Dane Whitman (Black Knight) has been a series of comic book characters in the Marvel Universe. There are a lot of versions of the character, but they all have the same basic story….

Dane Whitman is the superhero featured in the popular Marvel comic book series “The Black Knight”. He is a member of the titular Black Knight’s team known as the “Watchtower”, and is depicted as a member of the generally unpopular “Big Seven” superhero team. He is a former member of the Avengers, and he is frequently shown as a member of the Illuminati.

Dane Whitman (Black Knight) is a character in the fantasy-action film “Hercules: The Thracian Wars”. The movie was also released as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. After Hercules returned to the land of the living, he decided to find out who stole his heart and life. The Black Knight is the first of the three tasks he must do before he can return to his wife, Megara, and son, Alcmene.

The final character seen in the Eternal trailer is not an Eternal, but is a full-fledged superhero: Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington. In the trailer, we see him briefly with Searcy, but we know absolutely nothing about his role in the story. However, we do know that Dane Whitman is best known in the comics as the Dark Knight, the final heir to a legacy of heroes and villains bound by a mystical sword, the Ebony Blade. We don’t know if Whitman will make his MCU debut, but given the character’s long history in The Avengers, it’s likely we’ll see him in future films. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the comic book version.

Dane Whitman, born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, grew up in a wealthy and privileged family and his future was set: He studied physics and dreamed of becoming a scientist… until fate decided otherwise. One day, Dane’s uncle, Nathan Garrett, urgently calls him and welcomes him to his castle in England: Garrett admitted to being the supervillain Black Knight, and also revealed that he was dying from injuries from his last fight with Iron Man. Garrett will leave everything he owns, including his castle and the Black Knight’s equipment, but he asks Dane to promise to right his wrongs and restore the family name. Dane made a promise, and when his uncle died, he became the new lord of Garret Castle and the new lord of the Ebony Blade, the sword of the Black Knight. But first he had to tame the sword, and after he had passed several mystical tests to judge the purity of his soul, a spirit appeared before him: It was Sir Percy the Scandia, the first Black Knight and his ancestor. Sir Percy explained to Dane that the ebony sword possessed mystical powers, but that it was also cursed, and that its possession would constantly stir up the darkest impulses of the human soul: Only a man with a pure heart can control the sword and resist its temptations. Dane has decided to become the new Dark Knight, a hero and not a villain like his predecessors. In the months that followed, he trained with his sword and meditated to control his dark impulses. He also took his uncle’s horse, Aragorn, and using Garrett’s genetic research, managed to manipulate the DNA to give it wings. Finally, when all preparations were complete, he made his official debut as the new Dark Knight, taking his uncle’s place among the Masters of Evil… but to destroy the criminal world from within.

The new Dark Knight helped the Avengers defeat the Evil Lords, rescued the heroes, and forced Ultron to flee… but the Avengers weren’t sure they could trust him, so they let him become Avenger temporarily while more experienced heroes watched and judged him. During this time, the Dark Knight was also making a name for himself in the magical world, establishing his position by helping Dr. Strange fight Tiboro, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Sixth Dimension….. But he only managed to gain the full trust of the Avengers when he saved them all from Kang the Conqueror, who defeated them and imprisoned , but ignored the Dark Knight in his ranks and was unwilling to fight him. As the only Avenger with a chance to hurt Kang, Dane managed to free all the heroes and defeat the evil time traveler to finally gain full membership and recognition for the hero he wanted to be. Since then, the new black knight has had many incredible adventures and visited fantastic realms: he went to Olympus to rescue the gods from the clutches of Ares, who had turned them into crystal with the power of the ebony blade; he went to Asgard to help the Defenders in their battle against the witch Amora ; he crossed the border between dimensions to enter the underworld and rescue the kingdom of Camelot and the amnesiac Captain Britain from the legendary Mordred and his master, the demon Necromon; he traveled through space, where he played a crucial role in ending the Kri-Shiar War by executing the Higher Spirit; he even traveled through time, picked by the Grandmaster in one of his cosmic champion games. However, the more he fought, the harder it was for him to control the Black Blade: The blood curse grew stronger and began to affect Dane’s body and mind. It remains to be seen if he would have been able to keep his composure and be a hero to the end…..

Dane Whitman is a brilliant, rational man, a scientist who has entered a world of magic and wizards and embodies the best of both worlds. As a black knight, he is an excellent tactician and master of combat. He possesses a weapon so powerful that it can surpass even a swordsman, and is skilled enough in the martial arts to rival warriors like Wolverine or Captain America; he wears an elven armor that can be hidden in a necklace and activated with the weapon by shouting the word Avalon ; His most powerful and dangerous weapon is the Ebony Sword, a mystical sword that makes him completely immune to magic and can cut through anything, a sword that becomes more powerful the more blood it spills, but at the same time corrupts the user’s soul. Torn between the desire to do good and the mystical desire to kill, the Black Knight belongs to opposing worlds: Science and magic, virtue and debauchery, heroism and bloodshed – a series of contradictions that Dane Whitman must balance with every step he takes.


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The first time I saw Black Knight, my son said, “That’s a cool movie!” I did not know what he was talking about, but after watching it, I discovered that it was the story of Dane Whitman, an injured war hero who became a member of a secret league of armored warriors called the Black Knights. Their mission is to battle the Nazis across Europe in hopes of bringing about a world liberated from tyranny and oppression.. Read more about black knight and sersi and let us know what you think.

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