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The evil king of the planet Argor Xaino is using his gravity beam to crush Earth’s moon, and our P’anet’s only hope is a hero named Rocky Laser. He is the best pilot, athlete, marksman, swordsman, wrestler and forensic scientist in the world. The President of the United States sends Rocky and his crew on a dangerous mission to space to stop Xaino.

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Below is a summary of the spoilers.

While the moon is on a collision course with Earth, the Space Council has determined that the evil King Xaino (Jeff Sproul) of the distant planet Argor is using the gravitational pull to cause a catastrophe.

The Council sends its X-1 rocket ship to Argor to demand the safety of the planet. Rocky Lazer (Matthew Wise) leads a team that includes a brave first officer named Chip Skipper (Jeremy Mather), the brilliant Dr. Horst Karlok (Jared Warner), and Jean Jarvis (Alicia Barnachez), daughter of the President of the United States and the world’s first female professor . Everything. She doesn’t remember what.

When King Xaino hears about the X-1 mission, he sends his fleet of Deathwalkers to kill the Earthmen. After the battle, the X-1 destroyed many ships before crashing on Argor.

Meanwhile, a centurion arrives at the royal palace of Argor to break the news to King Xaino, but Commander Nefarrus (Mike Virsch) tries to get the information out of him first. The king arrives first, the Centurion tells him that although they have suffered heavy losses, the X-1 crashed nearby.

The crew of the X-1 will take a rest before searching the palace. Along the way they are attacked by a giant cat. He kills Chip to defend the team. Two Centurions arrive and fire lasers at the kitten to scare her. After a short chase, a battle ensues between the two groups, with Laser taking the lead. They tie his hands behind his back with the Invosobonds and take the prisoners to the palace.

At the palace, King Xayno orders Dr. Carlock to work for him and instructs the centurion to take him to the palace science laboratory. He falls in love with Jean Jarvis and, although there is a spark between her and Lazer, he plans to make her his wife. He orders his men to throw Laser into a pit where he is cruelly tortured and tormented.

On the way to the well, Chip shows up with Clarf (Matt Sears), the squirrel prince, to rescue Laser. Apparently squirrels live on the moon’s surface, and Clarf is there to prevent mischief as well. He’s the one who saved Chip from the kitten. Before they can continue the mission, Laser demands that they save John and Carlock first.

Clarf tells them to look for Lady Actulus (Erin Lee Schmoyer) on an asteroid near Old Sage to consult her. Back at the palace, King Xaino shows John the science lab. Currently, Dr. Carlock is working hard to develop the explosive jet. When the king learns that Laser has escaped, he urges Karlock to tell him what he knows, but he knows nothing about Laser’s plan. The king’s daughter, little princess Astra (Michelle McNally), is currently with them in the lab, and she is very interested in getting to know Lazer.

Back on Earth, at Space Council headquarters, Chairman Jarvis (Sean Williams) meets with Dr. Middleton (Timothy Mather) and Dr. Crabbe (Nicholas Marty) to discuss contingency plans for the unlikely event that the X-1 crew fails. But all their plans revolve around the destruction of the moon. Undeterred, the president ordered the men to continue trying to contact the X-1 crew.

By this time Clarff, Chip and Laser had landed on the asteroid and were on their way to Lady Actulus’ lair. His guards killed Chip before she appeared to them. She entrusts Laser with the mission of tracking down Barron Osrich (Jeremy Banks) on the planet Togg. He leads a group of rebels against King Xaino, but he is also in love with Princess Astra, even though she is terrible. So Lady Aktul can’t guarantee that he’ll help Laser. She then advises Laser to be a more caring man if he wants to win John’s heart. He and Clarf immediately return to the boat to look for Ozrick. Surprisingly, Chip catches them outside the cave, alive and well.

Once there, Osric and his band of brigands besieged them above the clouds with rocket boots on their feet and swords in their hands. As the ship’s chip pilots, Laser and Clarf climb out of the hull in their rocket boots to fight for their lives for the Togg’s bibs. The brigands killed Chip and took Lazer and Clarf. They then take the prisoners to Ozric’s hideout, where he accuses them of being spies for Xayno.

While trying to convince Ozric to form an alliance with them, Princess Astra arrives. She is happy to meet Lazer and convinces Ozrick to let her bring Lazer to his father. They leave Clarf tied to a tree and everyone leaves.

We return to the ancient asteroid of the Sages, where Lady Aktul now advises King Xaino on the location of the rock lasers. Wanting to remain neutral, she simply tells him to watch his daughter. Then she advises Xaino to win Jin’s heart.

