Netflix has released the official release date for Season 2 of “Auntie’s” and we’re here to tell you everything we know.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 has already piqued the interest of fans. The Netflix animated series debuted on September 17 and has already generated a lot of excitement. The spoilt, crazy, and constantly boozed aunty from Twitter, on the other hand, now has her own Netflix series. The protagonist’s persona was inspired by a tweet that went viral a few years ago.

Furthermore, the character was created by the series’ creator and writer, actor Chris Witsake. Witsake began making jokes about this persona on Twitter a few years ago and quickly developed a large fan following. Everything you need to know about the upcoming season is right here.

Let’s Take a Look Back

Before we go into Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt, let’s take a look back at Season 1. The adult animated comedy is based on Chris Witsake’s Twitter joke series. The actor-writer, on the other hand, used to make jokes about the character and amassed a sizable internet following. He eventually recognized he could contribute to a Netflix series, and here we are, discussing it. Diane Dunbrowski, a Chicago native who is always pampered, wild, and intoxicated, was the focus of the series.

Chicago-Party-Aunt-Season-2-Release-Date-Cast-and-EverythingAnimation Magazine is the source of this information.

We also meet Diane’s nephew, Daniel, who is ready to attend Stanford. We watch Diane educating Daniel, who has taken a year off, throughout the animated series. In addition, the series is full with fun and comedy. It will pique your curiosity to the core. Diane and Daniel are two extremely different people who strive very hard to get along with each other, according to the designers.

Meanwhile, Diane is having a good time in Chicago, getting a taste of real life before going off to Stanford. If you haven’t seen the animated series yet, you should certainly do so.

Will there be a Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt?

So yet, neither Netflix nor the show’s producers have announced anything regarding Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt. But we are aware that it is taking place. Netflix has acquired 16 episodes of the series, according to Chris Witsake in an interview. Only eight of them survived the first season. We now know that the remaining eight episodes will be released in the second half.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, we should hear excellent news regarding a new season shortly. If Netflix decides to continue a new season of an animated series in the next months, we might see it in 2022.

Expected Cast and Plotline for Fans

In Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt, Lauren Ash will reprise her role as Diane. Daniel’s character will be voiced by Rory O’Malley. Chris Witsake will play Kurt, RuPaul Charles will play Gideon, and Katie Rich will play Zuzana. Aside from them, Da’Vine Joy Randolph will play Tina.

Chicago-Party-Aunt-Season-2-Release-Date-Cast-and-EverythingVariety is the source of information.

In the first season of the animated series, we were introduced to Diane’s drunken and wild lifestyle. Aside from that, we observed her relationship with her nephew, Daniel. In Season 2 of Chicago Party Aunt, we’ll see how the narrative progresses. Perhaps Daniel will leave his aunt in Chicago and go to Stanford this time. The storyline for the second season, on the other hand, is yet to be announced.

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