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Thirteen years after the first film, Willie Sock is still depressed, as always. He is addicted to sex and alcohol, but doesn’t do much for himself; he tries to commit suicide until he gets a visit from Thurman Merman, a strange little boy who has grown up by now. Thurman brings Willie a bag of money from an ex-con named Marcus. Soon Willie will travel to Chicago for a new job with Marcus’ mother and Willie Sonny. There are plans to steal millions of dollars from a charity before Christmas. The problem is Willie has to work with the two people he trusts least, his mother and Marcus. To make matters worse, Willie has to put the Santa suit back on, which always brings out the worst in him.

Bad Santa 2 Movie Letter

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Bad Santa 2 (2016) Thirteen years after the first bad Santa Willie Sock (Billy Bob Thornton) is still as depressed as ever. After the failure of his relationship with Sue (Lauren Graham) many years ago, Willie returned to his usual vices, sex and alcohol. Because Willie finds no joy in her lifestyle, she tries to commit suicide and fails after the premature arrival of the adult Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly). Thurman is working on a sandwich, and the death of his grandmother and the alienation of his own father have brought him closer to Willie. Thurman delivers a mysterious package to Willie with a large amount of money. Willie discovers that the package comes from Marcus (Tony Cox), who was released from prison after 13 years. Marcus regrets Willie’s betrayal and attempted murder many years ago. Marcus tells Willie that he has a chance to do a job in Chicago that could cost him millions. Marcus won’t give up his contact in Chicago, which scares Willie. Willie, however, accepts the job and leaves for Chicago immediately after unsuccessfully trying to help Thurman lose his virginity with local prostitute Opal (Octavia Spencer).

Once in Chicago, Willie is worried that his scam is a charity scam, but he is furious when he finds out that Marcus’ contact in Windy City is Willie’s mother, Sunshine (Kathy Bates). Willie and Sonny aren’t close, and Willie threatens to go back to Arizona. But when Willie discovers that Sunshine has Parkinson’s disease, he agrees to continue his work. Willie secretly makes a deal with Marcus to take out Sunny when the time comes.

Willie is not happy when he hears that once again he is forced to give away Santa’s outfit to stand on street corners with a charity bucket, with Marcus dressed as an elf by his side. This time Sonny presents herself to them, dressed as Frau Klaus. Willie gets into trouble almost immediately when he defeats his rival, Santa Claus (Mike Starr), whom he mistakenly believes to be a pedophile. Willie was released on bail by one of the founders of the association, the beautiful Diana (Christine Hendricks). Diana is furious with Willie and threatens to fire him, but agrees to let him work for the organization as long as he attends the Anonymous Alcoholics meetings. Diana’s rich husband Regent (Ryan Hansen) also works for a good cause and cheats on Diana with his secretary. However, the Regent doesn’t like and trust Willie and orders his security chief Dorfman (Jeff Scouron) to keep an eye on and follow Willie.

Meanwhile, Marcus tries to discover the security of the association and seduce another guard named Gina (Jenny Zigrino) to get the keys to the regent’s office. However, the technique to seduce Marcus fails because Gina is a girl with a high level of service. At the same time, Willie starts having sex with Diana behind the Regent’s back. Willie also starts talking to his mother when they rob the mansion and pretend to be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. After the robbery Sonny gives Willie a gun so he can betray Willie and go back to Marcus. Willie told his mother that Marcus had changed.

Meanwhile, Thurman arrives in Chicago in winter in polos and shorts and follows Willie into the Windy City. Willie tries to leave him in the laundry room, but his guilt gets better and better and he takes him to the men’s room for charity. During his stay Thurman joins the children’s choir as soon as he notices that he has a beautiful voice. Thurman asks Willie to visit him at a Christmas concert held the same evening as the flight planned by Willie, Sunshine and Marcus. Sunny urges Willie to seduce Gina after Marcus’ failure so they can get the keys. Willie sleeps with her in the bar bathroom and gets the keys.

On the night of the flight Willie Thurman sees Thurman singing, which makes the young man very happy. Then Willie breaks into the safe and steals the money. He and Marcus escaped as soon as the Regent and Dorfman learned their identity and the threat of the money. When Marcus left the building, he betrayed Willie again. The sun shows that she betrays them both and tells Willie that she put the blanks in the gun she gave him. The sun shoots at Marcus and tries to escape into the crowd dressed as Santa Claus at an outdoor party. Willie, Regent and Dorfman are looking for him. Willie notices them in the crowd and tries to get the money for the children, and is eventually shot. The bag breaks, and the money flies into the crowd. The sun turns around to shoot Willie a second time, but eventually it hits Thurman in the ass. Willie and Sonny have been arrested by the police, but Willie is not accused of helping catch Sonny. During his convalescence he is visited by Diane in the hospital, who wakes him up with a handjob.

After his release from the hospital, Willie got a job as a janitor for a charity. He keeps visiting Thurman and recognizes this strange man as his family. Willie also visits the wounded Marcus, who is still recovering at the hospital. While Marcus sleeps, Willie goes to a tea bag and puts the pictures on Instagram in revenge.

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