Spoilers atreveal that we are about to meet drug lord Harvey (Will Mellor). Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) confronts a drug dealer after a teenager collapses. Harvey forces Leanne to put on a nurse’s suit and move into a drug-addicted neighborhood. Harvey convinces her that it’s the only way to keep Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) safe.

Coronation Street Spoiler – Drug lord Harvey arrives

Corrie’s spoilers reveal that we found out all about Harvey from Simon and Jacob Hay’s (James Jack Ryan) conversations. Next week we’ll finally get to meet the soap tie. However, do not expect this story to be resolved quickly. He’ll be irritable for six months. So we have some time left, and in the meantime, Harvey is going to do some mean and wicked things.

Kelly Nealan Breakdown

Future episodes will feature Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gori) as Nina Lucas (Molly Gallagher). In desperation, she decides to buy drugs from Simon. She then shares it with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) and Kelly Nilan (Millie Gibson). However, they do not expect Kelly to suddenly collapse and go to the hospital by ambulance. Once Leanne and Simon find out, plans change. Leanne won’t go back to the police. She decides to take care of Harvey herself.

Spoiler for Coronation Street– Leanne Battersby forced to sell drugs

Coronation Street predictions reveal Harvey confronts a rowdy Leanne, he turns the tables. He threatens Simon’s life if she doesn’t do exactly what he says. He has her donning a nurse’s outfit and parading around the drug addict neighborhood, the actor confirms to Digital Spy.

It’s all about self-promotion. He wants Leanne and Simon to go unnoticed, ticking the boxes for him…. He even makes her wear a nurse’s outfit: People will be applauding you in the street!

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states Mellor

It gets worse. The actor, who fans may know from Hollyoaks and other productions, explains what to expect from a drug lord: If something happens to them, it won’t come back to him, he’ll be fine. Terrible people who do this sacrifice others so they don’t get caught. Leanne is vulnerable, he says: You have a nice, trustworthy face, so no one will suspect you. He doesn’t care, and he thinks it’s funny that she’s walking around as a nurse delivering medicine.

Mellor also explains that these people exist, and that such a story is realistic. He wants to do him justice and is still impressed by what is written about Corrie. He also said that the fans already hate him and are telling him to leave Leanne and Simon alone! Expect his debut as Harvey the week of the 8th. Mars.

Don’t forget to talk to Corrie. Check back regularly for Coronation Street spoilers, news and updates.

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