Britney Spears has stopped delighting her fans with Instagram photos to stun them. Perhaps it is the singer’s desire to prove that, as the title of her song Born To Make You Happy says, she has gone too far….. Or maybe Spears is just trying to give her followers on social media fascinating glimpses of the real Britney.

Whatever her goal is, the singer is definitely following her fans on Instagram. Tell the story from the inside.

Britney Spears divides her fans with aInstagram photo

To find out why Britney is surprising her fans, check out her new Instagram photo. Spears holds her face in her hands, eyes wide, blonde hair piled high on her head.

Dressed in a sheer black lace top and bright red fingerless gloves for contrast, Britney added a caption to the photo: THE RED IS THERE.

And as one follower wrote on Instagram: Use me as a button. I don’t get it.

Others are concerned that Spears has fallen into the trap of communicating with her fans, but don’t know how to handle it.

Mention the fruit in your next post if you’re not feeling well, begs one of these avid fans.

Another Instagram photo that confused and alarmed fans shows Britney dancing alone at 2am. Spears was once again dressed in red, but this time her signature look had some consistency.

RED!!! !!! Britney wrote in her Instagram post, adding: I felt wild dancing to @aerosmith at 2am last night.

A fan asked: Honey, are you okay?

Others seemed convinced that Spears is still a victim of others who can’t do what she wants, an echo of the Free Britney movement.

Maybe that’s what Rapunzel did, locked in the castle, one of those followers suggested.

Britney Spears has announced a photo shoot with Justin Timberlake to celebrate her sister’s birthday!

But not all of Britney Spears’ photos were so disturbing. Britney celebrated her 30th birthday. She celebrated her sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ birthday with a sweet photo on Instagram.

Happy birthday to this beautiful soul!!! The 39-year-old wrote in the post’s caption.

Britney Spears says she cried for two weeks after hearing how Hulu framed Britney Spears #BritneySpears

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) April 1, 2021

Pictured are the former Justin Timberlake, singer Britney herself and Jamie Lynn.

I love you so much and I wish I was as smart as you at 30! !!! Brittany pushed. It’s strange to say, I was in fact your mother when you were younger, and yes, I am still older, but your soul is and always has been wise! !!!.

Ms. Spears also described herself as truly and authentically inspired by her journey and the life you’ve created for your beautiful children, adding that she’s damn proud to call someone as beautiful on the inside as you my sister!!!!!

And in a charming glimpse into the lives of the two sisters, Brtini recalls: We’re wrestling at home (so classy southern girl) ♀♀ and you literally lay me on the ground two seconds after I get my all….. I will never forget it!!!

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