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Taxi company in Washington, DC. Newcomer Albert comes to town to realize his dream of owning a taxi company, and sees his best chance to do so by joining his father’s military buddy, Washington taxi driver Harold Osvelt. Harold accompanies a group of drivers who look more like Animal House than a taxi. However, when taxi drivers encounter a group of child abductors and a mysterious and priceless violin, a D.C. taxi may eventually turn around… …if they survive.

D.C. Taxi film summary

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D.C. Cab (1983) Albert Hockenberry (Adam Baldwin) arrives in Washington and dreams of becoming famous. Albert, however, does not pursue a political career, but tries to make a fortune by becoming a taxi driver. Albert’s career ambitions depend on the help of a comrade in the army of his late father, Harold Osvelt (Max Gale), who owns a taxi company in DC that barely survives. Harold deploys an army of losers who together are looking for different ways to stop being a taxi driver.

Samson (Mr. T.) is a muscle-bound taxi driver who wants to protect his niece and neighbors from predatory drug dealers who live off the oppressed. Dell (Gary Busey) is a crazy Elvis fan who sees conspiracy theories everywhere. Ophelia (Marsha Warfield) is a single woman who works harder than her male colleagues, but is tired of being held at gunpoint by a gangster wearing a ski mask (Dennis Stewart). Baba (Bill Maher) is a smart taxi driver who knows what is wrong with the world and is not afraid to share it. Xavier (Paul Rodriguez) is a taxi driver who lights up like a gigolo and has little success. Buddy and Buzzie (Peter Barbar and David Barbar) are two monstrous people who would rather solve problems with their fists than talk about them. Finally there is Tyrone Baywater (Charlie Barnett), the bad taxi driver who checks everyone.

The DC cab is the lowest link in the world of cab manufacturing. The local taxi driver Ernesto Bravo (Jose Perez) is constantly breathing down Harold’s neck looking for a reason to shut him down. Harold hires Albert out of loyalty to Albert’s father and the young man studies with other taxi drivers in town. Harold wants to make a legitimate taxi company in Washington, but he doesn’t have the financial capital to do so. But Albert’s enthusiasm encourages Harold to keep trying.

Shortly after Albert’s arrival, all taxi companies were told that the passenger had parked his luxury violin in an unknown taxi somewhere in the city. All taxi companies are desperate for a valuable violin, hoping to get a $10,000 reward for a musical instrument. In the meantime, after Albert has pierced Tyrone’s facade, Albert and Tyrone become friends, to understand the man behind the scrolls.

One day Albert’s first taxi drives alone, while Tyrone closes his eyes in the back seat. They meet a gangster in a ski mask who tries to balance the bag with a green Tyrone. But Albert doesn’t get himself shot and drives like crazy, defying the shooter, knowing that he will have an accident and will probably die. Tyrone takes a gun from a gangster, and Albert takes a taxi back to the taxi rank in D.C. The gangster is arrested, and Albert is declared a hero.

But after a few moments, a homeless man living in a taxi in Washington, D.C., Mr. Ritm (Whitman Mayo), starts playing the missing violin. Mr. Rhythm told Harold that he had found the violin in a yellow taxi when he was asked in which taxi he had found it. It was finally decided that Harold would receive a $10,000 reward for owning the company. Harold surprises everyone, especially his wife Mirna (Anna de Salvo), when he announces that he wants to share the price with everyone, but asks all drivers to reinvest their own money in a taxi in Washington, so that the company can become a viable business. Motorists are not really enthusiastic about the idea, especially Tyrone, who wants to put his days as a taxi driver behind him.

The expectations are all confused when Mirna collects the reward money herself and Albert and Harold leave the house. She starts an affair with Bravo, which doesn’t upset Harold. The drivers are angry and threaten to get out. Albert surprised everyone when he offered to take all his savings, just over $6,000, and invest directly in a taxi in Washington. He thinks they can turn a taxi company into a full company and asks other drivers to join him. Everyone agrees, except Tyrone, who’s going to protest. However, the combination of Albert’s investment and the dedication of the company’s drivers changed the situation and D.C. Cab became the first taxi company in the District of Columbia.

A few days later, Albert took the old road to Tyrone and brought some maids to the diplomat’s house. Upon arrival at the diplomat’s house, a group of kidnappers jumped on the spot and kidnapped the diplomat’s two children and Albert. Police and the FBI are beginning to suspect Albert of being involved in the kidnapping and closing down of a taxi in Washington during the investigation. D.C. taxi drivers get together and start their own investigation. Meanwhile Albert runs away from his cuffs and reaches the radio of his taxi to ask for help. He reaches Mr. Rhythm on the radio and tells a homeless man that he and the children are on a farm with windmills. He also tells Mr. Rhythm that he met Bruce Lee before he was captured.

Mr. Rhythm finds the Washington taxi drivers Tyrone has joined and gives them information. The group breaks into his garage, takes his taxi and starts searching the suburbs outside the city. Tyrone finds a cinema that plays in Bruce Lee’s film and finally understands Albert’s description. Tyrone calls the team, they find the farm. The kidnappers try to escape with Albert, and the taxi drivers chase them in their cars. They released Albert while the kidnapper’s van was moving and just before the van broke down. Children are also released through the skin of their teeth.

The film ends with a parade that, for some reason, marks Washington’s taxi company. A taxi company in Washington has probably been pardoned for his alleged crimes.

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