If you’re in doubt, if you’re angry about the extent of the situation within the suicide squad, don’t worry. The movie Birds of Prey looks like nothing. That’s much better! It takes away all the pain, unpleasantness and moral suffering you’ve had to endure while watching the SS. The best part is that a story is written about a previously made-up story, which creates a smooth transition, without the universe, which is always busy with compensation payments, having to feel sorry for itself.

Harley’s always been DC’s favorite. Exploring the depths of his mind eventually became a necessity, for it was the only good thing to come out of the Suicide Squadron’s failure. So, basically, the DCEU is trying to stay at the maximum – hold on to the good and go forward!

This brand new take on their adventures with other DCEU characters is a DC dream that DC fans have been preparing for for a long time. The introduction of new characters, such as Hunter, Montoya, Black Canary, was inevitable, which happened without any visible limitation. With this exciting innovation in comic book franchising.

In a world that is gradually changing, the characters in which women play are gaining popularity. Seeing a character like Harley Quinn in a new form completely convinces us of this change. This is undoubtedly the future, and it will remain so.

For fun, the film Birds of Prey ends with a comic strip that gets much darker and deeper. It’s also 1h49 of unbridled entertainment, creating lots of references, connecting Easter eggs for fans and above all giving us a whole new perspective on one of the most original bad guys DC – Black Mask.

Directed by Bird of Prey Film

It’s hard not to admit what a simple change of course can do to a film. No punishment for not playing in the Justice League.

We have Katy Ian, who happens to be a significant improvement over David Ayer in that sense. She’s working another miracle. The story of Christine Hodeson, the girl who wrote Bumblebee As a woman’s specialist, Christina presents us with a fairytale that has many twists and turns and is therefore a complete package.

Katie brings just the right amount of herbs to prevent her from becoming hilarious. The direction is flawless, sometimes he stops in between to finish the side part, but then he turns forwards again for good. In her frames she shows some extra intelligence by going back and forth and finishing the picture in a slightly different chic way to do something unusual.

The editors turned out to be brilliant, although there are some remarkable places where you need to improve your humour or drama. Most of the actions run parallel to the plot development and that is ultimately a big plus.

Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie once again pays tribute to the character of Harley Quinn. It’s nice to see how easy it is to switch from one image to another. She went back to her insanity with the same level of meanness in her behavior that we saw in the Suicide Squad. Lots of humor in his scam. She makes you laugh at her eccentricity.

She tries to hide behind the obvious mask she puts on her face. We often see this page in the movie Birds of Prey. An impression that can be found in the eyes of Cassandra Kane (Ella J. Basco), where writers secretly try to smuggle Harley as a model, whose idea is certainly as loco as she is. She reminds us that in countless cases it’s a bad joke to join her.

It’s nice to see how she always comes back to her character, remains an antihero and doesn’t become that indispensable heroine we see in every movie. This kind of behaviour, like that of the girls, distinguishes them from all the usual portraits we encounter.

Ewan McGregor as black mask

The Black Mask is the big winner of the movie Birds of Prey. The Washington villain we deserve, not the one we need. If you look at the not very impressive or memorable DCEU rogue card of a bunch of hooligans, you have to be honest. With the exception of the Joker, which again does not fall under the DCEU.

Ewan McGregor in black mask in the movie Birds of Prey.

Black Mask was a nice change. It gives life to a real personality, which makes it not only fun but also very dangerous. The fact that he can do anything if he wants to put him in that category.

Ewan was an excellent choice, and he just did it with his unprofessional game. I think he’s one of the beloved characters in the film that I want to put on the table every time the subject of undervalued twisted screenings comes up.

Other gang members (spoilers)

Again: We should leave it up to Katie to present things skillfully without using too much or ruining our fun. Things like showing Ewan stepping out of his Roman avatar Sionis to wear a real black mask only once towards the end, or Jurnee Smollett-Bell walking in the full Black Canary mode only once throughout the entire film, show how attentive the show was.

Unfortunately, this is not the end we expected from Black Mask, because it would be a great addition to the bunch of villains in the DCEU.

Humor has also been preserved for a film that should have had it in the first place. By playing with the figure of the huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) the creators are not afraid to make their whole situation seem not only dark, but also very light. If you had read it in a comic book, you would have been disappointed to get to know this worldview. But there are experiences in the movies. Well, in this case, it did work, thanks to Mary.

Birds of Prey Film Group

René Montoya, played by Rosie Perez, could become one of the characters you’ll eventually forget. Until, of course, they show sequels and give the name a face. The canary was a great asset and was given enough time to develop its character. It would be nice to see her full-time in the long run.

You can order birds of prey: And the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn from here:


The only thing you can’t overlook is the amount of color that is rooted in the film. It’s like a fusion of exciting colours and shades. Even in this song, there’s something super sloppy, and it’s worth it.

All in all a nice watch! At the end of the film we realize that two things really make it exciting: a good villienne and of course Harley.

You can watch the Birds of Prey trailer: And the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn here:

Birds of prey: And the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn.

Poster on birds of prey


  • Excellent location
  • A colourful festival
  • Black mask as villain
  • Margo Robbie as Irly Quinn.


  • Sometimes it gets too pathetic.
  • Development of the character of René Montoya




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