People love to complain. We complain about our jobs, our relationships, our health and our finances. But most of all, we complain about movies. In an effort to give you the most interesting movie-related news each week, we ask you to fill out our ‘Cruella’ exit survey, which will include a mix of film-related questions and your feedback.

The ’90s were an amazing time for fashion and fashion designers. The late ’90s were also an amazing time for movies and movies based on fashion. “Cruella” is a perfect example of the latter. The movie follows the life of the late English fashion designer, Thora Birch, who despite being a well-known and influential designer, had to deal with the nasty side of the fashion world—namely cruel comments and nasty treatment because of her size.

Of course, when we started this experiment, we didn’t know the film would be a remake of the Disney film from two years ago, or that it would be a live action version. As it turned out, however, there were certain elements that were taken from the original and placed into the remake. The main cast was very different, as was the main character, as was the villain, and even the movie’s name. But there were some elements that were found in the original, as well as some that weren’t. The most obvious was the outfits, which were almost identical to those worn by the two women in that film.. Read more about cruella review rotten tomatoes and let us know what you think.Who knew a pack of Dalmatians could be so mean? ? ???? Cruella is out, and she’s out with The Quiet Place: Part II and Enchantment: For many, the movie Devil Made Me marks an unofficial return to film. For Disney, it’s a slight departure from their usual style and a reconfiguration of a classic character. But is he really that good?

In our Q&A on Cruella’s release from the film, our staff discusses some of the film’s most memorable moments.

Describe how you enjoyed the film as a whole using an appropriate GIF.

Jack Edgar:

Colleen Willis:

Blake Eason:

Anthony Labson:

Brennan Dube:

Nick Kush:

Speeches on the death of Catherine by Dalmatians.

Jack Edgar: This tweet says it better than I could. After that scene, I had the lowest expectations for this movie. Boo, that scene!

Cruella Deville’s mother was murdered by Dalmatians, this is the funniest origin story possible. Like Batman saying I’m going to wear muggers.

– nate soul (@MNateShyamalan) June 1, 2021

Colleen Willis: Unfortunately, I made the mistake of surfing Twitter the three days between the film’s release and when I saw it, so there was no shock factor for me, and I don’t think it had the desired effect on me. It’s cartoonish, but it makes sense in the context of the story. At least there’s something to talk about, and that’s more than can be said of most live-action remakes.

Blake Eason: The scene where the Dalmatians pounce on Catherine really surprised me. I saw the movie before the memes started, so I didn’t expect this.

Anthony Labson: I thought it would be too dark for a Disney movie based on a classic children’s cartoon, but the fact that the Dalmatians are hostile and kill Katherine explains Cruella’s fascination with them. I think they were a necessary element, like the young Bruce Wayne in the Joker movie. They are so connected that one makes no sense without the other. At first I wasn’t sure if they wanted to flip a coin to show they were bad or not, from Cruella’s point of view. Perhaps it could have been done differently to whet Cruella’s thirst for revenge.

Brennan Dube: The scene looked strange in the TWITTER clips taken out of context ….. The movie was okay, maybe a little awkward, but it didn’t distract me from the movie.

Nick Kush: I had serious feelings about Show Dogs because of the poor CGI, so let’s just say I found this movie ineffective. I understand that a movie about Cruella de Vil should include Dalmatians, but choosing this as a tragic story is a self-parody. At least the movie gets better after the prologue.

Who did it best: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson or Paul Walter Hauser?

Jack Edgar: Emma Stone is the highlight and the reason this film ultimately works – she’s fantastic and does exactly what she needs to do to carry the emotional weight of the film. But Emma Thompson? She enjoyed herself. From the moment she carelessly throws trash out of a moving car to the moment she pushes Cruella off a cliff to all the deliciously nasty moments, she was the perfect villain the movie needed to be fun.

Colleen Willis: Paul Walter Hauser always plays at his best, no matter the context. But between the two Emmas, I choose Stone. It makes him stronger when he needs to be and calms him down when it’s time for the more dramatic moments.

Blake Eason: Although Emma Thompson was great on screen and Paul Walter Hauser stole the show, Emma Stone had by far the best role in the film. She loves this role and we can tell she really enjoys it.

Anthony Labson: Emma Stone dazzled everyone with her performance. I loved the way he delighted the audience one moment and kept them on their toes the next. With their participation, I look forward to the next part.

Brennan Dube: Emma Stone did the most here, and I probably would have given her the crown, but both Emmas played off each other so well. The entire cast does well, but it’s these two that make this film stand out.

Nick Kush: Paul Walter Hauser is really funny in almost every scene. He’s always up for anything, and I really admire that in actors. But he can’t get elected when there’s a fight going on around Emma. These two are so awesome that they have a habit of softening Cruella’s rough features. I would love to see them in a movie together soon! If I had to choose, I’d probably choose Stone.

Good soundtrack, bad soundtrack, or somewhere in between?

Jack Edgar: Good soundtrack, but a bit like sticking your head under a Slurpee machine. If you abuse something good, you won’t be able to live without it.

