I feel like it’s mine. No obligation to share. And to be honest, I love that not many people have heard of my favorite Sean Connery movie. That’s good.

I’m sure Sean Connery was the OG James Bond. It was a megastar. He won an Oscar. And he was an incredibly versatile actor. Before his death at the age of 90, Connery built a career that spanned 5 decades. And in this career, he’s played the hero, he’s played the spy, the policeman and the criminal. And he played monks and immortal mountain dwellers. Of course he was 007, but at the same time Sean Connery was Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood. He was King Arthur and Allan Quatermain in one of the craziest movies. He was incredible and he will be missed.

But he was a regular in my favorite Sean Connery movie. Play to your heart’s content. In fact, Connery Paul played in that 1998 film. Just your usual Paul. The husband and father of three daughters who are about to renew their vows with their wives (played by Gena Rowlands). He was sympathetic, kind, cheeky and supported me with love by playing on my heart, and I like that. His character also had a secret, but in the end it worked.

I love that movie. Not to mention the fact that he has an incredible cast. Well, except Sean and Gena, of course. Gillian Anderson, Madeleine Stowe and Angelina Jolie play their daughters, as do Anthony Edwards, Ellen Burstin, Jay More, Ryan Phillip, Dennis Quaid and John Stewart.

Playing by heart is an incredibly written film with fantastically developed characters. Each of the characters in this film is interwoven and well developed to the point that we remember them. Long after you finish watching. And the dialogue! Oh, my God! Willard Carroll (author and director of the film) can certainly write a fantastic dialogue. You can clearly see when a writer loves his character. He does his utmost to make them unforgettable in every scene, and that is exactly what happens here.

Whether it’s a small secondary figure or a master, each figure remains anchored in your brain. You take care of them, you love them and you feel sorry for them. Even if they do stupid things. Like you’re lying and cheating on your husband.

But Sean Connery’s character in this film is different from all the other characters he’s played before (and since then, to be honest). He’s a normal man, and that’s what I like about him. There’s nothing unusual or special on the field, and it’s a nice change. I think that’s one of the reasons he accepted the role. Man’s simple and modest nature is charming. He’s charming, of course, but he’s your everyday suburban father and charming at the same time.

I like to play with my heart, even though Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert both gave it a push.

Oh, here’s a nice fact I discovered when I was in that position. Sir Sean Connery took only $60,000 as salary for this film because he wanted to play a character of his own age in a relationship with someone his own age. That was a long way from the $14 million he made at Rock (1996).

Do you see that? I told you he loves this movie and this role. If you get a chance to look, do it. You can thank me later.

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