On Princess Astra’s ship, the imprisoned Rocky Laser suddenly remembers that he is still wearing rocket boots and escapes through the ship’s ceiling. King Xayno then calls his daughter when he hears from Ozrick that she has lasers. She tells him the bad news and he gets mad at her. She’s hanging up.

Back at the science lab, Jean seeks out Dr. Carlock to talk to him about their escape plan, but he’s not interested. It has diagrams and locations of the gravitational ray that causes the moon to fall on the earth. When the centurion appears, he brings the plans and two to King Xaino.

We are now back on the asteroid of the wise men. Rocky Laser needs more advice. He tells her he’s out of the game and it’s Lady Actulus’ fault. She advises him to listen to others and respect their opinions.

At Space Council headquarters, Dr. Middleton and Dr. Crabbe have still been unable to make contact with the X-1 crew. President Jarvis returns and asks the people to blow up the moon, for their greatest pleasure.

Then we return to Argor, where John and Dr. Carlock are tied to a wall in a dungeon. Laser arrives to save her, but the Centurion arrives with an unwanted guest to kill Laser. During the fight, Chip made it out alive. He takes out the centurion and frees John and Carlock for the lasers. Another centurion shows up and kills Chip. He takes three prisoners and brings them to King Xaino.

There Laser meets Cluff, who is also Xaino’s prisoner. Commander Nefarrus wants to fire on Laser, but before he can, Ozrick shows up to save the day! He takes Princess Astra hostage and puts his sword through her throat. She tells Nefarrus to aim and shoot Ozric. Xayno urges Nepharrus to kill his daughter, as does Ozric. The laser breaks free and paralyzes Nefarr and the two centurions in the room, while Xayno escapes. Suddenly Chip appears out of nowhere, alive and well, much to Lazer’s annoyance. They all leave, but when they do, Nefarrus comes back long enough to kill Chip. They all return to the planet Togg to regroup and plan their final move against King Xaino.

At this point, Ozric is deeply concerned about Princess Astra’s interest in a relationship with him, so he pays homage to one of his brigands. Dr. Carlock gives the lasers a replica of the gravitational beam pattern he designed, with an accuracy of 85-90%, a B job at its worst. The important thing is that he has the switch he designed. Chip reappears before them… alive and well… for now.

They decide that Ozrick and his brigands will don their rocket boots and attack the Royal Palace of Argor, while Cluff and Dr. Carlock will fly to X-1 to capture the Xaino fleet and contact Earth. Meanwhile, Laser, Chip and Gene sneak up to the mountain with the gravity beam to take it out. Before he leaves, Ozric has Princess Astra tied to a tree by one of his brigands, where Ozric tells her how terrible she is. You leave them there alone and you go to glory!

When the diversions begin and Leiser’s team arrives on the mountain, they head to the headquarters of the World Space Council. The president is about to give the order to blow up the moon under the watchful eye of two scientists. However, Dr. Carlock makes radio contact with them and asks them to give him more time so Rocky Laser can deactivate the gravity beam. The President agreed to give them the necessary time.

King Xaino and Commander Nefarrus arrive on the mountain to stop Laser and the Chipless John, who is dead again. The Centurions ask Nefarrus for help when the X-1 destroys all their ships in space. Before leaving, he gives Xaeno his gun and orders him to kill Lazer and Jean. John and Laser, however, try to dissuade Xaino. It almost worked, but Xaino snapped. He shoots them with a ray gun. They both fight what doesn’t immediately kill them. They snatched the gun from his hands and beat him a little before he drew his sword and attacked them. They can dodge just in time, and he falls into the pit of eternal hell.

They turn off gravity, but the inertia of the Moon and the gravity of the Earth will not prevent the Moon from colliding with the planet. Without the rewind button, everything seems doomed. Ozrick shows up to tell them the fight is over and they won, but Laser says they failed. They’re on their way to X-1, trying to figure out what to do on the way.

All aboard the X-1 and return to Earth. Commander Nefarrus shows up in his death saucer to kill them all, but Chip emerges alive from deep space, in rocket boots but without a spacesuit. He stands between the two ships as Nefarrius activates his laser. He cuts Chip in half. Part of his body slams into the ship’s laser, distracting the commander long enough to detonate the Death Saucer with the X-1 laser.

Back on Earth, the moon is about to collapse on the planet when it suddenly begins to retreat from the Earth’s surface. We see that the X-1 somehow tied a large chain around the moon and carried it back into space. Safety and smiles everywhere!

President Jarvis thanked the crew of the X-1. President Jarvis is promoting the laser to Captain Space! He, Gene, Cluff and Dr. Carlock decide to form a new team for a cosmic adventure. Osric said he would return to his people who needed him. The group toasts Dr. Karlocks with expensive space champagne. Chip reappears alive and well outside the ship’s window as Laser closes the blinds on him.

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