Spoiler Coronation Streetreveals that Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) locked up Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in Weatherfield to keep him from drinking. When he returned, Peter lost consciousness and is now in hospital. The doctors confirm that Peter has not been drinking, and now Steve must face the wrath of Ken Barlow (William Roach), who throws him out of the house.

Coronation Street Spoilers– Peter Barlow didn’t drink.

Corrie’s spoilers reveal that Steve saw Peter’s condition and assumed he had been drinking. Eventually Peter started drinking as soon as he was diagnosed with liver failure, despite warnings from doctors that he was dying. To keep him from drinking more, Steve locked him up, thought he was protecting him. Eventually Peter lost consciousness and an ambulance had to be called to take him to hospital. Although he tells Steve and Carla Connor (Allison King) that he was sober when he collapsed, they don’t believe him.

Coronation Street Spoiler– Steve McDonald’s Wine

The doctors confirm that Peter is telling the truth. At least once he didn’t drink and his symptoms were due to liver failure. It was bad enough for Steve that Peter collapsed when they took him away. But now that he knows he didn’t really drink, Steve feels even more guilty. He’s not the only one. Carla also feels terrible about not having taken Peter at his word.

Spoilers for Coronation Street– Ken Barlow’s Wrath

The Coronation Street spoilers from the latest edition of Inside Soap reveal that Ken is furious about what happened to Peter. He’s been harassing Steve about how he treated him. Then Ken kicked Steve out. Steve also asked Carla to accompany Lucas Kempton (Glen Wallace). Steve knew it would be like a dagger in his heart. Tracy MacDonald (Kate Ford) tries to limit the damage, but she is powerless to calm him down. Ken wants him to leave immediately, and there doesn’t seem to be anything to change his mind.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Johnny dies in prison? Confession sets Carla’s rescue mission in motion #CoronationStreethttps://t.co/csQv21RUhA

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Coronation Street Spoiler– Betrayal of a Friend

Steve goes to Peter and asks him to forgive him. Yet Peter feels betrayed by someone who should be his friend. It’s not just a matter of locking him up while he collapses. I don’t think he was lying about drinking. The most frustrating part is sending Carla off with Lucas. It’s the same guy trying to take Carla away from him. It’s the same guy who proposed to Carl. The same one who showed up in Hell and kept trying to keep him away from Peter.

We don’t care that Steve is trying to find a way to make it up to Ken and Peter. But how can he do that and is forgiveness even possible? We’ll have to keep following the ITV soap opera to see where this story goes.

Don’t forget to talk to Corrie. Check back regularly for Coronation Street spoilers, news and updates.

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