and Claire got engaged.

Days of Our Lives spoiler – Charlie Dale has a dark side that even his own mother is afraid of!

While Claire and Charlie were getting to know each other, other things were happening in Salem. Ava reveals that she is not living alone, but that it is finally time for her to meet the son she has with Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols), Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). And Tripp needed his mother’s love more than ever, because Ellie Horton not only accused him of rape, but also that he was the father of her newborn baby. To make matters worse, a DNA test confirmed that Ellie and Tripp’s child were in the same family. But Ava was certain that Tripp was not only innocent, but that he had a clue about the identity of the real rapist.

Spoiler DOOL – Charlie Dale is also the son of Ava Vitale!

Ava quickly confronted her other son, none other than Charlie, accusing him of being the one who raped Ellie. Back in the corner, Charlie confessed to Ava. But he couldn’t allow her to turn him in, and after briefly considering killing his own mother, he decided to drug her and drive her crazy. Eventually Ava was saved, and it was revealed that Charlie had raped Ellie. Claire was devastated and desperately wanted to believe that Charlie was innocent, but eventually she had to admit that Charlie was guilty and left him.

Days of Our Lives spoilers – everyone hates Charlie Dale!

Maybe Charlie has made too many enemies. It looks like Charlie is going to be killed, but by whom? Of those already mentioned, Tripp and Ellie could be top suspects, as could Ava. It’s impossible that Ava killed her own flesh and blood, but after all the atrocities Charlie did to Ava, you can’t rule it out.

Two other people decided to take matters into their own hands: Ellie’s parents, Lucas Horton (Brian Datillo) and the return of Sammy Brady (Allison Sweeney). Note that when Lucas still believed Tripp was guilty, he attacked Tripp with scissors, so he might now decide to kill Charlie. And with Sami’s impending return to Salem, viewers will quickly be reminded that Sami is not up to much. After Sami recently learned that Ellie had been raped, she will surely go after Charlie in some way, but will she be the killer in this exciting voodoo?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Vivian Alamein unmasks as Kate Roberts gets her hands on her baby

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers – What do you think?

Is Charlie about to be murdered by a mysterious killer? If so, is it the killer mentioned in the article above, or is it someone else? Will you miss Charlie? Search for clues and can you find out who killed Charlie, including the police? Then make sure you don’t miss anything from Salem by watching “Days of Our Lives,” which airs weekdays on NBC. And don’t forget to check back here regularly for the latest news, rumors and spoilers from Days of Our Lives!

Frequently asked questions

Who will leave Dula in 2020?

In January 2020, we learned that Casey Moss and Tia Meghia were out as JJ and Haley. In February, Freddie Smith announced that he and presenter Chandler Massey had not been hired as Sonny and Will. The same month, Galen Gehring announced that he too would be leaving, at least “for a while” as Rafe.

Who is Al’s baby daddy in “Days of Our Lives”?

When Tripp came back down, I didn’t think it was a coincidence, but the confirmation came when Ellie and Tripp met and it became clear that they knew each other. Yes, Steve Johnson’s son Tripp Dalton is the father of Ellie Horton’s son Henry.

Will Adrienne kill in Days of Our Lives?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Maggie Horton drunk, she plows Adrienne … But Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) kept an eye on her to make sure nothing bad happened in Days of Our Lives. Spoilers say it did. Because presumably it was Maggie Horton who killed Adrienne.

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