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Cherry 2000 occurs in the distant year 2017, when a businessman named Sam Treadwell accidentally injured his wife, the cartoonist Cherry 2000. Looking for a replacement, he hires a super-hard renegade named E. Johnson to lead him through a dangerous apocalyptic wasteland to an old abandoned production warehouse. He’s hoping to find a duplicate. However, this journey takes them through the treacherous and lawless territory of Zone 7. At two meeting points with the Zone’s tyrant, Lester, Treadwell discovers that the perfect woman is not made of computer chips and diodes, but of real flesh and blood.

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Cherry 2000 (1987) Young businessman Sam (David Andrews) finds himself in a dilemma after his expensive possession, his robot wife, has blown a fuse. He decides to replace it with an exact copy containing the original memory chip.

Sam leaves town for the Glory Hole Hotel where he is looking for a tracker to accompany him to the area to get a skinny cherry.

Sam is angry that his first option for stalkers is a young woman, and he’s going to explode looking for someone else in the next dirty pub. After a failure with the legendary B-movie actor Brion James, Sam returns to a red-headed, red-hot scout named And Johnson (Melanie Griffith). In their red Ford soup they immediately set off for the robotic cemetery nearby.

Soon they’ll meet a crazy desert leader, a man named Lester.

The duo comes out of the coupling with an industrial crane that uses a powerful magnet to lift their machine out of the cave. After a fall into a water slide (where the car remains intact), the infamous six-fingered Jake (Ben Johnson) saves her, who lives alone in an electrically powered cave full of toasters and a jukebox.

They didn’t get Ford out of the slide until somebody hit Sam on the head. He wakes up on a playground in the Leicester desert called Sky Ranch. And Johnson and six Finninger Jake go after Sam. They’ll destroy the Sky Ranch if they make it. She’s pushing Lester into passive-aggressive revenge.

In pursuit, Ford crashes on a rock, but Sam and E… Johnson kiss. After being ambushed by Lester’s lackeys, Jake, a supposed friend of the Finning 6, passes them twice when they arrive in the remote locker room in the air.

Lester’s on his way and Johnson’s preparing an old plane to take off. However, 6 Finning Jake got a severe gunshot wound in the back and Sam has to leave him to survive.

After a short flight the plane lands at the Robot Cemetery and goes underground to a somewhat sunken casino to search for the Cherry 2000 safe. With Lester and his buddies not far behind, they find a new cherry. You make him excited and he runs away with a couple.

One more shot, and Lester’s hurt, but he’s not out yet. He climbs to safety before the death slide ends with his reign. Sam and Cherry leave when E. Johnson jumps But true human romance is the spark of the highest degree when Sam turns the plane around to save his redheaded float. He sends Cherry for the non-existent Pepsi; he lets the two lovers of homo sapiens fly away to the sunset in the desert while the credits roll.

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