It’s been over a year since the wildly popular anime series Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 was released, and it still seems to be positively affecting people to this day. As the popular manga gained popularity, the anime series was released to great success, but after one season, fans are left with questions about the film’s future. Have the original creators decided to end the franchise? Has any news been made about when it will be released? Will it be an OVA or a sequel?

Pop punk is a rather recent genre carrying over from the late 80’s/early 90’s, but here’s a funny footnote to its origins: the genre’s name alludes to the fact that the genre originated in the Cherry State, which is why the first EP to be credited as “punk pop” was by Cherry Ghost, a US-based band from the state.

Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion created the American horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavor. It is based on Todd Grimson’s book.

Season 2 premiere date


On August 13, 2021, the first season of a fresh new cherry flavor was launched. The first season received a lot of love and praise from the public, and as a consequence, fans are anxiously anticipating the second season. However, the producers have not yet announced the following season. If the season is confirmed today, we may anticipate the following season to be released in 2023, however this is unclear since no such statement has been made regarding the next season.

Plot Expected

The plot revolves on a new filmmaker, Lisa N. Nova, who arrived in Los Angeles with the intention of directing her debut film. However, she placed her faith in the wrong people along the way, and her dream project became a nightmare as a result. Supernatural kittens, hitmen, zombies, and a mystery tattoo artist who loves to curse people are all part of her nightmare. And if Lisa wants to stay alive, she’ll have to unravel some of her previous mysteries.

Lisa hires a witch named Boro to cast a curse on the person who deceived her, only to discover that Boro is a 900-year-old South American who struck a bargain with the devil that forced him to settle hundreds of corpses.

Is the New Cherry Flavor Worth Keeping an Eye on?


The new cherry taste in the series is a delight for people who like exploring, and it stays true to the horror theme. For all horror fans, this is a must-see. It has a lot of surprises in store for the viewers if they stay with it. It’s bizarre since it has anything from a magical cat to a tattoo artist who curses everyone. It is a must-see since it has so many components that are worth our attention.

Characters to Expect

Lisa Nova is a burgeoning filmmaker and the story’s central character. Unfortunately, she trusted the wrong person, which led to her wanting vengeance. Boro is a witchy lady who aided Lisa in her quest for vengeance, but at a cost. Lisa’s ex-boyfriend Code has a sofa for her to sleep on. Lou Burke is a major Hollywood producer searching for a project to invest in, and he discovers Lisa for her short film. Christine is Code’s girlfriend, and she is very uninterested in Lisa.

In summary, the series, brand New Cherry Flavor, is worth viewing since it has a wide range of themes that will appeal to a wide range of audiences, including zombies, magical cats, and a tattoo artist who enjoys cursing everyone. The concept and execution of the topic are both excellent. Each of the characters had a distinct role to play. It’s a thumbs up and a must-see for anybody who like horror series and likes to explore.

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