Adam Hussain, who is best known for his role as Ryan Connor in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street, has become an unlikely ally in the fight against racism. Hussain has spoken publicly about his sister, a Pakistani-born woman who was racially abused by a man in the street and had her hijab ripped off in a violent attack.

Adam Hussain, who plays personal assistant Darren Miller in the soap, has been in the headlines recently for his decision to stand up for his sister, who is a victim of racial abuse. Adam shared a post on his Facebook page, which included a picture of himself with the message: “This is my sister-in-law, my sister and my family. I want the world to know what a kind, caring & beautiful human she is. Her life has been made a living hell by the abuse and violence she has suffered at the hands of people she thought she could trust. I refuse to allow her to be abused and hurt any further. I stand with her. #hesnotaprofessor.”

Adam Hussain, who played Chas Foster in “Coronation Street”, has become an unlikely ally in the fight against racism. The actor and former soldier has used his fame to support his younger sister who was racially abused on a train.. Read more about coronation street cast and let us know what you think.

Coronation Street: Adam Hussain Adam Hussain of Coronation Street has sought legal action after his sister was subjected to racist abuse while riding the tram home from a night shift job in Manchester.

Adam posted about the event on Twitter, linking to his sister’s initial Instagram post, which included a photo of a guy called Anthony James. “Called a terrorist coming home at 6 a.m. after a night shift,” his sister said. I had no idea I was a terrorist just because I was brown.”

The actor, who portrays Aadi Alahan in the long-running ITV drama, said that his 19-year-old sister was branded a “terrorist” on a tram from Manchester Airport to Cornbrook early Sunday morning, and that a tram driver stayed quiet despite witnessing the incident.

Fans Show Their Support in Coronation Street Spoilers

Support and consolation poured in from his fans and co-stars, particularly for his sister. “I’m aware that something has to be done about this person… While engaging with his followers, Adam tweeted, “I’m weary of seeing this kind of stuff happen too.”

“I don’t understand how people believe they can get away with it like this. We have the right to protect ourselves and have them locked up if they have the right to spew venom,” Adam said.

The celebrity, determined to see justice done, called on Metrolink and Greater Manchester Police to intervene in the assault. Metrolink officials have promised to conduct a thorough inquiry, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Adam’s sister is a university student who works night shifts to supplement her income. Adam told the MEN, “I think it terrible and ridiculous that she has to cope with this – tired.”

“I hope more is done because individuals like these believe they can get away with saying and acting in such horrible ways,” he said.

“I believe that few individuals report this kind of behavior because they believe that nothing will be done and that they cannot be bothered with the trouble – yet I believe that this is what drives people to act in such a heinous manner.”

Spoilers for Coronation Street – The Show Promotes Racism Awareness Through Its Major Storylines

Actor Adam is now starring in an ITV soap opera that promotes racial awareness.

One of them is Alya Nazir, played by actress Sair Khan, who was racially evaluated based on her skin tone during a business transaction in the soap’s 2017 plotline.

Abi Franklin delves into her grief to write a victim statement about Seb’s death in Coronation Street.

August 17, 2021 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

Khan was the one who suggested raising awareness about the problem to the producers of the ITV program. She told the BBC, “I have a lot of people coming up to me, young Asian girls, Asian men, who are very thrilled to see me on television as a reflection of them.”

“I’m thrilled to be that voice for them, with all the good aspects it entails, but there is also negative, which I felt was worth exploring.”

However, Adam’s younger sister’s recent experience demonstrates that, despite the attempts of “Coronation Street” and other TV series to address these social problems in their shows, racism still exists in the contemporary era.

In his initial article, Adam said, “It simply goes to show how widespread racism still is.”

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