Final Episode WandaVision has also introduced another character who will have a major impact on the events of the next finale. It is during the mid-credit scenes that take place earlier in the plot that we discover this project: The cataracts restored the vision, but with a little surprise, as the android is now white chalk and under S.W.O.R.D. control. Paul Bettany’s point of view probably goes back to what True Vision got after being dismantled and rebuilt during the West Coast Avengers events, where he became an emotionless robot whose lack of love drove Scarlet Witch to the brink of madness. But this look is also part of an alternate version of the beloved Avengers that’s up against an original like this known as Anti-Vision. Let’s look at it together.

The synthesizer that would become known as Anti-Vision was originally a vision from Earth 932, but although it looked exactly like its counterpart on Earth 616, it was quite different. Unlike the other vision, this man felt a physical pleasure and surrendered to it. He even enjoys inflicting physical pain on his enemies and develops a fearful and sadistic personality. He even went so far as to say his Captain America world was too hypocritical for his taste. But eventually the whole Earth was destroyed in 932, and with it all its inhabitants…. All except Vision, who was saved by Proctor, the interdimensional warrior and leader of the Gatherers. Proctor revealed to the Vision that the one who had destroyed of her reality was the Eternal Sears, and that the Gatherers were determined to destroy all versions of her in the Multiverse to save other realities from suffering the same fate as those who were all members of the Gatherers. Unfortunately, Anti-Vision makes no new friends, and must physically surrender to Proctor to join his band of alternate heroes. Proctor’s next target was Sears of Earth-616, and antisight was a key part of his plan: The Gatherers first removed Vision from Earth-616, and since his white color differed from Anti-Vision’s red and green, they altered his consciousness so that Anti-Vision could infiltrate the Avengers of this reality and accomplish his mission… or rather his mission, for he had to kill not only Sears, but also Philip Javert, aka the Horseman, a former Gatherer who had betrayed the cause and sought refuge on Earth-616. After obtaining his cooperation, Anti-Vision was teleported to the Avengers’ mansion and apparently arrived there just in time, as the Sers immediately went crazy and attacked his teammates. Not wanting to miss such an opportunity, Anti-Vision rammed a fist into Eternal’s skull, which then partially hardened, causing her to instantly fall to the ground. But when he went to kill her, he was stopped by the local Captain America, who insisted that avengers are not killers…. Apparently he was as hypocritical as the man he killed in his home.

While undercover with the Avengers, Anti-Vision became interested in Crystal and tried to kill Black Knight to take her place at his side: He reprogrammed the training robot to kill him and made it look like an accident, but Black Knight, Crystal and Hercules ruined his plan by destroying the robot. When the amnesiac Swordsman came to him for help, he had the perfect excuse to kill him, and he stabbed him in the chest with his bare hands: Intoxicated by this performance, he snuck into Crystal’s room and tried to rape her, only to have the rest of the Avengers turn against him. Anti-Vision was able to withstand the combined forces of Crystal, Hercules, Black Knight, Captain America, and Black Widow, but eventually Sersi also intervened, altering it so that it could no longer change density, effectively paralyzing it. Now that his cover had been exposed, Anti-Vision had to lead the Avengers to Proctor’s headquarters, where they freed their real teammate. Disgusted by Anti-Vision’s treachery and cowardice, Proctor hacked him off with an energy blast and then chopped off his head, causing his secret base to instantly self-destruct. Cowardly perhaps, but persevering, Anti-Vision survived the ordeal and slowly but surely recovered his body…. but he was in pretty bad shape, and he wanted so badly to get his original Vision body back; unfortunately, his brain was badly damaged, so he couldn’t banish consciousness as before: if he wanted his body back, he had to completely erase Vision’s identity… A sacrifice he was willing to make. To trap Vision, Anti-Vision teamed up with a former teammate, Tabula Rasa, and together they developed a virus to destroy Vision’s identity: He tested it on Ultron Earth-616, whose identity was replaced by that of a drunkard, and on Jocasta Earth-9930, who became a secretary, just like in the 1930s. Eventually, he also infected Vision with a virus and replaced his personality with that of the troublesome detective Simon Williams : the new personality would slowly erase the old one, and when it finished its work, it would leave Vision’s body as an empty shell, ready to be taken over.

Anti-Vision is a cruel and sadistic synthroid who enjoys hurting other living beings as much as he enjoys the physical pleasures of his enhanced artificial body. He has all of Earth-616’s sight abilities, including flying, super strength, speed and invulnerability, the ability to draw powerful heat rays from the solar gemstone on his forehead, and of course density control, which he uses primarily to phase with his enemies’ bodies, only partially freezing into them, causing a great deal of pain. Anti-Vision, the sole survivor of a broken reality, is a monster who sees through Proctor’s lies and deception, but plays the game for the pleasure of killing and hurting others while protecting his own skin: He is as powerful as his heroic counterpart, but he lacks the noble and moral qualities of the latter, which makes him very, very dangerous….


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frequently asked questions

Who is the vision in WandaVision?

In this week’s episode of WandaVision, Prely On, it was revealed that the Avengers have had S.W.O.R.D. Vision’s body taken over. Go back in time to discover that Vision is a product of Ultron, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and even Thor’s Lightning.

Can Jarvis see?

When the Avengers stole the perfect synthetic Ultron vibratory body, the protocols and working matrix of J.A.R.V.I.S. were downloaded into it, and with the power of Mindstone, an entirely new being was created: Vision.

What happened to Vijay’s body?

It turns out that SVORD took over Vision’s body after the synthetic hero was destroyed by Thanos. When Monica Rambo (Teyona Parris) tries to prove that Wanda is not a terrorist threat, SWORD director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) is quick to refute the claim.

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