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Willie T. Sock and Marcus Skidmore are a duo of criminals who each year position themselves as a department store for Santa Claus and his elf assistant so they can rob a store where his money and stuff are stored. Willie is a serious alcoholic who hates the world, but even worse is that he hates himself and has to dress like Santa Claus every year. When Marcus asks Willie for a job in Phoenix, Arizona, Willie reluctantly accepts. But when Willie meets a handsome bartender with a Santa fetish and a boy with no parents, Willie discovers that his pathetic world might be a little brighter.

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Bad Santa (2003) Willie T. Sok (Billy Bob Thornton) – alcoholic bastard. Every day he gets drunk until he forgets. However, Willie is an exceptionally safe waste disposer. Willie and his miniature assistant Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox) are professional thieves who pretend to be Santa’s department store every year and then rob the store on Christmas Eve. Willie has little respect for himself or his colleagues Marcus and his wife Lois (Lauren Tom). After his last job, Willie promises to stop drinking and never wear a Santa suit again.

Eleven months later Willie continues his alcoholic journey to Miami, where he spends his days drinking, petty theft and sleeping with strippers. When Marcus calls him, Willie forgets his vows and goes to Phoenix for the next mission. Marcus and Willie are replacing Santa Claus in the Saguaroplein shopping mall with their duo. Ambitious department store manager Bob Chipska (John Ritter) begins to regret his decision almost immediately when Willie struggles to control his temperament and vulgar mouth. Still, Marcus convinces Bob to hire him.

After work, Willie starts a downward spiral of drinking, stealing and casual sex with any interested woman. Shortly afterwards Bob Willie catches sex with a tall woman in the dressing room and decides to send Santa Claus and his little elf away. Marcus and Willie, however, convince Bob that firing an African-American would bring a large dose of negativity into the department store, so that they would keep their jobs. Bob, however, shares his concerns with Security Chief Gene Slagel (Bernie Mac). Butcher starts investigating Santa’s shop and his little elf.

One day, drunk, Willie almost never visits children again. An overweight boy named Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) comes to see him. Thurman’s not very smart, and he thinks Willie’s the real Santa Claus. Moreover, Thurman is constantly harassed by a group of young skateboarders. One night, Thurman followed Willie as he went to the next bar. Willie beats bartender Sue (Lauren Graham), who has a big fetish for Santa Claus. A couple having sex in Willie’s car. After Sue’s departure Willie is attacked by a random man (Ajay Naidu) who seems to hate Santa Claus. Thurman gets in to help Willie and scares every man he can. Willie drives Thurman home to thank him.

One day Willie discovers that Thurman lives alone with his old grandmother (Cloris Litchman). Thurman’s mother is dead and his father (Ethan Phillips) is in prison. Willie looks for things to steal from the house once he realizes there is no competent adult in the house. He decided to rob the Merman-BMW family when Thurman was on holiday to say goodbye to them. As soon as Willie gets to his motel room, he’ll find someone to search his room. He returns to Thurman’s house and decides to hide with the lonely boy and his grandmother. Marcus is angry at Willie for drawing attention to himself unnecessarily. Slagel continues his investigation against Marcus and Willie and discovers that Willie lives with Thurman. He investigates the boy’s past and interviews Thurman’s father in prison, who knows nothing about Willie’s stay in the house. Slagel confronts Willie and Marcus with their operation instead of reporting them to the police. He blackmails two holiday cheaters and tells them that they can continue the operation until he gets half the proceeds. Willie and Marcus are angry that Slagel asked for the stolen money and other things, but they don’t immediately see a way out of the guard’s control.

The relationship between Willie and Marcus continues to deteriorate as Willie’s drinking habits deteriorate. Willie comes to work drunk and Marcus and Shleigel are tired of Willie’s destructive behaviour. As soon as Willie reaches the end of the rope, he tries to commit suicide by breathing in the exhaust fumes of Merman’s car in his garage. Thurman interrupts the suicide attempt and Willie gives him a suicide note in which he confesses his crimes, which he must hand over to the police after his departure. Willie notes that Thurman has a black eye, and after learning that the boy got it from a number of skateboarders, Willie ends the suicide attempt and beats the kids on a skateboard.

Meanwhile Markus and Lois refuse to go to Shlagel and they set a trap for him. Marcus pretends to have a car problem at the side of the road, and when Slagel stops to help them, Lois drops a guard between two cars and kills him. Because Willie Slagel’s death is not known, he prepares to celebrate Christmas with Sue, Thurman and Grandma at the Merman House. Willie interrupts his vacation to finish the flight with Lois and Marcus. Despite his timid attempts to sabotage the work, Willie, drunk, robbed a department store with Marcus and Lois. However, Willie feels that the safe on an industrial scale wouldn’t have cracked and isn’t sure if he can open it. Willie, however, opens the safe and goes in search of the stuffed elephant, the only item Thurman had asked his Santa Claus for.

After finding the pink elephant, Willie is surprised to discover that Marcus and Lois want to kill him because they are tired of his increasing recklessness. But suddenly the police appear and surround three criminals before Marcus can shoot Willie. When the police find out about the robbery from a letter he gave Thurman, they start shooting Marcus and follow Willie. The guilty Santa runs away, gets into his stolen car and desperately tries to deliver Thurman to the stolen elephant. Willie went to Thurman’s house, but was shot several times outside Merman’s house in front of dozens of children.

I can’t believe Willie survived. They send him to prison, where he writes to Thurman and sends him presents. The letter to Thurman informs listeners that Willie’s sentence was reduced because of public outrage at the Phoenix police shooting unarmed Santa Claus in the back in front of the children and that Willie wrote a letter to inform the police about the theft. The letter also informs Thurman that Marcus and Lois have been arrested and that Sue Thurman has become the legal guardian of Thurman. Eventually Willie Thurman says he’ll see him soon. Thurman is still working on his bike in the front yard when a bully on a skateboard comes to him. Thurman kicked him in the groin and knocked the bully down before he left.

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