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Wallet or life! You’re dead meat!

Black Pumpkin – an American horror movie of the year 2020 about two boys who accidentally discovered an urban grizzly legend.

Writer and director Ryan McGonagle (Fall Creek Legend; Bloody Bobby), Triangle Road – Egghead production centre – Fat Tale stars Ellie Patricios, Matt Rife, Grayson Thorn Kilpatrick and Dogen Eyeler.


Fall Creek Valley: Two boys accidentally discover an urban legend of a grizzly bear who tried to preserve their small town in the past. What begins when innocent curiosity turns into a gruesome Halloween night with voodoo dolls, aggressive religious demonstrations in high school, a crazy conspiracy theorist and Bloody Bobby Hell Pawn…


After restarting in February 2020, we buckled our seatbelts during quarantine to accommodate the new revisions. We can’t wait to see this Halloween classic, which will be introduced to the world of Uncork’d! says assistant producer Jacques Derozen, who also plays Mr. Carpenter a teacher who warns his students about Bloody Bobby and the dangers lurking in an area known as Diablo Camp.

The Black Pumpkin was filmed before the pandemic at several locations in Los Angeles County, including one of the major film locations of Triangle Road Entertainment. The personal experience of executive producer Shaida Moghaddam to witness the fight scene inspired her to exchange ideas: This bloody film is for all generations of horror lovers. The magic happens when you work with a team of great fantasists, and now with Keith Leopard of Uncork’d Entertainment, the possibilities are multiplied many times over!


The film will be released by Uncork’d Entertainment on request in December 2020.

The actors and characters:

Connor Weil… IceMatt Rife… FlashBilly Armstrong… Coach James Callaway-Lily Keene… Maria-Camilla Elnes… Sarah LevittAlix Lane… Ashley (as Alice Schwartz) Joe Osmond… Fucking Jordine Lucas… Britney Cooper-Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick… Pork chop Lawrence Chubbs-Jacques Derosa Mr. Carpenter Emilyrose Morris. Lucille-Gemma Brooke Allen… Regan Peterson-Ellie Patricios… Lori peterson-court clendenin… Alex Griffin-Tasha Dixon… Barbara Peterson… The Breton belt… Caroline Osborne, Ryan Poole. Judd Joseph Barone… Walter WimblyDogen-eye… Elliot Peterson-Alexandra Keller. Coach DeliWesley J. Sabo… Sheriff Trevor Ryan McGonagle… Big Dick McGee David Uchanski. Mr. Levitt-Christophe DeMachi… Dr. Frank-Malaac… Hattab… Phoebe Timothy Wade. Mr. Cooper (as Tim Wade) Cody Byars… Raj Shaida Moghaddam… Mrs. Cooper-Drew Ochsner… Harvey-Devan… Yasuhara… FelixBelle Martinez… Cassandra Bungle, student and sorcerer or traitor… DiCristian Vasquez. Cody Leila Dubon… The student and the sorcerer or the traitor John Michelle… KippBrolin Parris… ScottBrandon Martinez… Brady-Cadence Dubon… …student and sorcerer or traitor…

Comments :

The rough version of the film was presented at the KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival on the 28th. September 2018.

Work Names :

HarlequinBloody Bobby 2Bloody Bobby 2: The nightmare has been reborn.

The trailer:

Here we go:

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