Below Zero is a 2021 Spanish action thriller about a police officer assigned to a prison transport truck containing a group of criminals.

The film was directed by Luis Quiles to a screenplay he co-wrote with Fernando Navarro. It stars Javier Gutierrez, Carra Elejalde, Luis Callejo and Andrés Gertrudix.


Police officer Martin (Javier Gutiérrez) is charged with driving a van to transport prisoners. Unfortunately for him, things begin to go wrong almost immediately. A dark figure follows the truck, and not all prisoners are what they seem to be?

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“It’s not an exceptional film, but it’s pretty good in the action-crime genre, if not in terms of characters. It’s effective, it’s intense, it’s not new, but it’s well-executed, and it’s streaming on Netflix now for your convenience.” @Filmview.

Walking almost entirely through a dark part of a cold night, “Below Zero” creates a strong sense of dread from the start ….With its burning atmosphere and a shrinking list of those still breathing, “Below Zero” reaches its climax with a gem of despair. Brights Information Center

“Below Zero” is not non-stop action, it is non-stop adrenaline. The characters are fighting to survive. They will have to overcome many obstacles to have another chance. Below Zero put me on the edge of my seat. I am invested in the story and I highly recommend watching the movie”. Bulletproof Action

“From the lighting to the snow, it was like a studio shoot in all those disgusting aspects. Even that’s such a small thing that I’m not going to nail it to the film.” But with a song like Below Zero, you would expect scenes in the snow and cold to be at the forefront. Personally, I still recommend Below Zero if you like crime thrillers that offer suspense and thrills”. Horror Sky

“The film looks great and the production quality is also good. It’s an entertaining stand-alone tool if you’re looking for action”. Resting byte

“Under the skin, Zero flirts with character depth and shocking brutality, but he doesn’t give it his all either. The result is a gritty and exhilarating delight that makes you feel like you should make something really bold, but never do.” A room with a view

“Under Zero” has “Con Air” written all over it, but his lack of personality and charm holds him back. Instead, he takes a worn path with a few bumps, but he almost makes it”. Ready to be cut

The Netflix film Below Zero is full of good set elements, but it seems too long for the story it is trying to tell. The third act in particular is stretched out and loses some of the initial tension that prevailed at the beginning of the film. Yes, it’s a little silly, a little pointless, and very dependent on what came before it, but there’s still enough here to recommend it.” The Magazine Geek

“We end with a film that is two-thirds pretty good, a great thriller with suspense for fans of the genre, but leaves you with a mediocre ending in the last act. However, the excellent build-up and suspense make this film worthwhile in my opinion, even if I don’t like the ending. Broken trailer


Streaming on Netflix starting January 29, 2021.

The actors and characters:

Javier Gutierrez… Martin…
Carra Elejalde… Miguel-Luis Callejo… Ramis-Andres Gertrudix… Golum
Isac Ferris… Montesinos…
Edgar Vittorino… Ray…
Michele Gelaber… PardoFlorin Opritescu… Mihai…
Alex Monner… ChinoPatrick Criado… NanoCarla Chiorazzo… BarbaraEva Mannion… Elena…
Angel Solo… Senior police officer…
Mark Padreau… Young police officer John
Rod… Official

Shooting Locations:

Madrid, SpainSegovia
, Spain
Tobes, Guadalajara, Spain (empty urban scenes)

Recording data :

February 8, 2019 – April 4, 2019

Technical details :

106 minutesDelivery
: 2.39:1

Original title :

Bayotser’s “Below Zero”.


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