Atomic Eden is a 2015 action thriller about a team of wacky mercenaries fighting an army of lunatics in an old mine in Chernobyl. Also known as the Nazi doomsday device.

Directed by: Nico Centner to a script co-written with Dominic Stark, based on Centner’s story.

German-Ukrainian-American film with Fred Williamson, Mike Möller, Hazuki Kato, Lorenzo Lamas, Wolfgang Rihm, Nico Sentner, Dominik Stark, Josephine Heath and Jens Nir.


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With a great ensemble led by Fred Hammer Williamson, Lorenzo Lamas and Mike Moller, this movie is filled with insane action and a setting that action nerds will love. It’s not a waste of time, it’s well set up, and it’s entertaining from start to finish. 411 Mania

Atomic Eden is dynamic, intense, and most of all, a lot of fun. In recent years, Williamson has only made cameos or small appearances, but here he takes center stage and doesn’t shy away from the action. With his trademark cigar dangling from his lips, he pokes and blows the film’s villains, masked by gas. Elite promotions

Simply put, the story Nico Centner wanted to tell didn’t have the budget to tell it well […] The biggest advantages were Mike Meller’s consistency and Fred Williamson’s involvement. Stoker’s background may not have been fleshed out, but Williamson has been making action movies for so long that it was easy to accept his character….. A foolproof action

…The actors, with the exception of Williamson and Lama, are pale and too amateurish, even for such a production. While Moeller’s lack of acting talent is overshadowed by his fantastic fighting skills, the same is not true of the rest of the cast, who come across as mere professional mercenaries. There’s plenty of action, but the tacky dialogue often spoils the visual experience. BZ Film

We get some spectacular martial arts moves that look good in a movie like this, even if they beat you in a real fight. And a few moments of cruelty, like Rieko shooting an attacker in the balls at close range and stabbing her partner in the head. Of course, the appeal for most people who see this will be Williamson. He doesn’t have much screen time, but he makes the most of it and is very good at his fight scenes. Voices from the balcony

Statement from Director Nico Sentner:

I grew up on John Carpenter films, and he’s one of the main reasons I wanted to be a director. My favorite movie is Assault on Precinct 13. I also really enjoyed the mercenary movies like Predator and The Magnificent Seven, where each mercenary has their own personality and character. You really didn’t want them to die because you loved the characters so much.

So, of course, Atomic Eden starts out as a mercenary movie and ends up being an Alamo script for Assault on Precinct 13 at some point. With modern Hollywood movies, I’m almost always disappointed by the excessive CGI violence. I think these effects can take away from the magic of a good story when the film focuses only on visual effects.

For me, with Atomic Eden, it was important to do everything with practical effects to give the film the retro feel of the 80s and early 90s action films we all watched and loved.

Overall, everything went well and we had a lot of hands-on action, in camera, in film. Atomic Eden is my tribute to the films that inspired me, and I think it will bring me closer to the hardcore fans of action films. Have fun!

The actors and characters:

Fred Williamson… Stoker – Chief
Mike Meller … David – Fighter
Hazuki Kato … Reiko – Samurai
Everett Ray Aponte … Darwin – Texas
Lorenzo Lamas … Nathan – Snake
Wolfgang Rihm … Henry – Priest
Niko Sentner … John – Sniper
Dominic Stark … Burner – Lame
Josephine Heath … Laurie – Rookie
Jens Nye… Komorov – Ghost
Martin Wunderlich … Goliath
Carolina Rath … Dominatrix Trix
Thomas Cock … Belgian Guard #1
Alexander Mak … Belgian Guard no. 2
Catherine Doering… John’s number one girl.

Technical details:

85 minutes
Audio : Mono


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