Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that the mafia is coming to take care of Philip Kiriakis (J. Kenneth Johnson). Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) hid it in the Salem Inn, which Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) warned was dangerous. When Brady is mistaken for Philip, he suffers a life-threatening gunshot wound. Chloe is horrified and desperately begs Brady not to die.

Days of Our Lives Next Week Spoilers – Brady Black Warning

Spoiler DOOL reveals that Chloe knew Philip was hiding something when they met shortly after their arrival in Salem. At first, Chloe only knew part of the story. She insisted on all the details and then overheard a phone conversation. Then Philip realized he had no choice but to tell Chloe. She should have kept it to herself, but she dragged Brady along, hoping he could help Philip.

Spoiler DOOL – Chloe Lane Station

Eventually Chloe insisted on helping Philip by hiding him in her house. Brady tried to talk Chloe out of the decision, but she didn’t like it. Although Brady’s heart is in the right place, Chloe throws herself at him and tells him they’re not married anymore. But Brady’s fear seems to have faded. Except that Chloe got hurt and Brady got confused with Philip.

Days of our lives wasted – mistaken identity can be fatal

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives shows Brady leaving the Salem Inn when a mobster mistook him for Philip. He shot, and the bullet hit Brady in the stomach. It’s a serious injury, and Brady can barely keep his head above water. Actually, Brady almost died.

Spoilers and DOOL Updates – Desperate Proposal

In that moment, Chloe realized that Brady was right, and even if he wasn’t, he was just trying to keep her safe. Chloe rushes to her ex-husband’s side, desperately begging him not to die, Bjorlin told Soap Opera Digest, … Chloe thinks it’s all her fault and her actions for insisting on helping Philip and not listening to Brady’s warnings. She regrets everything and feels she should have listened to Brady and begged him not to die.

The Spoiler Days of Our Lives Next week – Secrets, lies and shootings

Brady has his cell phone on the floor that he was using when he was shot. At the other end of the line is Kristen DiMera (Stasi Hajduk). She demands to know what’s going on and what happened to Brady. Chloe is horrified because she knows what Kristen is, and the Salemite inmate is still upset about Brady and Chloe’s platonic New Year’s Eve kiss. After Chloe’s jealous reaction to the New Year’s kiss, Brady lied and told Kristen he wasn’t dating Chloe. But that lie dissolves when Chloe answers the phone.

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She now has to find out that Brady was shot when he was mistaken for Philip. Of course, Kristen 100% blames Chloe and gets it from the blood. Many wouldn’t care because she’s behind bars, but her brother arrives and devises a desperate plan to make Chloe pay with her life.

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