Collin Willis: Medium. Many of these songs have been used in movies recently, and while I appreciate them, the soundtrack lacks originality. But Cruella uses Smile better than the Joker, so Gillespie gets the points.

Blake Eason: Like Stone, Cruella’s soundtrack gives the film an infectious heartbeat that only adds to the overall enjoyment of the film. There are many good tunes in the film, but there are also some minor compositions.

Anthony Labson: I liked the soundtrack. The main theme made my theater work, but most of what he said went in one ear and out the other.

Brennan Dube: There’s too much noise… But yes, it was good.

Nick Kush: The soundtrack is my least favorite part of the movie. That’s not to say these songs are bad, but for the most part they are heavily overused songs, used in the most obvious contexts. Give Nicholas Britell the stage to showcase his excellent score!

Favorite costume?

Jack Edgar: Mota dress. The best thing about this film is that the fashion and the heist go hand in hand, so that every piece of clothing feels like a weapon and has something to do with the aesthetic and plot of the film. And the outfit that best embodied this idea became the centerpiece of the Baroness’s collection – a dress so dazzling that he was blind to the deception beneath it. I was choking.

Colleen Willis:

Blake Eason: My favorite costume in the movie is the dalmatian-style coat from the I Wanna Be Your Dog scene. While the image of the future is a highlight in itself, the Dalmatian’s image combined with the hair, makeup and visuals of the scene was simply stunning.

Anthony Labson: My favorite was the garbage truck dress, because it came with the dirty garbage truck and was beautiful. All the other dresses she wore were beautiful too, but the way this dress was presented and the way she flew through the air in it was just amazing. I liked the irony of this situation.

Brennan Dube: It had to be a garbage truck dress. That thing was amazing. The costumes in the movie were absolutely fantastic.

Nick Kush: The logic of this dress makes no sense, but I like it anyway.

What do you think about the Baroness being Cruella’s mother?

Jack Edgar: It works for me. This explains the ingenuity and hint of madness, and gives Cruella an extra push towards something darker. Knowing that Cruella is still thinking about the adoptive mother she lost to the real mother she never wanted helps us bridge the gap between the end of Cruella and the beginning of 101 Dalmatians for years to come. It’s also funny and soapy – it feels like the film was trying to tell a real story, not just a classic Disney live-action movie from point A to point B.

Colleen Willis: This twist gives the plot the sharpness it needs to make the conflict valid, but it comes as an answer to a question we never asked. There is no secret, just the fact that the information is being withheld.

Blake Eason: The twist in the film really surprised me, and I think it was pretty effective. Throughout most of the movie, I expected Mark Strong to be Cruella’s father, so I was shocked when the real reveal came.

Anthony Labson: I wasn’t a Star Wars fan, but that explains a lot. I feel like the whole your dad thing, or in this case, your mom thing, is boring as hell. It also feels like an excuse because it’s the only way those involved could think of to justify Cruella’s talent. It seemed unnecessary.

Brennan Dube: It was appropriate. A fun dynamic developed (does this mean we’re getting a Baroness Origins movie ????).

Nick Kush: I was surprised, not because it was an impressive discovery, but rather because it was so obvious that I assumed they would avoid it to avoid the cliché.

Do you finally feel sympathy for Cruella? Or not at all?

Jack Edgar: Absolutely. The movie gives us no reason not to sympathize with Cruella (which is ultimately a major flaw in a fun movie). He never goes beyond redemption, and everything he does wrong is against someone we know is much, much worse. She is the perfect criminal heroine, like the leading lady in any good heist movie. Presumably their decline will continue after this film, but we don’t see it. So I reject the idea that it’s in the Joker’s head. This isn’t a story with a final twist, it’s just 140 minutes of brutal breakup with a beloved character.

Colleen Willis: Yes. Despite her insidiousness, I think it’s a shame that she’s become a person she hates.

Blake Eason: As for sympathy for de Ville, I hesitate. On the one hand, she has a tragic story in this movie, but on the other hand, she goes to extremes and her actions are a bit crazy. However, in the context of this film, I don’t think she has gone too far in her madness, but she can certainly be seen on the road to madness.

Anthony Labson: It’s hard to feel sympathy for her in the long run because of what she will try to do in the future, but that is developed in the film. Getting back to the Joker, it’s immediately clear that he’s going to be a villain one day. One of them is happy in this film in the sense that she has overcome a great evil, but she is on her way to becoming just as evil.

Brennan Dube: Of course I feel sorry for her, she grew up on the streets! But lucky for her, she had the support of Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Frye (especially!) at every turn. Honestly, his transformation was perhaps a bit abrupt, and considering how long it took, it wasn’t necessary…..

Nick Kush: Not really. I still don’t understand why I would have feelings for Cruella. She continues to kill dogs without mercy. You can’t see this heroine in a vacuum without knowing who she will become. Even though we have fifteen sequels to fill in the gaps, I don’t know what this movie accomplished for the character. I enjoyed watching Cruella, but I’m still trying to understand her purpose.

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