Built to Kill is a 2020 Canadian horror anthology film about people being pushed, pulled and driven to kill.

Neil Cavalier… (Eilidh + mother segment)
Jake Earwaker … (Introducing you need to segment)
Sergio Guerra … (Ballad of a murder segment)
Carl Hadith … (Hollow Peak segment)
Kyle Martellacci… (Scarlet Vultures segment)
Pejman Mokari … (the Trumped segment) W

Writing credits:
Neal Cavalier… (Segment) (Eilidh + Dam Segment)
Jake Earwaker … (Segment) (Enter desired segment)
Vivian Endicott Douglas … (Segment) (Eilidh + Dam Segment)
Sergio Guerra … (Segment) (Ballad of Murder segment)
Carl Hadife … (Segment) (Hollow Peak Segment)
Rob Jamieson … (Segment) (insert desired segment)
Kyle Martellacci … (Segment) (Scarlet Vultures Segment)
Mehran Mokari … (Segment) (Underdog Segment)
Pejman Mokari … (Segment) (Underdog Segment)


An abused woman is visited by a mysterious – and mean-spirited – preacher after the murder of her ex-husband. Lost in life, a teenage girl discovers a cult affiliation that brings out her dark side. A man trapped in a death loop must lure another victim to buy his freedom. Two sisters must find a way to move on, and an unspeakable act is the only way to free them from their abusive father. And a young woman buys her way into a secret society of flesh and blood.

The actors and characters:

Olivia Allen… Girls On (Segment: To enter you must)
Kaya Allen… Party Girl #2 (Segment: To enter you must)
Chelsea Olenbeck … Coven member (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Astrida Ausa … Mater Scarlet (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Youssef Bassil … John (Segment:
Anne-Caroline Binette… Evelyn (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Gillian Broderick … Karen (Segment: To participate you must)
Larry bs … Staircase (Segment: Hollow Peak)
Calvin Christiansen … Member of the Coven (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Sarah de Oliviera … Sarah (Segment: Scarlet Vultures) … Sarah (Segment: … : To be noted)
Letita El Khoury … Cassie (Segment: Hollow Peak)
Vivian Endicott Douglas … Charlie (Segment: Eilidh + Mother)
Hannah Endicott-Douglas … Ruby (Segment: Eilidh + Mother)
Joseph Gantus … Chief (Segment: Hollow Peak)
Abby Grose … Young Charlie (Segment: Eilidh + Dam) … Young Charlie (Segment: … : Eilidh + Damh)
Emily Gross … Young Ruby (Segment: Eilidh + Damch)
Gareth Henry … Second victim (Segment: Enter you need)
Renny Jachowicz … Liberator (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Michael Keldany … Leo (Segment: Hollow Peak)
Ward Kesserwani … Irma (Segment: Hollow Peak)
Francis G. … St. Louis, Jr.. Deacon Anku (Segment: The Ballad of Murder)
Bo Von Breining Mansson … Man (Segment: Deceived)
Thomas Raft … Victim (Segment: Deceived)
Jennifer Rapkins … Member of the Coven (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Hannah Reese … Lucinda Bailiwick (Segment: Gunmen) … (Segment: Murder Ballad)
Fabio Ricci … Toby (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Megan Simpson … Party Girl #1 (Segment: To enter, you must)
Travis Turcotte … Member of the Coven (Segment: Scarlet Vultures)
Daniel Van Thomas … Burgess White (Segment: Murder Ballad) …


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